ONLINE COURSE PROGRAM: 2021 Mystic Egypt Virtual Tour (Spiritual Pilgrimage)

 Welcome to the 2021 Mystic Egypt “Virtual” Tour.






The 2021 Mystic Egypt Virtual Tour Consists of Two Courses offered together (not individually). Registration fee includes BOTH courses.

Mystic Egypt (Kemet) 2021 Virtual ONLINE Spiritual Pilgrimage

Course #1: Mythic, Metaphysical & Mystic Wisdom Of The Temples

Course #2: Sacred Sites, Sacred Wisdom, Serpent Power Chakra (Sefech Ba Ra) Cleanse

See syllabuses below




Mystic Egypt/KMT Virtual Tour Itinerary, the Sacred Temple Sites We Will Virtually Visit:

  • Temple of Aset (Isis) in Aswan
  • Two Temples of Abu Simbel
  • Temple of Elephantine Island in Aswan
  • Temple of Heru (Horus) in Edfu
  • Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor
  • Temple of Luxor in Luxor
  • Temple of Karnak in Luxor
  • Temple of Hetheru (Hathor) in Dendera
  • Temple of Asar (Osiris) in Abdu/Abdyos


Virtual Egypt/KMT Mystic Tour Objectives and Expectations:

The objective of Virtual Egypt/KMT Mystic Tour is to Engage participants in a Virtual Experience of Traveling To Kemet/Egypt and visiting the main Sacred Temples of Kemet (Egypt), guided by the Mystic Wisdom & Spirituality that engendered them.

  • The specific focus of each course and Temples highlighted are designed to follow a trajectory of wisdom, while simultaneously allowing participants to gain an experiential understanding of the abundance of knowledge of spiritual evolution contained in the various Temples covered in the course.
  • Consider that in Ancient times, only initiated persons would have access to the Temples. Temple Access required special studies & training to decipher the Sebait, The Sacred Wisdom encoded in them So, although millions of tourists visit Egypt annually, beyond being inspired and awed, they are not able to make use of the encoded mythic and mystic wisdom of the Temples, for their own spiritual evolution. It is the Sebait, the Mystic Philosophy, The Sacred Wisdom, “the teachings”, that is behind the myths and their wisdom, and that expresses as the Majestic Architecture, Artistic Reliefs and Hieroglyphs in the Temples.
  • Applying the Sebait, The Sacred Wisdom, reveals the encoded mysteries to the qualified spiritual seeker, thus facilitating a spiritual awakening or consciousness raising process.

The Goal Of This Virtual Mystic Tour are For participants:

  • To apply the Sebait, The Sacred Wisdom (“the teachings”) they gain, to their own personal spiritual process.
  • They will accomplish this by following the Initiative Narrative of the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Initiates as in ancient times, applying the Sebait, The Sacred Wisdom (“the teachings”) to cleanse the personality of Egoism and Raise Up in Mystic Consciousness, and To Do So, Utilizing the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Arat Sekhem (Serpent Power) System to cleansing the Psycho-Spiritual Energy Centers (Kemetic Sefech Ba Ra, Eastern Chakras) & and gently awaken the Serpentine Life Force Energy to Raise Up In Consciousness, through an integrational Reflective Process Followed by Meditation, to thus, allow Consciousness to then, on its own, naturally, RAISE UP (“AHA”) to its highest Spiritual Expression, Enlightenment (Nehast).


 Who Can Benefit From our Mystic Egypt “Virtual” Tour.

This program is multifaceted:

  • It Serves As Preparation for those Touring with us in Spring 2022 for our “Live Trip” as part of the tour package (included in the trip tour package).
  • It is also Open anyone desiring or planning to visit KMT or even if you have already visited Kemet (Egypt). It will provide a foundational knowledge basis of the Mystic Spirituality, Mystic Mythology and Mystic Religion that continues make Kemet (Ancient Egypt) a majestic spiritual beacon even in today’s world. Further, it will deepen your understanding of what all that writing in the Temples are saying, so as to better “plug into” the Temple Sacred Wisdom “software” (and not just follow the local guides’ narratives which is devoid of mysticism).
  • It will be beneficial for those spiritually connected to Kemet (Ancient Egypt) to explore an Integrational Process of Energy Center Cleansing for Personal Spiritual Evolution through the Temple Wisdom (ex. KMT (Kemet) University Students).
  • Also, if you are thinking about Joining our LIVE Spring 2022 “Actual” MYSTIC EGYPT TOUR, but are unsure if you will be able to, we recommend you prepare by taking the virtual tour, and if you do decide to join the live tour, Your Course Fee will Be Transferred Towards your live trip Deposit.
  • And Perhaps You! If You Received An Inner Calling That Led You Here Now!


