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Level 1 Level 1- Video Assignment
Intro to SN sort part 1b.mp4

List the important themes presented?
 The Kemetian Culture and Spiritual System maintained peace and harmony throughout the Kemetic world until the rise of the Greek and Roman societies. The Greeks and Romans lead the way over 2,500 years ago to the dismantling of the Kemetic Civilization. Their rise has led to the creation of the western modern religions of today. These religions are known as Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

 The Kemetic concept of divinity comes with the understanding that all are divine. This concept is supported by; if all things come from the same divine creation/ creative source and coming from this same source means we are a part of it. Being a part of divinity we also have the potential to be divine. Therefore, we all are obligated to Love all things. You can look at this the same way we understand family. Coming from the same parents you also resemble them in various ways. Those who come from the same family do what they can to uphold one another. You will find that the degenerative course of our world is because we don’t ascribe to the fact that all are results of the same divine creation. The need to be constantly reminded of this is why there is the need for spirituality that has been proven throughout time. Spirituality that has been capable of supplying the tools that we need to keep us from being over come by our lower nature. This is represented by Set (our lower nature) killing our father Asar (our soul).

 Based on the knowledge and disciplines that are being passed from teacher to students we approach Shetaut Neter using extensive study and inner experience. As opposed to having a rigid understanding base on unproven beliefs and opinions. This allows us to know; even though Shetaut Neter is the oldest system in existence it is not the only legitimate spiritual system. There are others through out the African and Eastern World.

 Base on Geological research on the rings that surrounds the Sphinx this Kemetic structure has existed as far back as 10,000 yrs. This also proves that the Kemetic Civilization existed as far back as 7,000 B.C.

 The Neteru Khepri is the Neteru (force in nature/creation) that creates the vibration within the Nun (water) that initiates the becoming of the elements. I understand that the Nun is undefined existence and when Khepri stops his travels in the Nun all defined elements will go back to their undefined state. This is why we say that Khepri is the Neteru (one of divine aspects) of the Neberjer that began the creation of the world. His power also allowed for the creation of Neterianism.

 Shetaut Neter teaches us how to discover The Hidden Divinity.

 I understand that because of the magnitude of the Neter (the divine) it is impossible for us to comprehend it in its totality. So we concentrate on the different aspects of it. These different aspects of the Neter are known as Neteru (Gods and Goddesses). These Neteru as images gives the human mind something tangible to focus on. The Neteru are expressed in different ways. They are expressed in images that are anthropomorphic (showing divine qualities in human form), zoomorphic (showing divine qualities in animal form) and composite alien (the putting together of human and animal in one image). The Neteru are the powers and properties that make up the one divine existence. This is what makes Neterians pantheist and not Polytheists. Polytheism is the belief in many separate gods all to themselves not being in co-operation with one another to form a larger existence. This leads me to understand that the problems that exist in modern society are because we don’t have an example based on something larger than ourselves of unity and co-operation to aspirer to. We have this example in Neterianism in the form of Gods and Goddesses that not only together make up the one divinity, but also work in harmony to maintain all existence.

 Our goal is to become gods and goddesses. This can happen when we detach from the material world, by building yourself around proven knowledge and disciplines that build your will power and emotional stability. Salvation doesn’t come by just praying to and believing in a particular entity, as believed in modern religions. Salvation comes for the human being when we break the chains placed on us when we allow our low nature to dominate.

 If the spiritual system is dedicated to giving those that adhere to it all that’s needed to accomplish its goal, it must have three components. It must have the Myth (creation story), the Ritual (remembrance and adoration of the divinities thru ceremonies and in your daily actions) and Mystical (you living a lifestyle based on the spiritual meanings that are not easily understood). Without all three the religion is incomplete.

 Heru represents the redeeming and challenger principle of the Neter that guides us to the awareness of the power to work towards the spiritually enlightment and that which inspires us to work to make ourselves better. This cosmic principle gives us the power to fight to keep our lower nature from dominating our approach to life and our world.

 We have a hard time dealing with death as apart of life and life as apart of death. We hold on to this life no matter how degrading and burdensome it becomes to ourselves and others. We want to hold on to this physical life as though it is all there is. Our ego becomes chained to the material world. Coming to this life gives us the chance of working on correcting the problems of our past lives that has kept us from our goal of divinity. Once we reach our goal to be gods and goddesses we would not have the need of reincarnating into the physical world again.

 Set represents the opposing force to our enlightment. He represents the lower nature of humans. Egyptian Yoga is the English translation from Sema Tawi. Sema Tawi means “the union of the two lands”. Physically these two lands are upper and lower Kemet (Egypt). Metaphysically it represents Sema Heru-Set. Sema Heru-Set is the union of the higher and lower self. These to opposing forces make up the human ego. Sema Heru-Set holds the key to the human development. We must stay vigilant (Heru) using our spiritual disciplines (Shedy) in controlling our lower nature (Set). Shedy discipline enlightens our intellect, actions, emotions, and our will power. This is how we as Heru fight against Set in the right way to resurrect Asar (our soul).

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation?
What most impressed me about the presentation is that the teacher Sebai Maa Dr. Muata Ashby showed that he is a dedicated student to the Kemetic Culture and has the American experience to go along with it. This gives me the confidence that he is able to administer the knowledge to a person like myself who is being educated by the American system. I also am impressed by how he shows a concern for his student’s spiritual journey and not so much being perceived as an intellectual and academic. I was impressed by the explanations of the images and symbols of the Kemetic spiritual system and how we as human beings should relate to them. It was important to me to understand that they are something that I can aspire to be. I was impressed by how Sebai Maa Dr. Muata Ashby used the Kemetic images and texts as the center of his teachings. He wasn’t motivated by his lower nature to get the attention of the listeners. His introduction of spiritual practices that to me seem practical and not totally mysterious in its nature, meaning that there is a tangible reason why they should be performed as it relates to the human beings growth and development.