Spiritual Journal


Writing journal 3

You should also, in addition to this forum, set up a journal for yourself to keep a record of your postings and also you will use the journal to later for other kinds of assignments. You should be honest with yourself in your journal, keeping a record of successes and failures as well as insights and epiphanies as you progress in the teachings. This also serves to help you reason what you are learning and how you are transforming through it as a human being and as a spirit being. Generally, the journal is a private document between yourself, your spirit and your teacher though you may wish to share some of your thoughts with the general classroom.

In it you will have your personal reflections as well as a record of how well you are following the teaching, the spiritual checklists, the diet and your personal spiritual goals; your thoughts and feelings about the class, the teaching, your interactions with the teacher and your changing understandings about life, Creation and spiritual philosophy.

The spiritual journal should be updated at least once on a weekly basis.