SYLLABUS FOR COURSE #1 (please note that there are 3 pages, go to the bottom of the image for the arrow icon to turn the pages)

Syllabus for Course 1 - The Temples of Kemet (KMT, Ancient Egypt) Final Final


SYLLABUS FOR COURSE #2 (please note that there are 8 pages, go to the bottom of the image for the arrow icon to turn the pages)

Syllabus for Course 2 -Sacred Sites Sacred Wisdom SBR Cleanse Final Final



EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL PAYMENT IN FULL $395 (INCLUDES BOTH COURSES)-EXTENDED THRU JUNE 26, 2021 at midnight ET  —Fee increases to $495 after June 26

To Register for this course with 1-Time lump sum payment


PAYMENT PLAN OPTION – 4 Monthly Payments $130.00 each. You can sign up any time, but if you sign up after July 3, 2021, after the course starting date, you will be able to join the live sessions, and you will have access to previous recordings of classes you missed, but one month at a time, as the additional payments are made.

To Register for this course with 4 payment plan go here:

Discount Coupon Eligibility:

  • Currently Registered Kemet University Students,
  • Those who previously traveled with Sema Institute To Kemet/Egypt on our Previous Trips
  • Tjef Sema Paut Neteru Basu,
  • Attendees to the 2018 Serpent Power Workshop with Seba Dja

Please email KEMETMYSTICTOURS@GMAIL.COM for a special 60% discount Coupon. SUBJECT HEADING: 60% Discount Virtual KMT


Note: To Find Out More About our Live [actual in-person visit to Kemet] following this Virtual Online Mystic Egypt Tour, Visit: 2022 Trip Website: click here

If you are registered for the 2022 Mystic Egypt Kemet Tour (our actual trip), this course IS ALREADY INCLUDED with your trip deposit. You do not have to pay anything further.

Also, for those who register for the Virtual Mystic Egypt Tour courses, if at any point you decide you would like to join our 2022 Mystic Egypt Tour (our actual Live In Kemet Tour), your payment will be transferred towards your trip deposit.


  • Adorations to the Ancient Priests and Priestesses, who instituted the construction of these majestic “schools” for Attaining Spiritual Enlightenment, in such an enduring way. The Temple Hieroglyphs are frozen through time, preserving this Sacred Wisdom Teachings, the Sebait Philosophy. This, along with the other bodies of Mystic Sebait Philosophy, Sacred Wisdom, In Papyrus Texts (Pert M Heru, Book of Coming Forth by Day, aka, “Books of the Dead”), In Coffin Texts, in Pyramid Texts, Mystic Myths, Rituals & More, continue to inspire and instruct aspirants on the Mystic-Spiritual Path of Self-Discovery, who are drawn to this Ancient African Mystical Spiritual Path of Nehast, Spiritual Enlightenment. We can still partake of this legacy today, in the here and now. It is up to us to break the code of the Sebait Sacred Wisdom, through our devotion to the Spiritual Mystic Path and The Sebait Sacred Wisdom, to continue this legacy of Enlightenment.
  • And also, adorations to Dr Muata Ashby, “Sebai Maa” for his relentless dedication in assisting aspirants to “decode” the Sebait, the Sacred Wisdom for their Spiritual Transformation, through his body of work with over 70 books on Kemetic/Ancient Egyptian Spirituality. And also, adorations To Dr Muata Ashby, “Sebai Maa” for his relentless dedication in assisting aspirants to “decode” the Sebait, the Sacred Wisdom for their Spiritual Transformation, through his body of work with over 70 books on Kemetic/Ancient Egyptian Spirituality.
  • 360 Virtual Reality Temple Sites: And also, Thank You (Dua) To Dr Muata Ashby (Sebai Maa) For His Efforts to Virtually Preserve the Temples Using Modern 360 Virtual Reality Technology, so that aspirants can always have access, anytime and anywhere, to the Sebait Sacred Wisdom and Still Experience The Temple Architecture & Images…to partake of this Ancient Initiatic Narrative…today, here & now!