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Udja and Welcome to the Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Classroom

-Sebai MAA

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In this program you will be led through a series of teachings and experiences that are designed to help you do the work necessary to lead yourself towards spiritual enlightenment. Specifically, in this level you are concerned with learning about and becoming seated in the fundamental purpose of the teaching of Shetaut Neter and what needs to be done by you to achieve becoming an authentic aspirant of the teachings. So now you are not practicing on your own but you have chosen to enter into an initiatic process with direct leadership on the path and you are to rely on that choice of yours and on that leadership that you have vetted so that you may allow your personality to understand the teaching and be successful on the path. The statement just given follows the Ancient Egyptian injunctions of the initiates: (4)”Have faith in your master’s ability to lead you along the path of truth,” (5)”Have faith in your own ability to accept the truth,” (6)”Have faith in your ability to act with wisdom.” That work will be accomplished through listening to audio recorded lectures, video recorded lectures and reading from books prepared by Sebai Maa (Dr. Muata Ashby). The Discussion section will serve as a means for you to express your understanding of the teaching and receive confirmation, or correction along with augmentation of the teaching contained in the recordings and readings. Additionally you will be able to communicate with other students and Sebai Maa and or Seba Dja through your process of study, reflection and meditation on the teachings of Shetaut Neter Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. The program of Shedy (spiritual practices to penetrate the mysteries of life) in pursuit of revealing the mysteries does not occur overnight or in a single initiation ritual but rather through a process of cleansing the personality and rendering it intellectually bright and pure in feeling. This process is not just one of reading books but requires a transformation of the entire personality including body, mind and soul; so it’s not just about reading books or listening to lectures. You need to change your lifestyle to conform to the wisdom of the teaching and you must practice the prescribed disciplines of worship, chant and meditation along with the philosophy studies. In this line it would be very powerful for you to attend the annual conferences along with attending this program –even though this program attempts to provide quality good association and expert ritual and meditation practice instruction in the webinar meetings.

To augment and complement this classwork:

I also suggest that in addition to the class participation you will start, that you should also access the free materials on the main site which have music and video for your expanded practice. There you will also find free kemetic music playing and a wholistic Kemetic environment to bring in to your home life or wherever you may be. You will also find links to the new youtube video channel and to the weekly online programs.

Additionally you should practice the daily devotional worship and meditation when you receive the daily emails. This will all help to maintain your personal practice and sustain your inner feeling towards the path in order to complement the classroom work.

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Sebai MAA

The Goal of this Level 1 Classroom

As you follow the instructions you will learn about what it means to be a spiritual aspirant and next you will start to transform your lifestyle to adopt the recommendations of the teaching. These are the objectives of Level 1 spiritual work. Then you will be better prepared to listen to, reflect upon and meditate upon the teaching of Level 2 which will transform your heart through devotion to the mythic wisdom, purifying your feelings, ethical conscience and practical lifestyle from worldly to spiritual so as to progress towards positive aryu and healthy unconscious mind. Then at Level 3 you will be able to work on transforming your mind and thereby render your entire personality transformed into the matrix of the Mystery Teaching which constitutes bright intellect progressing towards the blossoming into lucid consciousness and eventual intuitional realization of higher consciousness. This is the program of the Egyptian Mysteries and you are now taking the first steps on this glorious path. If you have not done so yet please visit the main orientation website: www.egyptianmysteries.org for questions and answers about the program. If you have any specific questions please send email to: kemetuniversity@aol.com




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Healthy Ego before Mystical-izing Response to #4773 KaMaat-Amentat

November 16, 2015 #4773 KaMaat-Amentat

Udja KaMaat-Amentat,

Htp hna Dua – Peace and Adorations/Blessings!

Re: I sat and read through all of Anthony’s posts and both Yours and Sebai MAA’s or Yours and Seba Dja’s. I thought this to be so interesting as well as profound and as well as helpful.

S. Dja: As S Maa said, it is appreciated that you felt you could share this with the group. Also to thank Anthony for doing the same in this open forum.

Re: I am now coming to the realization that all the things I think I’m struggling with all alone, that actually a great deal of people living in this world are going through the same things or sometimes even worse.

S. Dja: Ny…this is time and space. It’s to work though aryu…purify it or through ignorance and intensified egoism…worsen it. S. Maa always speaks about Halle Berry when she was on a talk show and everything seemed to be so good in her life, she stated that was the most unhappy time. So…everyone…you can be fully assured is “going through stuff”. Even sages may no longer be going trough mental agitation and dullness, but they too are dealing with practical issues of the world, of their bodies, of aspirants…flat tires and leaky roofs and sick parents, etc.

KMT Mystical Teachings:

“To suffer, is a necessity entailed upon your nature,

would you prefer that miracles should protect you from its lessons or shalt you repine,

because it happened unto you, when lo it happened unto all?

Suffering is the golden cross upon which the rose of the soul unfolds.”


“To have peace there must be strife;

both are part of the structure of the world and requirements for the instruction of the children of GOD.”

Re: Lately I have been feeling very down, & it seems I have lost all will to do anything. Literally anything. Even eating sometimes seems like a chore to me and I just do not want to undergo anything. I’ve gotten to a point of feeling so ‘depressed’ that even what I know to be true and abiding such as the divine makes me feel like saying “Oh whatever”. I get these intervals of great energy toward my spiritual journey but majority of times I have no confidence in myself to be able to achieve anything.

S. Dja: You are exhausted! And rightly so! Living in this culture is an abnormal experience for souls living a human life…souls cannot have prolonged a-mystical experiences without going insane! And trying to do so is exhausting! And the ones who this culture accepts as successful in this culture are the most “abnormal”…the most a-mystical. So it’s no wonder that people like Trump and Carson are surging in the polls in this country…it’s a reflection of the insanity of living an a-mystical life.

So if you can’t accept that…then welcome to the club of “misfits” who have reached a point of exhaustion with the world.

BUT WHAT NEXT? So that exhaustion does not become depression and dullness?

Get on an authentic mystical path! Get your soul into true Soul-school…the reason it incarnated here!

