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      This Discussion forum has been setup by Sebai MAA for posting answers, questions and comments about Course Teachings of The Temple of Aset for Lesson 7 only.


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      AvatarBastu Baket

      TTOA Lesson 7 Reading Assignment

      Which Hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

      The last part of verse 50 and most of 51 captured my attention in this lesson “atef-a mut-a ren-a amun – set m khat-a” meaning “father mine, mother mine name mine hidden it in body mine” and contextually translated as “it was spoken by may father and my mother, my name and it was hidden in my constitution, my very being itself”. Ra is now saying his “true name (essence)” is hidden within his body. The hieroglyph of “amun” I found to be very powerful and the essential word in this verse. I understand this as that there is more, beyond Ra’s body (creation) that is hidden and must be discovered. Aset is showing us the way to that discovery, but it is up to us to activate the desire, intensity and endurance that she exampled for us to access the same goal.
      Shems Baket

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        Udja Shems Baket,

        Dua for your posting. I think you nailed it. So many people approach the teachings with intense desire, but the most key and difficult aspect is endurance. If one can endure the test of time with intense desire the more Aset-like one becomes.


        Shems Heryt

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        Lesson 7
        What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset on her path?

        Dua for your reflection Bastu Baket in this post # 7030. “ Father mine, mother mine hidden it in body mone” and contextually translated as “it was spoken by my father and mother, my name and it was hidden in my constitution, my very being itself” and your highlight of the glyph of Amun.

        I saw a continuation in the teachings in the Asarian Resurrection series from African Religion Vol 4: Asarian Theology vs 64-66 where Djehuty begins to teach Heru along with Aset the about the nature of creation. These teachings were preparing him for the eventual battle for the throne which would elevate him from prince likened to creation to king beyond creation. Those scriptures read:

        64 “Thus, O my son Heru, Djehuti brought the teachings of wisdom which were given to him by the God of All, and they are hidden in nature until the time when those who are ready to seek for their essential nature, those with true aspiration, seek with honesty and reverence.”

        66 “In the beginning, there was just matter which had been emitted by God, devoid of that special essence which is called life. The Great God looked upon the world, but He, no longer willing that the world above should be inert, but thinking good to fill it full of breaths (living spirits), so that its parts should not remain immobile and inert, He thus began on these with use of holy arts as proper for the bringing forth of His own special work.”

        67 “For taking breath from His own Breath and blending this with knowing Fire-consciousness, He mingled them with certain other substances which have no power to know; and having made the two together, with certain hidden words of power, He thus set all the mixture going thoroughly, until out of the compost smiled a substance, as it were, far subtler, purer far, and more translucent than the things from which it came; it was so clear that no one but The Artist could detect it.”

        You went on further to write, “Aset is showing us the way to that discovery but it is up to us to activate the desire, intensity, and endurance that she exampled for us to access the same goal.”

        Activation the desire would mean to me Heru is at this point born or in the TOA Lady Aset has reached a sufficient level of khak-ab. Accepting this is the case, what I need to reflect more on and work more diligently on my personality is the intensity and endurance and endurance with the intensity. Meaning endurance does not mean to stay with the shetaut neter group for a long time or to do shedy practice for years and years. Likewise, the intensity does not mean to do an extreme/mind-blowing( literally) practice ever so often. Rather for me, it means to intensify my practice and to maintain the intensity and increase it even over time despite the distractions and illusions that is the world.
        I sometimes forget to remember to intensify my practice in informal settings as well esp at work. Reflecting on what is hidden, Amun more intently is an area I need to work more in.


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      AvatarBastu Baket

      1. List the important points covered in this lecture.

      In the beginning of the webinar Sebai Maa gave us a review of what Aset had done so far with her listening, reflecting and meditation. Then we begin with Verses 35 and 36 with Ra trembling and teeth chattering from the poison of the Taffy Shepsy and becoming overpowered and overwhelmed by it just as the Nile overwhelms the land.

      In Verses 37 through 39 Ra steels himself and stops vibrating enough to be able to speak. Then he calls out to all the Gods and Goddesses who came forth through him, to come to him. He is unable to sustain creation. The poisoning is revealing his weakness.

