The Temples of Kemet Course Syllabus

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A course of study designed and presented by Seb Dr. Dja Ashby

General Course Overview:


This 4-week Course about the Mystic Spirituality of The Temples of KMT
(Eemet, Ancient Egypt) offers 8 to 12  hours of Presentations. Each two
to three hour presentation highlights one or more Temple(s), detailing
mythic and mystical features of Temple Architecture, Iconography,
Hieroglyphic Teachings and more. The Mystery Temples were “Factories of
Enlightenment”, and thus, their main goal was to lead Temple Initiates
to attain Spiritual-Mystic Enlightenment (Nehast).  This course imparts
foundational wisdom needed by any Spiritual Aspirant, from any
Spiritual-Mystical Tradition, To Approach The Temples in an Initiatic
way. This course is especially beneficial  for anyone taking a trip to
KMT (Egypt). It will facilitate your trip to be a Spiritual Pilgrimage,
instead of just a tour. Or even if you just want to gain more knowledge
and insight into the Spirituality of The Temples of Kemet (KMT, Ancient
Egypt), then this course is also for you. Peace and Blessings!


Lesson 1: Mystic Spirituality of The Temples of Kemet Ancient Egypt Week 1 of 4 Introductory Course.  Focus: Temples of Abu Simbel  1882075a