So, you have started this trek, but you are a bit apprehensive about it because no one else around you is following it, and certainly not the “successful” people?

Can you be right, and so many others be wrong? Yes! And you experience this when all the doubts that have been instilled in you subside and you feel Spirit and move in Spirit…your “ mystical spurts”.

Even in Christian Gnosticism, the personality of Jesus, the Christ (enlightened one) only had 12 followers…and even they had issues (were struggling on the path at times).

As the saying goes, “many are called but few are chosen.”

From Egyptian Proverbs book:

Readiness to Grow Spiritually

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

“Those who understand or believe will be persecuted and ridiculed.”

So, if you feel exhausted…in a way, that could be considered a good thing! Because you physically and mentally can’t keep running in the downward spiral any more…because you are drained and exhausted…you have run out of steam! [This exhaustion too is discussed in my book De-stressing 101]

But now that you are sitting there…recuperating from your chronic exhaustion from your chronic stress…the question is? What now? What other road can I walk down?

It’s a challenging question to answer when one is caught up in so many aspects of life relative to the dominant culture. You look at that path…can’t continue to do that…can’t go there.

You look at another path…for example, the mystical path…and decide to try this.

You set out on the one marked Shetaut Neter.

But that is also tiring because as you try to move forward, it’s like others are tying weights onto your legs, and it’s hard to move in that direction. What are the weights? The negative things you are being told by family relative to your choice…and their lack of knowledge about it, their lack of understanding and support…the negativity and doubts they are putting out about what you are doing…and your own self-doubts…all this is weighing you down as you try to move forward on the path of Shetaut Neter, a mystical path.

So…again, you can’t move forward much on this path…you get spurts when you are able to quiet the ego noise, but then the pressure of the ego comes back in and you are once again exhausted.

As you can see, you can’t move forward well on the path carrying all those burdens.

This is where the statement normalizing before you spiritualize comes in.

So, all you are doing is technically SPIRITUAL…because your essence is SPIRIT…spiritualize in this sense means progressing on the mystical path.

So, I am changing the statement to be more accurate, to say:

normalize before you Mystical-ize,

meaning that an authentic spiritual path has 3 steps, myth, ritual and mysticism…so while you are learning the first 2 levels (and some of the 3rd, as they can’t really all be separated fully as they are intertwined to some degree), use this opportunity to work on elements of your spiritual evolution that relate to time and space.

The ego must be purified…that is the essence of Shedy practice…to remove dullness and agitation from the mind.

And part of this process is to utilize the larger Temple…the world at large…to help this process of reducing some of the mental complexes.

Re: Coming from a family and then a series of relationship where people constantly nit pick at everything you do and everything you are. They do this to make you feel bad about yourself or to have control over you by making you doubt your own worth. These insecurities have lead me to not believe in myself, my intuition (the voice in my head that always seems to be right about everything), my ability or my worth. I feel as if all that was said about me in my past and present and all the ways I have been treated in my past and present has had a very detrimental affect as I feel all things are my fault but I have no longer got the energy or will to stay any longer in any situation and try to make anything right. I feel like I limit myself but I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to forgive myself effectively or to expand and stretch myself and start to stand outside of my situations rather than stand in it because I am too sensitive.

S Dja: S. Maa suggested counseling…and I suggest the same. It may take some trials and errors to find the “right person”, but persist until you find someone you feel comfortable with…to work through some of the issues of “low self esteem” and giving worth and values to others over your own, etc.

This should also include marriage/relationship counseling as well.

You should be warned that marriages sometimes do not survive the mystical path when one partner goes down that path alone. The other partner often times feels abandoned and alone as the one on the mystical path more and more detaches from the world and “things they used to enjoy doing together” and even the need to be around that person for emotional support. So, this can cause problems…especially if there is already dysfunction in the relationship (unequal male-female balance and or communication issues). But really, the marriage is not broken up by the mystical path, but simply because souls have different needs at different times and their lives intersect to fulfill those for whatever time period that interaction is necessary….then the soul must move on. This was understood in ancient KMT, and partners could end relationships (they were stipulations for how to do so when children were involved, etc.).

Another consideration is that even if one partner did not find a mystical tradition to follow, the relationship may not have survived just regular life in time and space…as over 50-60% of these end in divorce anyway. So the following of the mystical path is sometimes blamed for a process of partners separating that was inevitable anyway.

Following the mystical path does not require divorce…necessarily, but in this culture, it is very difficult for such relationships to stay together since usually many/most have some sort of co-dependent, attachment basis with communication issues.

If both persons understand the goal of life….and the process of authentic spirituality and are committed to that path for themselves, they will both mature together, that is, express detachment and dispassion within the relationship as part of their natural spiritual evolution, OR if one matures first, the other one will not become distraught but use the opportunity to also mature into healthy mystical khak ab, dispassion and detachment. They may also need to take some type of communication remedial course…which should have been taught from kindergarten…so they can learn proper conflict prevention methods of communication and resolving and accepting differences when interacting with others in life…which is needed for general life’s interactions with others. So they may stay together but their relationship is no longer based on emotional attachment sentimentality and emotional co-dependency. The caring and good feelings now are based on the emergence of spiritual feelings or Mer, Divine Love for all…serving the Self in each other.  But this is not easy…because initially as both partners are cleansing their egoism…things can get heated until this process progresses to where ego purification is at a level to decrease the conflict. So sometimes even when both partners are on the same path, egoistic conflicts can become intensified before they get better, and the relationship may not survive that intensification.

It is also possible that the relationship may continue even if only one partner is involved in mystical spirituality, if the other partner is mature and emotionally independent enough and appreciates being more independent. Usually in this case, the partner not practicing mystical spirituality will notice positive qualities emerging in the personality of the person who is practicing mystical spirituality…and these qualities will extend to the immediate family…increased patience, increased diligence with duties, increased forgiveness, increased consideration, and will actually enhance the positive feelings in the relationship. Sometimes spouses or partners will actually encourage the aspirant to get more involved because they appreciate the positive way they are developing which spills over into the relationship.