      Verses 41-44 is where Ra tells the Gods and Goddesses that he was bitten but did not see it, it was not made by his hand and he had not experienced this pain before. So he does not know how this happened to him, what did it, or had never felt this way before. With these verses we see how the Taffy Shepsy (Aset’s own transformation) has been able to pierce the illusionary aspect of Ra and as Sebai Maa explained we too can develop this “mastery of the knowledge of our higher nature as above of the Neteru” and indeed I agree with his statement that this brings hope, empowerment and joy that we have this capacity.

      Verses 45-50 – bring important clues to what is being alluded to in this Nefer teaching in reference to the True Essence of Ra. He begins by stating he is a Prince. The question is raised if he is the Supreme Being how can he be a Prince? We are given to understand that he is “an emission created through Divinity” that Neter, Divinity which is androgynous, genderless brought Ra into being but is contained in the body of Ra. He explains he is a Great One, the Son of a Great One and that he has many names. So the true name of Ra contains the Essence of that Neter Divinity that was placed in Ra. It is One with Ra and all creation is part of Ra.

      Verses 51-53 – with these last verses for this lesson there were important keys especially for my understanding “Atef-a mut-a ren-a amun set em khat-a er” Sebai translated this as “father mine mother mine name mine hidden it in body mine” So the All-Encompassing Neter, this Father/Mother hid his true name in his body (all creation). This essence, true name of Ra is hidden and Aset found a way to reveal it for our benefit!

      2. Reflection

      My reflections for this lesson are, these few verses allow us to begin to see what Aset has done through her khak-ab, antet begag, an chen, creating the Taffy Shepsy thereby transforming her personality. Now she has pierced through the illusory aspect of Ra (creation). This is something we all need to do, as Sebai Maa said, “Look at Ra and all creation in a different light to overcome the illusions of life.” This is beneficial so when we experience the ups/downs, joys/failures, likes/dislikes, etc. in this physical realm we understand them to be illusory and changeable, not what is true and abiding but our true essence is hidden and may be revealed if we are willing to do what Aset had done.

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      Goddess Aset




      “the True Essence of Ra. He begins by stating he is a Prince. The question is raised if he is the Supreme Being how can he be a Prince? “


      Indeed, Ra is Creation itself so if Ra is a Prince; it means that Creation is also a Prince. The term prince/princess, means heir or a stand-in; an aspirant waiting to ascend to a throne and be king or queen. So the existence of human life in terms of egoistic relationship with life as a part of Creation is in reality an understudy position, a temporary substitute arrangement or status in which human life has become embroiled in the mayhem of illusory atoms, molecules and elements moving, changing, colliding in a seemingly vast and endless quest for personal happiness and satisfaction that can never come through such limited and illusory means such as human identity and time and space interactions.



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        Here is additional feedback given in the discussion session


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      List the important points covered in this lecture.

      In this video lecture, which corresponds to verses 35 -53, it is revealed verse by verse Ra’s true nature as He Himself confesses to the limits of his power. The opening verse reads:

      “Her chetchet atu-f neb astyty metut” (Ra’s face chatters, all of His limbs tremble due to the poison inflicted by the taffy shepsy). (Verse 35)

      Although it seems extreme, this is an important point in the myth because, as explained by Sebai Maa, “Ra must be poisoned so that He cannot sustain Creation.” What this means metaphorically is that it takes something powerfully penetrating to pierce through the illusion of Creation to reveal the subtler reality. That “something” is what, in the Myth of Ra and Aset, is referred to as taffy shepsy.

      As has been established, the taffy shepsy is no ordinary snake, but a combination of earth and spirit fashioned by Aset. “Aset turned on the serpent power in Her personality,” so quotes Sebai Maa, with khak ab (repudiating heart), antet begag (relentless pursuit) and an chen (persisting—not stopping). Therefore, this too is an important point in the lecture because it gives the basic formula one needs to “turn on” the serpent power that will poison Ra—the illusion of Creation—in order to get at the true source.

