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Udja and Welcome to the Egyptian Mysteries Level 2 Classroom

-Sebai MAA

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The teaching at this level of spiritual practice will provide the experience of an in-depth study of the Asarian Resurrection myth, and its psycho-mythic mystical wisdom philosophy and practice.

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This mythic wisdom study is of paramount importance because, through a properly carried out mythic teaching the psycho-spiritual aspects of the personality are first recognized as such and then understood, purified and allowed to blossom into a mythic lifestyle that understands the process of spiritual evolution as an effect of the spiritual drama and teaching related in the Kemetic myths. This means that the aspirant is to learn the myth and find her/his place as the varied aspects and characters of the myth and thereby discover the wisdom, essence and power of the Neteru (gods and goddesses / cosmic forces of/in Creation), as aspects of their very own selves. This attainment sets the stage for understanding the mysticism behind the mythic teaching that is more of a focus in Level 3 studies.

The Goal of this Level 2 Classroom

The goal of this EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES OF MYTHIC WISDOM (E.M. Level 2) classroom is to help those who have been introduced to the teaching of Shetaut Neter to grow to understand and practice the teachings and disciplines of Shetaut Neter and become qualified aspirants capable of learning and practicing the teaching intelligently and qualifying for advancing education and practice. This is in accordance with the prescribed path of authentic religion practice which includes three steps MYTH-RITUAL-MYSTICISM and the Kemetic (Sema) Yoga instruction of the temple of Aset which prescribes the three step plan of LISTENING-REFLECTION-MEDITATION. This class is designed to incorporate these plans and be an ongoing teaching running in 1-2 year cycles and then is repeated.

In this classroom the aspirant is to focus on developing purity of feeling through emphasis on Devotional feeling towards the Neteru and Mythic wisdom teaching of the Asarian Resurrection Myth of Ancient Egypt -but not neglecting other aspects of spiritual practice. In this process the aspirant will experience direct wisdom teaching related to the scriptures of the myth but also related lectures will expound on the teaching related to understanding feelings, aryu (unconscious impressions) and how to recognize and work on psycho-mythological issues that may be blocking the spiritual evolution. In this spiritual work the aspirant will become alert to and be able to work on those psychological issues that may be impairing progress and thereby become a proper initiate to receive and understand the mythic wisdom of Level 2 studies and then also the mystic wisdom given at Level 3. In so doing the feeling and intellect become enlightened and an aspirant is truly able to make the spiritual journey which is one of devotion and wisdom.

“Seekest thou God, thou seekest for the Beautiful. One is the Path that leadeth unto It – Devotion joined with Wisdom.”

-Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Lets begin…


Audio Assignments and Standing Questions

In this lesson you will find STANDING QUESTIONS to be answered about the lectures you will be given. The term standing questions means that those questions are to be applied to all the audio recordings that follow until other instructions are given. You are to post your answers in the discussion forum where you will be given feedback about your understanding and you may also receive additional teaching you are to reflect upon.

Video Assignment

video player 4

If there is a video assignment in your lesson you are to follow the instructions given and then post your answers in the discussion section the same as for the audio assignment. NOTE-if you see a button for “PLAY LIST” in the video player, access that so you can look for the specific video for this assignment.

Reading Assignment

ebook 1

If there is a reading assignment in your lesson you are to follow the instructions given and then post your answers in the discussion section the same as for the audio assignment.

Procedure for posting your answers

Important: You will see discussion forums for each lesson at the bottom of the page:

You will post your answers, comments and questions in the appropriate topic forum and start the conversations there. When posting, include:

– the name of the lesson you are posting about (Lesson 1, Lesson 3. Etc.)

-the name of the audio and the approximate time index,

– the name of the video and the approximate time index

-the name of the book or article you are referring to and page number you are posting about.

. In this way it will be easier to keep track of what you are posting and we will also have a better idea of what you are posting or asking about. If this is not done you may be asked to go back and redo the post with the required information.

GENERAL QUESTIONS: If you have questions not related to any of the Audio, Video or Book assignments then use the General Topic forum.

Personal Questions: Keep in mind that in some areas of the teaching there may be questions that elicit personal responses or include issues of a personal nature and you can choose to share those with the group or you may choose to share those directly with the teacher.