So, one partner getting involved in mystical practices does not necessarily signal the end of a relationship…but it does  not  resolve the issues of the relationship, but rather can sometimes put added pressure on the relationship. Figuring out the course of the relationship generally takes work in time and space to lay a foundation for proper communication so that the individuals can openly and honestly discuss what they are going through and how it impacts the relationship and if either or both persons want to continue that relationship, etc.

I suspect this is another weight around your ankle as you are trying to walk on the path that is restricting you and keeping you exhausted and unable to move forward on the mystical path.

So I would suggest getting counseling for these, as even working through this relative to practical world standards will give you a good foundation from which to proceed into the more advanced mystical studies…and it is part of your spiritual journey.

We can then “tweak” these concepts to put them in mystical terms. But without them being there in the first place, there is little or nothing to be tweaked. As S Maa recommended, you can get our workbook and look at the presentation on Neterian relationships, as part of your process.

Sometimes the mystical teachings are enough for some rare souls to work through their issues…but most times these issues just serve to set them back, sometimes after being years on the mystical path and seemingly “advancing”…these unresolved issues rise up and sometimes can overcome them severely, and really set them back.

So it is best to take care of them as one is beginning the path…or where you are on the path now…so one can move forward more easefully and peacefully….IM Hotep (in/as peace)….things will still come up on the path…but you will have a better foundation to handle them.


Also I have a few questions,

  1. While reading through all 3 of your posts I saw a short mention on acute stress responses and chronic stress responses, I thought maybe if I understood more about this it would help me further and the healthy ego that was mentioned also, what was meant when it was said that a healthy ego is needed, I didn’t really understand that section.

Seba Dja:

Udja, I believe I posted a video presentation in my response to Anthony…from my book that goes though chronic stress. I suggest you also purchase the book De-stressing 101.

Re: Healthy ego

Seba Dja: For example…in the myth of goddess Aset and Ra, Aset, who incarnated as a regular woman…got exhausted and tired of the world…but not in a dull and depressed way…but in what we refer to as “khak ab” or repudiating heart…her heart repudiated the practical world…it developed dispassion towards the world…the dominant culture of her time…the ordinary lives of human beings. The myth says that she mastered every discipline…the arts, the sciences, agriculture, astronomy, etc. And in all of that…something was still missing. She was still not fulfilled. What was missing was mysticism. So she turned to that, to discover her true essence.


She had a “healthy” ego…she did not hate the world or saw it as her problem…rather she mastered it. Then when she realized it was still not enough…something was still missing, she moved on to the mystical process.

An unhealthy ego is not resolving the complexes of the mind relative to the world enough to be able to live in it and master it…to be unaffected by it except as it relates to your practical realities.

Mystical spirituality does not make you go exist in a different physical world…one still has to be able to live and move about this this physical/practical world…this culture unless you decide to move somewhere else…but essentially, wherever you go, you still have to interact with the world of time and space.

So you must be able to do so healthily…and this is what the teachings of Maat and the wisdom teachings are there for, to guide you how to go about doing this.

So you go into the same world…but now with Uashu and Maat Ari and Rekh and Uaa…the Shedy disciplines being practiced at the same time. [See last year’s conference videos by S. Maa]

But this takes some time…to learn, to understand enough so they can assist you (as S. Maa said, you should try to come to the conference for a good immersion and boost).

So, you must also be patient with where you are…on the path…and keep studying and moving forward and seek counseling to get some emotional support and learning to work though issues and think straight.

Sometimes it is helpful for a female to have a male counselor…to give that male energy perspective of seeing things in a more detached manner…something to consider.


  1. Lately, while doing my daily prayers and chants I have been having bad dreams. My partner thinks it may be the fact that I pray in front of idols and chant their names. He is a bit over paranoid and suspicious at times so I don’t think this could be the cause but I thought it was worth asking. But like Obeah and voodoo, he beliefs that it may be the fact that I am summoning entities and they are beginning to come into my dreams in the form of nightmares.

Seba Dja: Ny…this is an issue that has come about due to orthodox western religions and also African slavery and its lingering residue and ongoing effects on this culture and world culture, and westernized religious cultural conditioning. I took a college course on Traditional African Religions which included Vodou, and I was fortunate enough to study it with an African teacher (from Africa) whose perspective gave me just the understanding that was needed to see how western religion and western culture has corrupted African religion (ATRs) and pitted it against itself, and those who culturally identify with Africa.

For example, take vodou in Haiti…its current practice is a result of the process of slavery as the slaves tried desperately both to preserve their African traditions (difficult to do when they were from different groups and areas in Africa with different expressions of African religion) and deal with western religion and culture being forced onto them.

When they saw one of the Catholic saints that they were being forced to worship had a cross in the picture…they took that to be a sign from their African gods & goddesses that they were not abandoned…as one of their ATR deities was represented by the sign of crossroads. They took it as a sign that it was okay to worship these deities, not as Catholic deities, but as their own African deities, because the saw it as their own African deities disguising themselves as these saints…to continue to support them…so they were not abandoned afterall (imagine how abandoned they felt being captured and no one coming to rescue them).

In addition to this, the practice of Vodou amalgamated the deities of other ATRs in order to create a unified religion, still called Vodou, which fuel their rebellion(s).

Also, while ATRs in Africa had undergone changes from what was practiced in Ancient Egypt…they still contained elements of henotheism, that is, there is only ONE Supreme being, and the lower divinities are as if aspects or emanations of this one…giving insight into the One. It’s like if you showed me a photo of you at work, I have only insight into you at work. But if you showed me photos of you at home, you with children, you at the beach, etc., I now have a better understanding of who you are…I have more insight into you.

But this henotheism has come to be erroneously labeled as “paganism” and “polytheism” by western religions…and as something “bad” and “occult”, thus, causing those very persons identifying themselves as Africans culturally, to turn away from African traditions…and in fact, to FEAR them.

Unlike our Neterian practice where we do not believe in spirit possessions…by lower divinities (because you are already SPIRIT…You ARE the SELF…You ARE the Supreme Being…you only need to discover your true essence), some ATRs such as Vodou practice this “kindergarten” type of henotheistic-based practice. But also, orthodox western religions are also “kindergarten” religions.