      Of course, one arrives at khak ab, antet begag and an chen through listening, reflection and meditation on the teachings, avoiding indulgence in worldly desires. This makes the important point, brought up in the lecture, that one must “go deeper” beyond oblivious human existence. Deep enough to “peer into the nature of Ra,” as stated in the lecture. This kind of penetration of Ra is “tjetet n-f” (overwhelming to Him). (Verse 36)

      To accomplish such penetration, one must have concentration that is one pointed and focused. An important point expressed by Sebai Maa was “if you concentrate on the nature of Ra, Ra will be pierced.” Basically the nature of Ra is revealed in verses 45 – 53 of the scriptures. In verse 45 Ra states He is “a prince, of noble birth, the son of a noble.” This reveals that Ra is not the Source of Creation but, rather, emanates from the Source.

      Continuing to verse 46 Ra says, “mu Kheperu m Neter,” translated to mean “outflow created through Divinity.” Particularly highlighted by Sebai Maa in verse 47 is “maut n atef ren,” meaning “The essence of my father is my name.” These are all key “confessions” by Ra into His true nature for the avid aspirant to pursue relentlessly. These important revelations are “gifted” to the sincere intiate who would use the wisdom contained in the scripture conscientiously, purposefully, and respectfully to achieve the most important point of this lecture, “hekau-a n hekay er-a,” translated in the words of Sebai Maa to mean “of my secret words (of power) that control all Creation and become a personality who can use those words effectively and thereby also be able to use them even over me too.” (Verse 53, my parenthesis)

      This, of course, is no simple achievement nor is it for the faint of heart but, rather, the pure of heart. However, it is the only worthwhile endeavor in life that one can hope to achieve with the understanding that we are all “mu Kheperu m Neter.”

      Shems Heryt

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      I wanted to comment on several of your statements all together:
      “the basic formula one needs to “turn on” the serpent power”
      “Of course, one arrives at khak ab, antet begag and an chen through listening, reflection and meditation on the teachings, avoiding indulgence in worldly desires.”
      “This reveals that Ra is not the Source of Creation but, rather, emanates from the Source.”

      Indeed even with all these revelations by Ra, still it took lots of Khak-ab, antet begag and an chen to get his admission. But even with that, the revelations are not effective without a special component implied in khak-ab which is contained in the initiatic instructions of the temple of Aset: seeking refuge and surrender to her grace as well as giving up all desires and thought processes except for the pursuit of the Supreme Being.
      So this khak-ab includes surrender or giving up the ego and latching on to the goddess and her teaching which means humbling and effacing the ego, repudiating it in favor of pursuit of the nature of the Supreme above all else while accepting the safe harbor of the goddess until the attainment is reached.
      In its highest form it would mean relinquishing ego and adopting the persona of the goddess as one’s own until the Supreme Name has been discovered. Of course this is a large task, requiring above average (above normal) aspirational capacity, of redirecting identification with the lower self and accepting a higher image and character of personality as part of the emulative capacity of spiritual practice according to the level of maturity, intensity and purity of the aspirant.
      A final point is that without this surrendering to the goddess and relinquishment of the lower self, all the revelations will have only limited effect; therefore, the spiritual capacity, which amounts to maturity as an aspirant, is critical to success on the spiritual path.


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        Dua Sebai, as always for your comments and insightful wisdom.

        NUK PU ASET!


        Shems Heryt

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        AvatarBastu Akhu

        Udja All,
        Shems Hyert statement “this is no simple acheivement nor is it for the faint of heart” reminded me of the strong khak ab of Lady Aset that Sebai talked about in the video lesson. Aset sets her mind on knowing the true name of Ra and with determined will and focus she acheived her goal. And as Shems Baket said in her nefer posting “Aset is showing us the way to that discovery but it is up to us to activate the desire, intensity and endurance that she examplified for us to access the same goal.” and as Sebai Maa added so profoundly that khak ab in its highest form means “…relinguishing the ego and adopting the persona of the Goddess as one’s own until the Supreme Name has been discovered.”
        Again this task requires above average aspirational capacity and surrendering to the goddess is a must to be successful in our quest. Dua Sebai Maa, Shems Baket and Shems Hyert for such profound gems at this junction in the course. Emulating Lady Aset is what it means to truly follow the path she has laid out for us. Truly grateful. Dua Goddesss Aset!


