Welcome to the Temple of Asar (Osiris) Initiation Course. You may access the program in the following ways

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The Purpose of this course is to provide an initiatic experience whereby the aspirant participant will be able to gain the knowledge and experience of what is to be learned at the Temple of Asar in Abdu, Ancient Egypt. This will be done through reading, studying and practicing the teachings presented in the panels, following a special sequence of movements through the Temple, and focusing on certain stopover or weigh station areas that have been discovered to contain a connected initiatic teaching. This journey through the Temple is a journey leading from novice status to full realization as an enlightened “Royal Personality”.

Those who complete this course may consider themselves as having completed the academic requirements to consider themselves as initiates of the Temple of Asar and in their personal lives as they progress with the inner teaching, they may consider themselves as followers and initiates of the teaching of the Asarian Resurrection Egyptian Mysteries.





You will also begin working working with two books that will be provided below as ebooks. The first is the AFRICAN RELIGION Vol. 4 ASARIAN THEOLOGY so that you may familiarize yourself with the Asarian myth upon which the mystic teaching of this Temple is built. The myth of the Asarian Resurrection is integral to the teaching presented in this Temple. As such, you as an aspirant are the Asar being discussed in the myth and in the Temple. Therefore you are to study this teaching by referencing the book and the video presentation while you spend time in this section of the Temple.

The reference Text Book for this course is AFRICAN RELIGION VOLUME 4: ASARIAN THEOLOGY by Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby

Book Asarian Theology


This is an advance announcement of the proposed creation of a 360 degree virtual reality online Temple of Asar (Osiris) that is currently located in Abdu (Abydos), Egypt, from Virtual Reality photos taken on site. This project proposes to create a composite virtual world which an aspirant can go into and feel as if he/she is actually there (or at least the next best thing being there). Inside there will be clickable areas with closeups and lecture recordings that were given to aspirants during one of the spiritual pilgrimages with a group of aspirants. The idea is to convey an experience, as close to the original experience (of being actually there) as possible. It will be possible for aspirants to “walk” through the building as if on a tour, and be directed to discover the teaching of the Temple that leads to enlightenment through the program as laid out in the Temple architecture, scriptures and iconography, as rediscovered and taught by the servant of the Divine, Muata Ashby.

temple of asar 360 b

The project is to be created in 5 stages with 34 weekly lessons or Temple sections. The first stage is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2017. Along with this virtual reality project, a new book volume is also planned that will chronicle and catalog the mystic journey through the Temple of Asar and detail the teachings of the path laid out in the Temple, by its creators, for aspirants in ancient times and also available for all aspirants seeking spiritual enlightenment today, to follow as in Ancient times. What is being proposed in this project? What makes it unique and important and unprecedented? What features might be possible with such a project, using the advent of modern technology at present?

What if…?

What if you could also trace that path and retrace it at will or spend as much time as you would want in that sacred space?

What if you could see detailed images of specific texts on relief panels on temple walls for detailed study, as is done on many web sites and in many books?

temple of asar 360

Section of a panel covered in the pilgrimage to Kemet 2016

What if along with the image you were to get not only a general description of the panel and what is supposedly happening, and its supposed spiritual significance, as regular tour-guides do, but also get a translation as well, so you can see and hear the teaching from its source and then receive an interpretation based on philosophical insight from that, instead of assumptions and or suppositions surmised by scholars who do not know the Sebait or Ancient Egyptian philosophy, but fill in gaps in their knowledge based on western or modern cultural values and histories?

What if you could see, not just section photos as usually appear in books on Ancient Egyptian temples, but special panorama images that show entire scenes instead of only sections that are not as easily connected to the whole panel and its teaching?

temple of asar 360 c

What if you could take that a step further and also see special 360 spherical images so you could look at the ceiling, the floor, behind and to the sides and connect the panels being discussed to the room as a whole and thus also having available a spacial relationship to the whole building?

temple of asar 360 d

What if you could see the panels and the rooms they are in as if you were looking at a real estate tour, step back, move in closer, and go to all the rooms of the Temple and have a spacial reference of where the rooms are located in reference to each other?

What if you could take it a step further and be able to put on Virtual Reality goggles and see the sacred spaces almost as if you were there?

What if you could study a book and also go to the world it is referring to but doing that in virtual reality form?

What if there could be virtual class meetings and worship sessions and lectures from within this virtual environment?

What if you could partake in the lectures and special images that were pointed out as seen by those who made the journey?

What if you haven’t gone to Kemet and may never be able to go but were able to access this project? and gain the essence of this special teaching that only a few members of humanity have access to?

What if you have never gone but can access this project and later be able to go and see these things in person? to be able to study first and then go?

What would your spiritual practice be like with this project as a tool for advancing the spiritual practice?

temple of asar 360 e

The project is to benefit those who went, those who will go in the future, as well as those who have not gone yet or will never be able to go. Its goal is to provide a quality experience as has never been done before, through the translations, insights and contextual exposition which are based on the actual hieroglyphic scriptures and initiatic wisdom rediscovered and now called Maat (Ethics Philosophy), Shetaut Neter (Ancient Egyptian Mysteries), Sema Tawi (Egyptian Yoga), Arat Sekhem (Serpent Power), brought forth by Dr Muata Ashby.

Is the creation of such a project ambitious? That depends on the time available and resources to put all of the elements together and meet the costs required, but in principle, No, because it is within our capacities as we access higher aspects of our being.