Whether African, Eastern or Western, if there is not an “authentic” mystical component to the religion…it is “kindergarten”.

Just like kindergarten serves a purpose for those children at that level of immature age, so too some souls are at the level of spiritual kindergarten.

Relative to Voudou, KMT religion had evolved to using images to represent ideas…and therefore live animal sacrifice is not performed as part of the/our tradition, as in Voudou, where the practices of making live offering scarifies to the deities continue to be practiced.

While I don’t condone this, I understand it…and in my practical day to day life, will explain to people that when they use the term vodou in a derogatory way, they are demeaning an African based religion that has as much validity as their own western religions. Same for the Wicca (witchcraft) tradition, etc.

While I understand that there is no need to slaughter animals in worship as sacrifices (this is kindergarten type religious processes) as is done in Vodou, and when we participate in programs with other ATRs I do not participate in this aspect of their rituals, is there any difference with what is done in Vodou and what the Jews do when they slit the throats of cows and other animals they eat without stunning the animal in any way because the animal’s heart must continue to beat to pump out “all” the blood (which of course is impossible). They have another cultural practice called Kaporos tradition where they “cruelly” slaughter chickens to atone for their sins. Are these practices any less “barbaric” than animal sacrifices done in ATRs?

Yet, this culture conditions us to think of these things as bad, strange, occult, evil…and to fear the Vodou and other ATRs that practice animal sacrifice, such as Santeria (essentially the same development that occurred in Haiti occurred in Cuba…amalgamation of the ATRs of slaves from different religions and the imposed western religion in Cuba).

Growing up here in Miami with a Christian background, we were made to feel “funny” about Haitians…that they were “strange” and practiced this “witchcraft” and “killed animals” secretly.

I grew up on a farm for part of my life where animals were slaughtered outside my kitchen window and I would go help…it was normalized…after all, we were all conditioned to understand this was proper food and the cycle of life. Even in Miami we raised chickens and ducks upon occasion and would kill them in our yard and eat them. Yet, we grew up feeling “tainted” about the Haitians and practitioners of this “strange” religion of Santeria that “sacrificed” animals.

And what about all the animals that are slaughtered for meat in the west, when it is now well known that the human body biologically and physiologically is not designed to eat meat? And the meat industry contributes to the green house effect and global warming? And the meat industry is heavily government subsidized?

Yet this level of cruelty and animal killing is accepted by western culture as “normal” – and not deemed “tainted” or “strange”…as expressed by the western “ritual” of thanksgiving…tomorrow.

I can’t recall if animal sacrifice was in the “original” Vodou practice as it was practiced pre-slavery in Africa, but it is usually part of most ATR practices in Africa now.

Relative to spirit possessions, I also can’t recall if this was part of the Pre-Slavery ATR tradition. But it is not surprising that it occurred in Haiti or Cuba or in other countries where ATRs continued to be practice, albeit in ways it had to adopt to adapt to the slavery experience…because of the dire stresses of chattel slavery and its physical and mental abuses…this was the only escape for the slaves when they had their ceremonies and it was a way that their deities could come to visit them and be with them in in these foreign lands…so that they were not abandoned by their gods and goddesses.

Likely practitioners did experience altered states of consciousness during these religious ceremonies, just as one experiences in meditation, where one can indeed “meet” deities during these “astral” (out of body) experiences. And because they did not have a mystical religious foundation for these experiences, and did not understand that they were experiencing aspects of their own being, of their own consciousness and not something outside of themselves, they developed their own teachings about it…and spirit possessions became part of/continued to be part of their tradition (again, I can’t recall if it was part of the practice of pre-slavery ATRs in Africa).

Through the course I came to understand these traditions as African traditions and their practices that we have been told are “black magic” or “evil eye” and misunderstood even growing up in the Caribbean as children, being afraid of the “jumbee” and people working “obeah,” as having validity equal to other “kindergarten” religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

So I would suggest that you study African religions from a historical perspective…from an Afrocentric-historical perspective, with reputable writers…and understand that they are not what we have been spoon fed. I no longer make statements using the term vodou in a derogatory way, as is used in this culture, just as I don’t use the term “black magic” either….as the uses in this culture are meant to be denigrating and fear inducing, similar to how “witchcraft”/“wicca” is also viewed and promoted by western culture in a negative way, with evil spells and evil intent…rather than as a nature based pagan religion.

And of course, the same goes for Kemet…Egypt. From a western religion perspective, Ancient Egypt is the worst! So, how can people who identify themselves with Africa but practice western religion (especially Christianity) even step foot into KMT religious practice…without feeling they are going to hell? They can’t. Their western religion won’t let them. They can’t even come into my home to work to take care of my disabled father; they flee when they see the icons and statues.

Then there is also the lack of knowledge about “ANCIENT” Egypt and current day Egyptian religion…so that the western taint against Islam feeds further into their religious taint against Egyptian “polytheism” and “paganism” which of course are incorrect ignorant views.

It is often pointed out by scholars that if KMT was so “bad” why was it that everyone (from other religions) kept running there for refuge! Again, the maligning of the KMT religion is part of the process of co-opting it to bring forth western religion, which has the foundation in KMT religion. Human grandchildren sometimes grow up to insult the grandparents also…lol!

I’m going through all this to say that your confusion and self doubt which is now feeding into your current spiritual practice (fears about summoning entities, etc)…and being shared by your husband who has been similarly affected and is similarly unknowledgeable about the practice of mystical religion…is not without basis…being part of the currently dominant world culture.

But it can be rectified through your knowledge and study and gaining a firm foundation in what Shetaut Neter is and is not.

I would even say that you should not engage in meditation or any practices where you are worried/concerned that you may summon entities, until you have a correct understanding of the practices and the religion…which will continue to grow as you move forward.