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      What teachings did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or other wise to emulate human Lady Aset on her path?

      The example of Aset, as presented in the myth of Ra and Aset, is a powerful image of what we as human beings are capable of achieving at our highest potential. In lesson 7 Ra begins to reveal Himself as He (Creation) begins to break down under pressure from the poison of the taffy shepsy fashioned by Aset.

      Aset has decided that She has had enough of the mundane existence of the world of time and space, thus aims for something higher and abiding. Following the Aset wisdom within us, we too can liberate ourselves from worldly illusions by “poisoning “ Ra with our own taffy shepsy. If this were impossible there would be no example put before us of the woman Aset, once the Goddess Aset, who reclaimed Her birthright as Goddess. As Sebai illumined in this lesson, human beings are heir to the throne of Enlightenment because it is our birthright as emanations of the Divine.

      When we begin to consume and digest this profoundly powerful truth by listening, reflecting, and meditating on the wisdom teachings, we awaken Aset within, making it possible to “turn on” the taffy shepsy in our own personality. The knowledge of the true essence of Ra (Enlightenment) is within our reach and there for the taking. Such awareness can be a source of hope and encouragement for the aspirant.

      Shems Heryt

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        Here is video feedback on your post


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      1. Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

      In verse 36 the term “tjetet” leaped out as it is used twice and is translated to mean “overwhelming.” It first appears in the phrase “tjetet n-f,” meaning “overwhelming to him” (in reference to Ra) and secondly in the phrase “mi tjetet Hapi,” which is translated word for word as “like overwhelming God Hapi waters land.”

      It implies that Ra is “overwhelmed” by the “poison” of the serpent sting from the tafy shepsy, and this is likened to the inundation of river Hapi that seasonally overflows it’s banks and covers the land. This instantly brings forth an image that conveys the force and power of the tafy shepsy—a power even greater than the image of Ra Himself, overwhelming Him and rendering Him to a weakened state.

      This overwhelming “tjetet” power is what lies dormant in each of us and must be cultivated with the same one-pointedness that Aset has demonstrated in the scriptures. It occurs to me that the inundation of the river Hapi is a metaphor for Creation going back to the source—Nun. The word “inundate” even contains the word “nun” within it, therefore Ra overwhelmed by “God Hapi waters land” could be compared to Creation going back to it’s source.


      Shems Heryt

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        Here is video feedback on your post


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      AvatarBastu Akhu

      Lesson 7
      Video Lesson

      List the important points covered in this lecture

      Sebai began this lesson with a wonderful review of our previous lessons (Vs. 1-34) and reiterated the importance of what Lady Aset was on her way to accomplish by listening, reflecting, and meditating on the philosophy. Once Lady Aset chose the path she wanted to follow, the path of knowing the true name of Ra, his essence, she began living her life to attain this outcome. Lady Aset started by studying the idea of Ra, then she moved into seeking to know the nature of Ra, making this the only focus of her attention, of her thoughts. In order to gain knowledge of his true name, she seeked to become one with Ra. As Sebai says “…knowing the name is what allows one to know it’s essence. And knowing the essence of something is becoming one with it.” Lady Aset, set out to accomplish this and through the process turned on the serpent power (Taffy Shepsy) in her personality by purifying her unconscious mind through khak ab, then she was relentless (antet begag) and did not stop moving in the direction of uaa (anchen). Sebai further stated that Lady Aset’s strong khak ab gave her the capacity for repudiation, her capacity to renounce the world and to relinquish worldly ideas which gave way for the capacity to follow the path of wisdom. This I found to be a very important reminder in applying the philosophy of The Temple of Aset personally.

