A Compendium of the Myth of Aset and Ra

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Sebai Muata Ashby


The following summary is a brief introduction to the most important spiritual scripture of the Temple of Aset and was studied by the initiates, priests and priestesses of her temple. To do so under the guidance of the temple sages is the act of following and remaining close to the Goddess as enjoined by the initiatic practice. This scripture and the detailed study of the hieroglyphic text is the central study in the Teachings of the Temple of Aset course.





This is the story of Ra and Aset. Ra is the Supreme Divinity. Ra is the source of all Creation. Ra is the essence of all life, fire, the gods and goddesses, men and women, beasts, cattle, reptiles, birds, fish and all objects in Creation. Ra’s names and forms are innumerable and un-knowable even by the gods and goddesses. Ra is so ancient that periods of one hundred and twenty-five years for human beings are like periods of a year for him.


Behold the goddess Aset. She was living in the form of a woman in ancient times. She was knowledgeable in the words of power and the wisdom of the world. Aset had no desire for human existence. She was dispassionate towards human beings. She revered the state of the gods and goddesses and revered even more, the state of the spirits, because they were closer to the Divine.


Aset meditated in her heart as follows, “Is it possible for me to become like Ra and to be the supreme monarch of all Creation by knowing the name of Ra?”


One day as Ra made his entrance in the eastern horizon, a portion of his essence fell upon the earth. Aset took this and mixed it with earth and fashioned it into the form of a serpent. She left the serpent on the road which the great god traveled. The serpent bit Ra and caused him to become ill. He became so ill that the gods and goddesses feared he would die. Nobody could find an antidote to the serpent’s bite.

aset and ra isis and ra color drawing Aset standing over body of Ra

Then Aset came along to speak to her father Ra and said: “What is this, Oh Divine Father? What is it? Hath a serpent shot his venom into thee? Hath a thing which thou has fashioned lifted up its head against thee? Verily it shall be overthrown by beneficent words of power, and I will make it to retreat in the sight of thy rays.” The holy god opened his month and said, “I was walking along the road and passing through the two lands which I myself had created, the two lands of my country, when I was bitten by a serpent which I did not see. I am colder than water, I am hotter than fire, all my members sweat, I myself quake, mine eye is unsteady. I cannot look at the heavens, and water forces itself on my face as in the time of the inundation.”


And Aset said to Ra, “Oh my Divine Father, tell me thy name, for whoever is able to pronounce his name liveth.” Ra replied, “I am the maker of the heavens and the earth, I have knit together the mountains, and I have created everything which exist upon them. I am the maker of the waters (Primeval Ocean), and I have made Meht-ur to come into being; I have made the Bull of his Mother, and I have made the joys of love (love-making) to exist. I am the maker of heaven, and I have made to be hidden the two gods of the horizon, and I have placed the souls of the gods and goddesses within them. I am the being who opens his eyes and the light comes forth; I am the being who shuts his eyes and there is darkness. I am the being who gives the command, and the waters of Hapi (the Nile) burst forth. I am the being whose name the gods and goddesses know not. I am the maker of the hours and the creator of the days. I am the opener (i.e., inaugurator) of the festivals, and the maker of the floods of water. I am the creator of the fire of life whereby the works of the houses are caused to come into being. I am Kheper in the morning, Ra at the time of culmination (i.e., noon), and Temu in the evening.”

Isis and Ra Aset

Even though Ra said these great and wonderful things the poison was not driven from its course, and the great god felt no improvement in his condition. Then Aset said to Ra,

“Among the things which you have said to me thy name has not been mentioned. Oh declare it unto me and the poison shall come forth for the person who hath declared his name shall live.” Then Ra said, “I will allow myself to be searched through by Aset, and my name shall come forth from my body and go into hers.” Then the divine one hid himself from the gods and goddesses, and the throne in the Boat of Millions of Years was empty. And it came to pass that when it was the time for the heart to come forth [from the god], she said unto her son Heru: “The great god is bound by an oath to give his two eyes.” Thus, the great god yielded up his name, and Aset, the Great Lady of enchantments, said, “Flow on, poison, and come forth from Ra; let the Eye of Horus come forth from the god and illumine all things outside of his mouth. I have worked, and I make the poison to fall on the ground, for the venom has been mastered. Verily the name hath been taken away from the great god. Let Ra live, and let the poison die; and if the poison live then Ra shall die. And similarly, a certain man, the son of a certain man, shall live and the poison shall die.” These were the words which spoke Aset, the Great Lady, the mistress of the gods, and she had knowledge of Ra in his own name. The above words shall be said over an image of Temu, Heru-Hekennuu, Aset or Heru.


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