Then when you understand that because the real YOU, the Higher Self YOU is the underlying reality beneath the sensory experience that limits us only to the gross realities of this creation, and that YOU alone exist, and that you are all there is…then these fears will melt into fearlessness. Are you afraid of the teeth in your mouth even though they cause you pain (when you bite your tongue or get an infection)? No, because it’s all you (your physical body). When you are able to expand your consciousness to experience your oneness with all, then your psychologically based fears and anger will dissolve.

And as you come to understand the Neterian Religion, that you are not worshipping or summoning any “entities”…only aspects of your own Divine Self, which are also referred to as cosmic forces or principles and are aspects of mind/consciousness, to cultivate the qualities (virtues) the deities or cosmic forces/principles represent in one’s personality, to grow/evolve spiritually.

So, I would suggest reading some of the history books from Afrocentric scholars to get a better understanding of ATRs, and our books also, the Mystical Journey of Jesus to Christ and African origins of African and Western Religions and Egyptian Mysteries 1, Intro to Shetaut Neter to better understand the history of KMT religion and the Neterian practices, and its place relative to other religions.

In our tradition, there are no entities to summon if you, that is, You, your Higher Self, your Essential Nature, are all that there is! The divinities represent aspects of your mind. It was a way the Ancient Egyptian sages devised to try to work with the human mind and heart that is attached to names and forms to shift them away from just focusing on the gross realities of creation (names and forms) to moving towards subtler aspects of creation, until they discover the subtlest essence of creation…the Self.

So, If using the term divinity at this time is uncomfortable, just substitute it with “cosmic principles”.

Re: 3. Lastly, I am more than certain that my aryu has something to do with females and hate toward genders and so on and so fourth. As a young child I had a massive problem with being a female because I would look around and see that females were treated incredibly badly and then when they grow up they have menstrual cycles and so on. We are all told that we are the cause of civilization being in this state of decay, then we are put on music videos as if we are a sexual parade and I hated being part of a race of people who not only assisted in encouraging the world to disrespect them and see them as foolish people because of the constant silly things we were all programmed to do and think but also because I hate feeling hated. I’ve always felt as if I am an outcast and this maybe perpetuates that feeling. I thought there must be more to being a female, there must be divinities that represent us. We can’t just be here to serve man like a slave, like when they speak about humans being slave for the gods/aliens. More recently I was told that polygamy is something that should be incorporated into life regardless of whether there are enough of a certain gender to go around, then I was told that in the beginning women ruled but we treated men badly and in turn we have been taken over and over thrown by them up until present day and we must accept this and repent and submit to our men because they are here to help us out of our pit. This threw me off because just like the bible it seemed as a justification for bad behavior toward your counterpart. I feel as if I am confused as well as extremely bitter toward the majority of my opposite sex, mostly because of the injustices constantly committed by them to the world, the control and the ego and pride but double standard of men and so on, I could go on for days. But in turn I struggle to be able to accept the fact that women also have a part to play in the decline as you see nowadays, there are a lot of things done by women that can be a hindrance to elevation of themselves, their families, and their children. I have a lot of hate in me and it seems to be proving very hard to get rid of. I seemed to be too bothered with everything bad thing going on in the world, especially to those things that could affect me especially or directly. Such as rape, injustice because of my gender, being overcalled/overpowered or put down because of my gender… so on.. so when I see it going on I get very fiery inside my chest and feel the blood inside of me. I hate seeing females or black people but females 1st then black people in that order, get discriminated or treated badly or injustices to be done to them.

Seba Dja: All these things you have assessed to be faulty in the world or incorrect actions are indeed an-Maat (against Maat) and therefore, your assessment is…from a Neterian perspective…quite accurate!

However, as you noted below…not having knowledge of the wisdom teachings or the backing of an authentic mystical tradition embraced by the whole society…can make one go mad! (drive one crazy!…is it any wonder that about ½ the people in the USA are on some type of antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication or have some addiction?).


I don’t know why I get so angry. but its gotten to the point where I just can’t deal with my mind because I am going to drive myself crazy.

Seba Dja: So, if you feel that the world is crazy and is driving you crazy…it’s a quite valid way to feel from the worldly perspective…living in the world without a sound foundation in or backing of mystical religion.

But now, you are easing into an authentic mystical perspective. Have patience and continue to study…as there is a learning curve…and it will a take a little time for you to be able to shift from only seeing with your physical eyes and mind, to starting to see through your mystical eyes…to what is behind the scenes so to speak.

If you want to intensify your teachings…at a pace faster than the course is moving….you can view our videos on the U tube channel…some are open (free) but some have to be subscribed to I believe…from the previous conferences and lectures. We also have audio lectures…you can communicate with S. Maa about these.

Through the teachings you will come to know as the Great Truths state:

“an-Maat swy Saui Set s-Khemn” –

“Lack of righteousness brings

fetters to the personality and these fetters lead to ignorance of the Divine.”

Therefore, all the forms of “AN-MAAT” or unrighteousness….many of which you named in your letter…occur because of IGNORANCE OF SELF.

Even your own an-Maat actions are because of ignorance of Self.

Is it possible to correct anyone else’s ignorance of Self? Is it possible to get everyone in the world practicing authentic mystical religion? Are we here to get everyone acting with Maat?

No…it cannot be done…and it is not supposed to be done.

Each person is working out their own ariu. Even though we intersect with different souls…called parents, brothers, cousins, neighbors, co-workers, co-inhabitants of earth, etc…each person is ONLY responsible for working out their ariu. But if one is following mystical spirituality…as part of that, one practices Selfless service…so one is both SELFish (working purify one’s ego to become enlightened and KNOW THY-SELF) and SELF-less (practicing Maat ari to help others) at the same time. But these intersections only occur if the other person’s ariu is allowing it.

So…understanding all this, one can detach from parental “abuse/abandonment issues”…understanding that parents are not Enlightened beings…but souls struggling to evolve by trial and error (if not involved in a mystical tradition), and your ariu put you in that situation to learn to overcome it…and grow in spiritual strength.

Physical age does not correlate with spiritual/mystical age…but since this culture only focuses on the physical…this set the stage for actions that are an-Maat. Physical adults who are really spiritual children are having physical children; and because they are bound by their own fetters of ignorance, it is all they can pass on.