      Vs. 35 – 53

      Ra began trembling from the bite of the taffy shepsy Lady Aset created and it’s poison was overwhelming him liken to the Nile river flooding the land. I gather this to mean from the lecture that Lady Aset is poisoning her own ‘mind’, by flooding it with wisdom and truth. Ra then got a moment of strength and stopped vibrating long enough (calm his heart) so he could speak. Though still weak from the poison, he called the gods and goddesses which he had brought into existence from himself to sustain himself. It’s interesting to note that at this time, what is happening is; creation itself is losing its power to sustain itself, to sustain the neteru so they had to be ‘recalled’. As Sebai stated “…god has extended itself and that extension of itself is what we call creation and that extension from the Kemetic perspective is called neteru, gods and goddesses”. Furthermore, this exemplifies the goal and purpose of the taffy shepsy which is to poison Ra (creation) so he cannot sustain creation with full force, this is done by concentrating one’s energies in a one pointed flow to ‘see’ the illusoriness of Ra, to go to the subtle aspect of Ra and discover his true nature.

      In Vs. 40 – 44, Ra continues to explain to the gods and goddesses that he does not know what had bitten him and how it bit him. I gathered here that the process of the taffy shepsy is outside of creation, in a sense foreign to it, as if not a part of its ‘code’ or make up since not even the gods and goddesses are aware of it and therefore Ra have no power against this process. So as Sebai said, if one develop their self to gain knowledge of their higher nature they will realize that their higher self is above the gods and goddesses, we are indeed masters of the neteru, over nature itself. Therefore, as Sebai continued in this profound statement “…human beings are… heir to the throne of enlightenment and it is not something that you are begging for, it is something that is your right… because you yourself are emanations of that same divine self.” This remind me of this very same nefer statement in the Temple of Asar in Abydos, Egypt, that state that we are all Herus, heir to the Throne of Asar- Enlightenment.

      In vs. 45 the scripture continues with Ra questioning how could this happen to him? and revealing to us that he is a prince, who is the son of a prince which eludes to the fact that he is not the “Supreme Being” but an emanation from something greater, which is “Neter an ren”, divinity without name or form. The scripture continues in vs. 46 – 48 where Ra reveals to us that he is a great one because he is the son of a great one. This non-descript neter brought him into being and the essence of this neter is hidden in his body. It is through the power of this true source that Ra could bring creation into being, in many names and myriad of forms. Sebai added that indeed, all material creation, gross and subtle is composed of parts of Ra’s body which in essence is the nun, undifferentiated consciousness. However, his higher essential nature, Spirit(Akh) are not created ‘things’ they are not material, they are immaterial, one with Ra. In vs. 49 – 53, Ra in the form of Ra Herakhti declares to Temu and Heru Hekenu that his reflections in the gods and goddess was given to him by his father. Also, he states that his father-mother(androgynous) , the one who gave birth to him, hid the name in his body, in his personality, for the purpose of not allowing someone unworthy to gain power or dominion over him, since knowing means you become one with it. He reveals that his essential nature holds the secret words (hekaus) that control all creation and if one becomes one with the nature, the true name one would have access to these hekaus and can use them to make the power they contain work and apply to time and space and therefore over him too.

      In summary, this lesson clearly gave us insight into the idea of the illusoriness of Ra. Even though he is the effective conduit of creation, the absolute is the ultimate cause. This cause’ is hidden in the body of the ‘illusion’ as the essence of creation itself, in the form of the ‘true name’ of Ra. So, in order for this illusion to fall down, it requires one pointed focus of an aspirant’s energies towards the nature of the true name of Ra, the process of building the taffy shepsy, which is the purpose and goal of the philosophy and disciplines of listening, reflecting, meditating, khak ab, antet begag and an chen .


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        here is audio feedback. I think there are some very important points for all to review.


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      AvatarBastu Akhu

      Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

      I was drawn to a few terms in this lesson, namely “ren a amum” and “atef – a mut a” but “mes – a n mery” which means “birthing-me of desire”, caused me to pause and ponder, so it’s my chosen hieroglyphic term for this lesson.

