The importance of reading past exchanges between Sebai MAA and other students is extremely important. Indeed this web site has been setup so as to allow current and new students to read the past communications and thereby enrich their experiences in the classroom.

So the past communications between Sebai MAA and students in this program will be preserved.

There is a special kind of exchange that occurs in a Q and A session as opposed to the lecture or didactic setting which comes from lectures. So they go hand in hand and the student should take time to read the archives as part of their spiritual practice.

There are main areas of teaching and learning There is the lecture which is listened to, then there is reflection time and assignments aid in stimulating reflection. Then the student reports on what was listened to and asks questions about it and then the teacher engages in a second form of teaching in the Q and A process. Then the student makes adjustments in the understanding and reflect again as well as apply what has been learned and there may be more questions and answers until the wisdom is firmly seated in the mind and the student no longer needs further confirmation and can proceed independently as regards that teaching.

So in this program the audio and video and reading assignments are the lecture or teaching aspects and the aspirant listens to that. Then the assignments are commented on by the teacher and any corrections to the knowledge are given. This feedback and Q and A aspect of the Kemet University Mystery School setup is to be seen as being as important as the lecture section.

Next is putting the teaching into action and that occurs in two ways:

A-There is formal practice of Shedy in terms of meditation, chant, worship and this is all righteous action.

B-when you go out into the world and deal with the situations and personalities of life and work on applying the teaching (righteous action) to that it provides examples and opportunities to practice and experience the teaching. Then you come back to class and work through those experiences, gradually becoming more adept and advanced in handling your personality and the world and ultimately being able to let both go and discover peace (HETEP) and enlightenment (NEHAST).