Understanding that parents are just incarnated souls like you…struggling for abiding happiness…dealing with their own fetters caused by ignorance of Self…you can forgive them, and release any expectations you had of them that they did not live up to…even from your childhood.

They were just a delivery port for your soul! To continue its spiritual journey. Regardless of how bumpy the childhood ride was, you can get off that path, and get on another course…the mystical path to Nehast.

So…you are responsible for your own spiritual evolution, and to the extent you meet others to assist you in this process…is also because of your own ariu (unconscious impressions and desires) to attain Nehast.

Re: I have been in too many similar situations and it seems to have made me bitter and I find it hard to forgive Men where as I used to be able to forgive easily. So what I do is push it to back of my mind until I can deal with all of my wild emotions about various different situations.

Seba Dja:

So this is why Aset’s sick and tired (lucid dispassion) of the world was healthy, stemming from a healthy ego…as she did not push things back into her mind to not deal with them (dull unhealthy dispassion…still very mentally attached to the world).

They have to be dealt with and resolved…otherwise it will create a mountain of ariu that will block your vision of your Higher Self…and you will not be able to progress on the path.

These have to be resolved, and some can be resolved by practical world counseling, and some by spiritual counseling and study and understanding of the teachings…to get to a healthy ego.

Dispassion is not hiding from the world…but penetrating it to discover what is beneath it, because one sees that it is like a cloak or veil concealing Spirit… and one wants to discover Sprit and become one with Spirit, as Aset did in the myth of Ra and Aset.

On The Nature of the Soul

Aset’s Teachings To Heru:

Isis suckling Horus Gray  Hathor suckling Horus

“Souls, Heru (Horus), son, are of the self-same nature,

since they came from the same place where the Creator modeled them;

nor male nor female are they.

Sex is a thing of bodies not of Souls.”

Through the teachings you will understand that souls evolve through different ethnicities and different genders…to learn different lessons. Thus, someone who is “European” or “Asian” in this lifetime was “African” in a previous, and so on. One incarnates as male, female, African, European, Middle Eastern, Indian, etc….in different lives to learn certain lessons.

Understanding this, one can detach from expectations of the genderless souls incarnated into the bodies of “men”, and also those incarnated into the bodies of “women” in an a-mystical culture where fitting into the roles of male and female in this a-mystical society leads to the issues you describe in male female relationships…issues of the basic problem of life…EGOISM that stems from IGNORANCE OF SELF.

Egoism manifests in various shades of anger, hate, greed, envy, jealousy, insecurity, and fear. So, this is what everyone is acting out of because of their egoism which stems from their ignorance of Self. Egoism prevents seeing the underlying unity of all things…so there is separation…you there and me here, and we are different…you are black and I am white and I don’t like you and you are male and I am female and I don’t like yo, etc.

So…understanding this, one can detach from cultural “race issues”…understanding that those involved in it are at that level of spiritual evolution. You too may have once been there, but you don’t have to remain there…you can grow into higher spiritual knowledge about your true essence.

Instead of entering the insane and unwinnable “wars” arising from the various states of various manifestations of Ignorance of Self that you described…male versus female, black vs white, white vs black, muslim vs Christian, female vs female, male vs male…egoistic self vs egoistic self…

…enter into the battle that is winnable by you…and which will not only bring about peace in you…but which will bring peace to the world, because if you become more peaceful, you will waft a fragrance of peace that will affect others…much as a rose blooms and wafts a wonderful fragrance that permeates not only the rose itself, but the entire room…touching all those sensitive to its fragrance.

Leave others to their own ariu…this is not bad or good…it just is! It will proceed in accord with the divine plan for them…what they need for their soul’s evolution…not their physical evolution, but their soul-level spiritual evolution.

We are not all on the same boat!

Everyone is in a different mental dimension…sort of like on shows like Star Trek…when there are beings in the same space but a different time dimension. So too, it seems like we are all in the same boat, but everyone is living in a different world…in a world created by their own mind. This is why you can see and understand something, and try to tell it to someone, and they are unable to see it and understand it the way you did. Each person is living out of their own conditioned mind…their ariu.

KMT Proverb:

“Though all men suffer fated things, those led by reason (guided by the intellect), do not endure suffering with the rest; but since they’ve freed themselves from viciousness, not being bad, they do not suffer bad…”

Thus, focus on your own mind…your own ariu…and work to purify that…so you don’t suffer with the rest…but start to be led by your reason, guided by an intellect that is becoming purified!

KMT Proverb:

“Those who live today will die tomorrow,

those who die tomorrow will be born again (reincarnate);

Those who live MAAT will not die (will attain immortality/Enlightenment).”


Except for your practical realities and where your ariu intersects with the ariu of others, leave creation to Maat:

KMT Proverb:

“MAAT is great and its effectiveness lasting;

it has not been disturbed since the time of Asar (Osiris).

There is punishment for those who pass over its laws,

but this is unfamiliar to the covetous one….When the end is nigh, MAAT lasts.”

All lessons are not learned in this lifetime…they carry over…so even if a situation seems unfair, it is Maatian fair…for that soul! You may not have seen then they committed some vicious act in a past lifetime, but you may see when they reap the punishment in this life, for seemingly not doing anything. A spiritual teacher and advanced spiritual aspirant knows that nothing happens outside of Maat, and thus, the Divine Plan…even over lifetimes, and an novice aspirant studies these teachings and tries to understand them…and studies again and again, and reminds oneself of this…over and over…

KMT Proverb:

“Every cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause;

everything happens according to Law;

Chance is a name for the Law unrecognized;

there are many planes of causation,

but nothing escapes the Law.


KMT Proverb:

“O think not, bold man, because thy punishment is delayed,

that the arm of God is weakened;

neither flatter thyself with hopes that the Supreme winketh at thy doings;

Its eye pierces the secrets of every heart, and remembered are they forever…”


So, realizing that no one is getting away with anything…that everyone is on the same journey, some further along than others…that even those further along committed the same errors the more immature ones are committing, but have learned better over time…and so too those immature souls will advance over time…over lifetimes…and eventually, they too will discover their own true essence…as the Divine Self…you can “let go and let God/Goddess.”