Fiduciary relationship: The authorized teacher that will communicate with you is bound by a fiduciary relationship meaning that they cannot share your personal information or reflections without your permission unless it is a matter of life and death, personal safety or danger to yourself or the community. So you may feel free to share your thoughts and feelings privately, knowing they will not be shared without your consent and will only be used to best counsel you on your spiritual path. It is important on the Kemetic path to not harbor self-delusions (lies) to yourself and this is why this issue is prominent in the precepts of Maat.


Writing journal 3

You should also, in addition to this forum, set up a journal for yourself to keep a record of your postings and also you will use the journal to later for other kinds of assignments. You should be honest with yourself in your journal, keeping a record of successes and failures as well as insights and epiphanies as you progress in the teachings. This also serves to help you reason what you are learning and how you are transforming through it as a human being and as a spirit being. Generally, the journal is a private document between yourself, your spirit and your teacher though you may wish to share some of your thoughts with the general classroom.

In it you will have your personal reflections as well as a record of how well you are following the teaching, the spiritual checklists, the diet and your personal spiritual goals; your thoughts and feelings about the class, the teaching, your interactions with the teacher and your changing understandings about life, Creation and spiritual philosophy.

The spiritual journal should be updated at least once on a weekly basis.



Interaction Requirement


before moving on to the next lesson you are required to interact with at least one other student in your lesson (if there is someone currently working on the same lesson) about some area in the topic in the lesson. You may comment or ask a questions about something they said in their posting or you may ask a questions for example, about how they perceived the same topic or subject audio, video or readings or something said by the teacher in the forum, etc..





Lesson Checklist

–Complete any Audio Assignments

–Complete any Video Assignments

–Complete any Reading Assignments

–Complete your journal entries for this lesson period

–Complete your interaction requirement for this lesson

When these are completed and you have received and responded to feedback from your teacher if they have given you any followup work or reflections, then move to the next lesson.




Audio Assignment

Standing Questions for Audio Assignment

1A-What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words. 1B-If you feel you have a good understanding of the teaching presented then proceed with the other questions (2, 3, 4) and skip 1C.

1C-(Answer this question only if having difficulty understanding, agreeing with or practicing a teaching given) If you are having difficulty with a teaching –ANSWER 1A [above] AND THIS QUESTION AND POST IT IN THE FORUM AND WAIT FOR FEEDBACK-BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE OTHER QUESTIONS: where do you think or feel the obstructive issue is coming from? (problem from within yourself? problem from the teaching?, problem from elsewhere, etc.)

2-As an intermediate level spiritual aspirant you are maturing to exercise your free will in a wise manner based on your growing knowledge about the teaching and the advice of your teacher. How should a spiritual aspirant feel about the teachings presented in this lecture, meaning: Should the aspirant: acquiesce and/or concur and/or settle and/or approve and/or diverge and/or wrangle and/or harmonize with the teachings or contemplate and wait to see what the future holds or some of the above, all of the above or none of the above? {you may wish to journal your answer before posting so as to help you reflect on the answers}

3-Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)?

4-If not then how will you seek to implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?

Audio Recordings

353 Muata Ashby_Travels of Asar Part 5_Track 1

      353 Travels of Asar Part 5_Track 1


354 Muata Ashby_Travels of Asar Part 6_Track 1

      354 Travels of Asar Part 6_Track 1

355 Muata Ashby_Travels of Asar Part 7_Track 1

      355 Travels of Asar Part 7_Track 1




INSTRUCTIONS- Find the specific video in the playlist. Then:

1. View the Video presentation assigned. Practice along with the worship sessions and meditations.

2-Summarize the teaching presented in each segment.

3-How did what you see affect your understanding of the teaching and practice of Shetat Neter spirituality and philosophy?

4-Reflect on how you felt during watching and feel now about the teaching and your practice?

51 share your reflections in the discussion area.
Intro to Asarian Resurrection for Temple of Aset Lectures -enhanced WMV



READING Assignment:

INSTRUCTIONS- Find the section listed. Then:

1. Read the Chapter section assigned and making notes.

2. Read the Gloss (if any) for the chapter or verses assigned. and making notes

3-Journal your reflections

4-closing the eyes reflect on how you feel and what you understand having read the section.

5- share your reflections in the discussion area.

TEXT: African Religion Vol 4- Asarian Theology

Read Section: FOREWORD

read Section: PREFACE






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