Integral Studies Program on the Clergy of Ancient Kamit Special Research Assignment-Doll Test

A few days ago a member of the Integral Studies Program Clergy of Ancient Kamit course sent an email requesting a review of a new web site and video [“God and Doll Test”]

Please view this video prior to the next meeting as it will be discussed. Then go to the page listed to

1-View the video first.
2-Then make summary notes about what you saw and some initial impressions about it.
3-Then go to the discussion forum where you will find some guiding questions you will use in preparation for the discussion at the next meeting.
4-Make a brief report using the guidance questions posted in the discussion forum:

The following are Guidance questions for use with the assignment of review of [“God and Doll Test”]

1) what is the history and context of such tests?
2) has this kind of test been applied in the way as was done here and if not what are the differences?
3) what cultural/ethnic groups has this kind of test been applied to in the past?
4) are there any cautions in conducting such a test and are there any established ethical standards and or protocols for preventing harm and promoting results that are statistically significant and useful for the positive evolution of a society?
5) Is it appropriate for a layperson to conduct such a test or should it be conducted by a person with training in the area of child psychology, the nuances of speech inflection, the child’s desire to please, memory and how personal issues, paradigms or cultural predispositions can unintentionally influence test responses and results?
6) Is the dismemberment of a doll, in front of a child, a proper and/or effective way to drive home a point and if so what do you think the effect was on the children used in this test?
7) Is there a possibility of such a test causing harm to the subjects or the society?
8) Would a test as performed be expected to produce longterm changes in the test subjects of the society?
9) If the tests suggest protocols to be adopted by the society (parents, teachers, government leaders, etc.) how would those changes be suggested and implemented and supervised?
10) Should there be followup with the children A) to track their reactions to the test and B) to track changes over time with the protocols for societal changes suggested by the experiment? If so, how should that followup be conducted and by whom?
11) Considering your researches and reflections, what do you think of the setup of the experiment from a scientific point of view?
12) CLERGY OF SHETAUT NETER STUDIES RELEVANCE: Considering your researches and reflections, what do you think the Hemu of Kemet would think of this experiment?
13) CLERGY OF SHETAUT NETER STUDIES RELEVANCE: Considering your researches on this issue and your current knowledge about Neterian Ethics, how would you approach the question of doing such a test?