This is from the chat meeting that is taking place (11/25/15)…I copied this from Sebai Maa’s response as it is relevant here:

“All this is true in the relative world and the teaching does not ignore that – this is handled by Maat law in society. However Maat also has a mystic side so our task as initiates is promote maat law for society which means equality between genders; Then to rise above secular law to evolve into Spirit. So it is right to be concerned about and work for justice and peace but realizing this is a struggle that is endemic of the realm of duality. So we must not get lost in that fight but do our part and also do our duty to our spirit through shedy. So we do selfless service as the Pert em heru instructs and also we cleanse our soul of duality (unrighteousness) so as to be allowed to enter the inner shrine… so there is a balance every aspirant must learn.”

Every soul has to go through their own process…as do you…as did every enlightened person before they became enlightened…and it is okay.

And as the teachings say, one is not alone in this journey

KMT Proverb:

“When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then come the lips to fill them with wisdom.”

But all this is not easy to understand in the beginning (again where counseling may help).

KMT Proverb:

“It is very hard, to leave the things we have grown used to, which meet our gaze on every side.

Appearances delight us, whereas things which appear not, make their believing hard.

Evils are the more apparent things, whereas the Good can never show Itself unto the eyes, for It hath neither form nor figure.”


So it is said that spiritual practice is like poison in the beginning…and nectar in the end.

Many people feel that their lives intensify and even become worse after starting on the mystical path. But often times they got on the mystical path because they could not go on with regular life…because that felt pretty bad. So, this is not the case…what has happened is now one is sensitive to the negative movements of the mind, and this can seem overwhelming…and even doubtful that one can purify it…in this lifetime! It’s like a lifetime of mental dust that has been swept under the rug…and now you are no longer doing that…so what to do with the new dust, and now you are also noticing you have a big pile of dust from before.

But ignorance is like darkeness…no matter how much you have accumulated…you only have to switch the light switch ONE time…and all the darkness vanishes. SO the power of Light…of Spirit…to overcome the darkness of ignorance of Self is not a mathematical equation….don’t be concerned with how long it will take you…just apply the teachings to the best of your ability and the light will switch on…gradually, but more and more…and your burdens and load will lighten…dissipating in the light of knowledge.

So life in an a-mystical based culture is intensely egoistic…YET…you don’t have to live in that same world…physically yes, but MENTALLY NO. You can choose to live in a mystical inner world by studying and applying the mystical teachings.

KMT Proverbs:

“As you think so shall you become.”

“They who grasp the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe are well advanced on The Path to Self Mastery.”

This is what you are here to do…attain Nehast in this lifetime! And it can be done!

KMT Proverb:

“Those who gave thee a body, furnished it with weakness;

but The ALL who gave thee Soul, armed thee with resolution.

Employ it, and thou art wise; be wise and thou art happy.”


Re: HTP for your time as I understand this is a long and detailed post. I thank you DUA for all the things you do for people/souls on this earth as well as the time you have taken out of your lives to do all of these incredible things. Just a quick note. Sebai MAA, you are far from included in the category of ‘Men’ I just spoke about in my last questions. Ankh Udja Seneb to you both! HTP HTP HTP

Seba Dja: You should include Sebai Maa in the category of “men” because if he is represented as a “man” then he represents the potential evolution of “men”. If you take him out and put him in the category of soul incarnated as a man, then you should strive to do the same to other “men”…see them as genderless souls incarnated in the body of a man…just souls…albeit ignorant souls…but then recognizing they are ignorant souls…struggling…will allow you to recognize the areas where they are spiritually immature, and just like you can’t teach a toddler higher math such as calculus until it grows up, you can’t teach spiritually immature souls about higher religion, mysticism, until they grow up spiritually. But also, you can’t be angry at the toddler for not being able to understand higher math. So too you cannot be angry at spiritual children for not being able to understand higher religion.

You accept letting them be at the spiritual level where they are and growing through their own processes.

But just as if a toddler is kicking you, you won’t just stand there and take it, you will move away or tell their parent…so too even though you understand you are in a world of mostly spiritual-mystical toddlers, and don’t hold grudges when the spiritually immature souls do hurtful things to you…also, on a practical level, you don’t stay their getting spiritually kicked by them due to their immaturity. So…you deal with practical matters practically…but with deeper insights that allow you to psychologically unburdened by their egoistic actions.  You can even develop compassion for their soul…how fettered it must feel: “poor soul!” (smile). You can reflect how hard it is to work on your own ego, even with mystical support…how hard it must be for others who are not working to improve themselves, or using orthodox religions which do not give them the tools the need, to do so.

KMT Proverb:

“One cannot force another to grow beyond their capacity.”

So, you don’t expect much as far as advanced spiritual actions from people in general…understanding that they are just not evolved to that level as yet. And you are not shocked by their egoistic actions also…par for the course in this a-mystical culture. So, you are able to become detached from desires and expectations relative to others and the world…and that will free up energy for your spiritual practice.

Concluding reflection:

KMT proverbs

“Beware of irresolution in the intent of thy actions,

beware of instability in the execution;

so shalt thou triumph over two great failings of thy nature.”

MaatWingColor2300 B copy


Seba Dja



Temple of Aset Lesson 4




From this lesson on the introduction is contained in the Lesson manual see below.


View the Class Webinar Video as you work through reading the translated texts


1-List the important points covered in this lecture.

2-Describe at least 1 point you thought was personally significant as to your understanding of the teaching of the temple of Aset

[secureyoutube id='4878']




READING DISCUSSION FORUM ASSIGNMENT : Read the texts covered in this lesson and answer the questions:

1- Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?








Answer the questions above and post them in the DISCUSSION FORUM and look to receive feedback on our posting.