      I was thinking about the glyph in the context of my own desires of my own heart (love and hate) which I gather is what gave birth to my own illusory existence and wondered how this relates or differ from the ‘absolute’ birthing or projecting ‘Ra’ which includes my illusory self? I am gathering that because I am essentially one with the absolute, there is no such thing as ‘separate’ hearts, there is only ‘one heart’, one true essence, which gets lost through my identification with the ego personality, which is part of the illusion, so in essence getting caught up or lost in the illusion. I also reflected on the organ of the heart and what it means metaphysically in the context of being a part of Ra’s body. Sebai, could you please augment my attempted understanding of this term? Dua.


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        Temple of Aset verses 50-52


        In verse 50-52 the scripture is talking about a divine hiding process whereby the essence of the Divine “Neter” has been embedded in Creation (i.e. the body of Ra) and hidden in such a way that it is not easily discernible by those who would gain access for nefarious reasons (such as the ignorant or malicious personalities-those that are not ethically conscious). This is explained as a “desire” or divine will of Neter. It is so hidden it cannot be spoken or written or perceived either with physical or mental capacities, senses, concepts etc. which are all time and space based capacities. Only it can know itself therefore to know it necessitates being one with it. This is also given by the scripture so that the aspirant reading may understand the nature (cosmogony) of Creation and thereby begin to fathom intellectually in the beginning, how nature can be illusory and why that illusoriness is not readily discernible and then how to reveal that essence.

        The desire to come into being as a human or god or goddess in time and space stems from Kheman or ignorance about the higher nature, based on negative aryu (aryu focused on time and space and individuality and opaque mind with its attending desires founded in the belief that the world of time and space is real and not illusory. The practice of the disciplines of this chapter eradicate that ignorance and lead to the knowing of Ra’s parentage –which is the supreme goal.


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      AvatarBastu Akhu

      Question for Reflection

      What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically or otherwise to emulate human lady Aset on her path?

      In this lesson, I was drawn to Lady Aset’s having as Sebai states “strong khak ab”. I am beginning, to ‘get it’, to experience why this is necessary in building the spiritual strength required to form my personality into the taffy shepsy, I am now more able to watch certain agitating thoughts go by like clouds by applying the wisdom philosophy and I am surprised at times that they just leave on their own! then I realized its only my ‘ego’ that enjoy holding on to them because my ‘spirit’ sure don’t. Being less distracted by them and in control of myself is more effective because I have also chosen the path of “the true name of Ra” and wish to live my life accordingly, and as a bonus, less distraction leaves me with an abundance of energy. I however understand that until I reach the goal, which is knowing of the true name of Ra, in essence, knowledge of Self, these are mere stepping stones and not victories so I’m careful not to delude myself. So, until I reach this auspicious goal, I wish to emulate Lady Aset by being vigilant and not letting the illusoriness of ‘nature’ distract me or suck me back in but to remain steadfast, to continue to increase my capacity for repudiation, to renounce the world and to relinquish worldly ideas through lady Aset’s example of strong khak ab, antet begag and anchen.



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        This brief reflection reads as a pledge by an aspirant that is accepting her/his path of adopting the life of Lady Aset, taking responsibility for lifetimes of delusion and resolving to seek out the Divine Name of Ra in true form with the example of Lady Aset.

        And indeed, no greater affirmation could be expected from one who desires to be regarded by the teacher and by one’s higher self, as an initiate of the temple of Aset, than such heartfelt aspiration.

        Therefor take heart in knowing that as you say you are starting to “get it’, that getting it is Aset itself dawning in the mind and nowhere is there more discovery of Aset than in the enlightened mind, more than even in the temple, unless there is awakening in the mind in which case the reflection of the temple inscriptions and architecture mirror the wisdom in the heart.



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          AvatarBastu Akhu


          Much Dua Sebai Maa for the insight of seeing my reflections as a pledge/ affirmation. I came to the forum to add the following to my post and seen that you had commented on it. I am amazed at the timing of the goddess at times as I just now came accross the following reading that we covered earlier in our lessons and it gave me much spiritual strenght as it did when I first heard it…It sums up my feelings and aspirations as well…
          “The end and aim of all these toils and labors is the attainment and the knowledge of the First and Chief Being,  who alone is the object of the understanding of the mind; and this knowledge the goddess invites us to seek after, as being near and dwelling continually with her. And this also is what the very name of her temple promiseth to us, that is to say, the knowledge and understanding of the eternal and self-existent Being…”


