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Welcome to the program and I hope this program will help you to expand on the teaching you have received through the Tjef Neteru and that this program will assist you in maintaining your spiritual practice. These definitely are tools and like any other tools they require expertise and virtue to be used successfully if not expertly. Throughout this practice the integration of the personality is an important feature to understand in order to be successful and this will be covered in the program.

Indeed, as you do your effort to practice the teachings of Shetaut Neter consider that while there may be fetters and work to do in order to cultivate the divine, this process is best seen as a process first but also as an experience as well as a destination. First, a process in learning the teaching and how to practice it and then working to execute that practice and finally realizing it in fact, which is no different than realizing the wakefulness after a dream. Yet there are many intervening issues both psychological and otherwise; yet this is not a journey where the words “ongoing and “never ending” should be thought of as a light at the end of a tunnel that is always receding. Rather it is to be thought of as an experience that is close by and attainable when the right wisdom and character are allowed to emerge. And that process also need not take lifetimes.