Look at -at least one other of the posting from another student (in this lesson) and the feedback given and note the most remarkable teaching (main take away[s]) you learned from it. Include the Post# you are commenting on








Once you have completed the Assignments:




And once you have received satisfactory feedback in the discussion forum (for your posting to this lesson)- then proceed to complete the QUIZ Test below to pass this lesson:

⊗-ANSWER ALL Questions to Pass this Lesson and move to the next one [The next lesson will be available every 2 weeks so if this Quiz is passed you will gain access as soon as it is released]



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Temple of Aset Lesson 3

DSC00363The Temple of Aset, Egypt




  • In this lesson you are to be introduced to the hieroglyphic writing system of Ancient Egypt.
  • Also, in this lesson you are now to be introduced to the hieroglyphic scripture of the Teaching of Aset and Ra that will be covered in the rest of the series of lessons.
  • This lesson is not designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the Medtu Neter but just to introduce it to give an understanding of the basic principles. In this way your studies of the philosophy from the hieroglyphic text that will be presented will be more rewarding and interesting as opposed to just receiving a translation.



VIEW VIDEO PRESENTATIONS INSTRUCTIONS: After viewing the video answer the following Questions and then post your answers in the discussion forum

1-What is Medtu Neter? How is it different from other writing systems, especially the western writing system?

2-List the important topics covered in the book readings about Ancient Egyptian writing system: Medtu Neter. and Why are they important for understanding Ancient Egyptian writing as well as the philosophy contained in it?

3-What are the main take aways from the Introduction to Hieroglyphs video, the important teachings to remember about the Medtu Neter and how it works in principle?



View the video: Intro to Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

[secureyoutube id='3249']












Answer the questions above and post them in the DISCUSSION FORUM and look to receive feedback on our posting.





Look at -at least one other of the posting from another student (in this lesson) and the feedback given and note the most remarkable teaching (main take away[s]) you learned from it.





While you are waiting for feedback on your posting, do the reading the sections from the book:

Book –Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Beginners

NOTE: This course only covers the introduction of the book so it is not required for you to work through the lessons that follow. However if you choose to do so your experience of and benefit from the course will be enhanced.

Read pages








Once you have completed the Assignments:




And once you have received satisfactory feedback in the discussion forum (for your posting to this lesson)- then proceed to complete the QUIZ Test below to pass this lesson:

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Temple of Aset Lesson 1

DSC00209Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby (Center) conducting a tour of the Temple of Aset Birthing room -2015




Welcome to the Teachings of the Temple of Aset course.

In this program you will have provided several components to promote a dynamic learning experience including webinars, videos, Audio recordings, readings, visual learning with PowerPoint presentations, livechats, and written feedback responses to your assignment postings. This program is anchored in the philosophy but it is not limited to that as it will be encouraged for all students to experience the meditative aspect of the mental work with the philosophy through meditation, music and divine chants. Therefore you are to think of this program as a potential living virtual temple study and experience environment and that what you put in also determines what you can gain from the experience. All of the items in the course have been added to enhance the learning and practice experience. So this is not just about memorizing information but of understanding. In Ancient Egyptian wisdom the term Saa means understanding with feeling and it is the experience necessary to attain higher consciousness, in other words one must have wisdom and feeling of the divine experience being imparted and admonished by the teaching and then there will be success. That success as you will learn depends on the the time spent and the extent of cleansing of the aryu in the unconscious mind. This and more will be explained more fully through the course program.



[secureyoutube id='3468']



This is the first lesson of the Teachings of the Temple of Aset course.

  • In this lesson one of the tasks is an orientation of how to navigate the course web site and how to post your assignment answers. START by -if you are new to the Kemet University Asaru College web site–looking at the Asaru College web site orientation videos that show you how to use the site, find your lessons, post your answers in the forum, etc. This will also be reviewed in the first class of this program.
  • In this first lesson you are to become acquainted with the mythic background of the Teaching of the Temple of Aset. This will be a foundation for the hieroglyphic scripture that will begin to be studied in future lessons.
  • The theme of this lesson is to start understanding the background of Goddess Aset and Aset mythology. This will be a foundation for what you will receive when we begin working with the hieroglyphic texts of the Teaching of the Temple of Aset. So in this lesson you are to review the myth of the Asarian Resurrection but in a way that is specifically showing how it relates to the Teaching of the Temple of Aset. A video lecture has been prepared for this purpose and you will review this video and read some short sections of the textbook and then follow the instructions afterwards.

NOTE: as we proceed to the in depth study of the hieroglyphic scripture it will be important not only to have a general understanding of the myths and the mythic wisdom teaching bit also you will be able to discern how the depth of the teaching expands when the text is studied and how other insights of the myth will emerge the more it is reviewed. We will come back to it time and time again so do not neglect these important lessons.


4-Look at -at least one other of the posting from another student (in this lesson) and the feedback given and note the most remarkable teaching (main take away[s]) you learned from it.


View the videos:Along with the Slides

1-Intro to Asarian Resurrection for Temple of Aset Teachings of the Temple of Aset, and

2-Video:Asarian Resurrection animated

3-Video Lesson 1 Class Webinar

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[secureyoutube id='3652']




After viewing the Assignment and Class Webinar videos then answer the following Questions and then post your answers in the discussion forum

1-Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection myth

2-What are the main take aways from the Asarian Resurrection myth, the important teachings to remember?

3-Based on the video lecture, and your current understanding at this time, A-what have you discovered so far about what is the importance about the role of Aset in that epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection? And B-what do you make of her character, her personality?




After viewing the videos-NEXT:

Answer the questions above and post them in the DISCUSSION FORUM and look to receive feedback on your posting.






While you are waiting for feedback on your posting, do the reading the sections from the book:

Book –African Religion VOL. 4- ASARIAN THEOLOGY: The Mysteries of Resurrection and Immortality


Read pages





INTERACTION ASSIGNMENT:-Look at -at least one other of the posting from another student (in this lesson) and the feedback given and note the most remarkable teaching (main take away[s]) you learned from it.




Once you have completed the Assignments:





And once you have received satisfactory feedback in the discussion forum (for your posting to this lesson)- then proceed to complete the PROGRESS TEST below to pass this lesson:

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