Is the participation in such a project to access this teaching in such a special way within your capacity? If you can hop on a plane and make the journey, certainly. If you can click on a web site, definitely. But we are not just talking about going there to see the sites (which is magnanimous in and of itself but not enough, especially in our times) but  also to receive a teaching.

***Can you benefit from such a project or a physical plane trip to Kemet? Now that depends on your individual capacity and maturity and is for you to determine. What you do to make yourself a qualified aspirant to access the teaching, that is up to you. The Temple was and is and always will be available in psychic form, in the astral plane, but what about those who need entry to the teaching through a physical access? With this project, the Temple and its teaching would not be just in Abdu, Egypt, waiting for visitors, and lectures would not only occur there on site, but would extend beyond those borders and enter a virtual realm that encompasses as far as the reach of electronic communications; so to the moon, the stars and beyond? So with this project the Temple and its teaching would be moving towards you and you would need to be open to move towards it to access its teachings as expressed by its servants (priests and priestesses).

‡‡‡If you can visualize the benefit of this project stay tuned for the new developments. Pass this press release to those who may benefit and those who can help spread the word to others.



This course should be thought of not just as a university program with lessons, but as a facilitation to have an experience that otherwise can only be had by traveling to Egypt to visit the physical Temple. More than that the purpose of this course is to facilitate a spiritual experience of evolution towards higher spiritual consciousness by making the teaching presented in the text book as well as in the iconography and hieroglyphic scriptures of the Temple come alive in a way that can allow the participant to “plug in” to the wisdom and energy and consciousness of the Temple that remains alive with the teaching given by our spiritual ancestors who created it. So the purpose is to access that stream of wisdom energy that can transform the personality even today and render an average person with authentic spiritual aspiration to move towards higher consciousness, the true purpose of human existence.

Concepts of the Temple of Asar Program

Main theme of the Initiation in The Temple of Asar course:

The main theme is not about passing on information though volumes of wisdom teaching will be presented. Importantly also is spending time with the teaching in reflection and meditation…in the virtual reality Temple; these will be facilitated through the course program.

The Temple is a living artifact that can connect us to the teaching and to the energies of the Neteru (Cosmic forces) of higher consciousness. In order to make a healthy and beneficial connection, it is necessary to process wisdom understanding and at the same time process and resolve worldly aryu (thoughts, feelings, perspectives that drive personality based on past experiences and the impressions they leave in the unconscious mind, from this and previous lifetimes). This aryu was accumulated over millennia of previous lifetimes, and it does take time to work through them, but through dedicated, persistent and consistent integral initiatic (mystical) practice of the Shedy disciplines (Meditation – Uaa, Devotion – Uashu, Wisdom – Rekh, Ethical conduct – Ma’at), it is possible to do so and to become sufficiently clear to receive and make use of the teachings that will be provided in the initiatic sequence of this Temple.

Therefore, the ideal is not rushing, walking through from beginning to end, but rather spending quality time in each section of the Temple and listening, reflecting, meditating on the teachings presented to be able to work out the obstructions in the unconscious mind so as to gain insight into the higher mysteries of life, which all require purity of heart. Thus, this is also an experiential, active process of inner work, rather than only applying one oneself as a viewer and listener receiving a presentation.

To facilitate this experience, a special web site page has been created whereby the participant aspirant will be able to look at 2D and also 360 degree spherical images, and even move into those spaces virtually in order to approximate in the closest possible way without actually going there, the ambiance of being in the Temple, which is part of the initiatic experience beyond the books, scripture and iconographical aspects of the teaching. With this new teaching technology, it is also possible to get a sense of the architectural space in which the teaching was housed and in effect go inside the divine wisdom teaching computer of the Temple of Asar Ancient Egyptian Mystery and thus augment and accelerate the experiences necessary to attain the goal of the teaching: Nehast or Spiritual Enlightenment.



The Initiatic path lessons of this course are referred to as: initiatic path sequence, or initiatic path progression, initiatic path sequence progression, stopover, or weigh stations.

Weigh stations: Each lesson or level of the sequence has 3 main elements in which the wisdom teaching will be disseminated and the initiatic meditative experience will be facilitated: 1-Sequence, 2-Stop-over/visit/weigh station, 3-Progression

Each stop-over is composed of three levels of accessing the teachings:  listening, reflection and meditation. [This is the Sema Tawi (yogic) Shedy discipline of Rekh, Wisdom)

To accomplish these goals:

Minimum time spent in each sequential station: 1 week.

In order to progress through the course, the aspirant must complete the lesson quiz and also complete the following tasks:

1-Listen to the teachings presented

2-Reflect on that teachings while being in the precinct of the teachings (spending time in the virtual Temple).

3-Journaling about your reflections (you can do private journaling and also share what is not private in the lesson discussion forum where you can view what others, working through the same lesson, are willing to share.

4-Practice the meditation presented in each lesson- to be practiced every day until the requirements of the lesson are completed and 1 week has past.

Each section may contain one or more of the following:

  • Special text translations from the temple panels
  • Video
  • Audio instructional guides
  • Short meditations tailored to each section
  • Hidden/latent teachings
  • Readings from the course text book
  • Quiz

TASKS: At each Stopover weigh station:

  • Listening to the teaching presented
  • Reflection on that teaching and journaling in the discussion forum
  • Meditation-practice the meditation provided in that weigh station (optionally share your experience with other aspirants in the discussion forum
  • Quiz/Progress test -questions–taken from lecture videos, visuals of the Temple, panels in 360 degree rooms, highlight pictures of the special teachings of each station and or from slides designed to help the study process along and experiential aspect along.