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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 -Lesson 4 – Introduction to Egyptian Yoga – WB pg. 35 – 50

1. Why is keeping the company of wise important?

Due to the nature of the mind to imitate what it focuses on, keeping the company of wise ones is important because sages and saints are enlightened and if they are imitated it’s a sure way the aspirant will achieve the same and this is the primary way to accelerate the spiritual development of an aspirant.

2. How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to insure they will receive and benefit from it?

A spiritual aspirant should think about good association as a means of proper augmentation of the wisdom teachings as to gain the correct interpretation of them. In spiritual development one needs guidance as to not fall to the ignorant perception of the mind. To benefit from great personalities an aspirant must exercise humility and honesty.

3. What food does the preceptor provide?

The preceptor provides food in the form of the wisdom teachings.

4. When can you as the aspirant choose those disciplines which suit your personality? Once one learn what the spiritual disciplines are and how to apply them.

5. Who is a Teacher? A true teacher is one who… LIVES….the teachings

6. Who is Sebai? A Sebai is a spiritual preceptor/teacher.

7. Where was the largest priesthood? The Temple of the Gods Amun, Ra, Asar and Heru and the Goddesses Net, Aset and Hetheru.

8. The role of a Teacher? The teacher makes him or herself ……a conduit…. an…instrument…for the Divine through which the…Divine may enlighten others when they are ready.