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            “The end and aim of all these toils and labors is the attainment and the knowledge of the First and Chief Being, who alone is the object of the understanding of the mind; and this knowledge the goddess invites us to seek after, as being near and dwelling continually with her. And this also is what the very name of her temple promiseth to us, that is to say, the knowledge and understanding of the eternal and self-existent Being…”

            Very interesting that this particular verse was going to be part of my extended comments this week related to the question of “DEVOTION”. In the teaching of the temple of Aset sometimes people ask where is devotion? Seems like it is all wisdom and dispassion and meditation?

            There are two main aspects of devotion presented in the Temple of Aset teaching:
            1- “dwelling continually with her.” –DEVOTION TO ASET as an aspirant to the human become teacher and goddess
            2- DEVOTION TO THAT “Chief Being” that the Goddess is devoted to.
            Most people think of devotion as an expression of love but in a sentimental manifestation where people profess love and singing love songs or pledge loving caring, etc.
            When one is devoted to something that means:
            along with affection and fondness towards the object, devotion also means:
            religious observance and piety towards the object,
            as well as also meaning:
            interest and dedication towards the object,
            and with fullness of religious feeling, consecration, sanctification, blessing, hallowing.

            But these are dedicated (attachment ) towards Neter, the first and Chief {Supreme} Being; towards Ra dedication means dispassion and detachment and even disdain for what he represents as not being the higher reality of existence.
            So devotion should be understood in this context and this as being complementary to the wisdom and meditation practice of the Temple of Aset meditation system.
            Some of these issues are covered in the 2007 Neterian Conference follow-up series “Temple of aset lecture highlights featuring story of Ra and Aset Disciplines of Plutarch 12-2007”
            This series should be considered as part of the Temple of Aset curriculum and we may perhaps consider adding this as a follow-up teaching here.


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              Here is Video Feedback from the Discussion Session on this post:


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      TOA LESSON 7

      List the important points covered in this lesson

      For this segment of the scripture I reflected back on verse 12:
      Netert Ka Set in ab-set er cher/rech
      In verse 12 the cosmic force within Lady Aset cause her to begin to think deeply about its existence, concentration.
      This concentration became deeper and deeper now going into the depths of the unconscious mind, one’s own heart. In verse 12 Meditation begins. The answer to “Who am I?” is knowable. The fluctuations that are the waves called creation are able to be stopped permanently. We were taught that if you remove any leg of a table the whole table will collapse. Breaking the cycle before completion when complacency is at its peak and the bulk of its work appears done and it is unsuspecting of anything out of the ordinary arising in those final hours is brilliant and a wise move by the Lady of Wisdom. All her concentration was centered on penetrating the mystery of creation and sought to find its source. Aset demonstrated where shedy leads one. Devotion, meditation, right action and studying the wisdom teachings all lead to concentrated energy of the human personality (body, mind and sekhem) from a place of wavering feelings and desires pulled by attractions and repulsions for external things to relentless pursuit of truth, a sharp intellect and an nemu nemu, stillness, within the mind, a strong will power, an chen, without stopping and action that are one pointed without attachment to ego concerns.

      In the creation story we learned that creation has a particular path that it follows. Everything in time and space emerged from the ocean of undifferentiated consciousness/unformed matter as light, sound then vibrations. The subtlest elements merge to form larger more complex grosser elements These grosser elements coagulate to form cosmic forces and eventually aspects of the human personality. This process of creation is learned in the temple teachings and can be explored further through chemistry, engineer, medicine, etc, all examining different movements of Creation. The core of all these sciences however all break down and point back to the same questions about the nature of existence, “What is it, what is its essence?” We learned in verse 20 that wisdom and its words of power is the fire of the mind.
      The creation story illustrated how everything in creation comes into being down to the human personality. Here I saw a line between the higher mysteries which all focused on the subtler aspects of creation and its origin from the lower mysteries which are focused on how these subtler forces manifest in time and space into tangible things that can be further manipulated to form more “things”. All created things are illusions that are sustained by subtle energy that is sustained by a demigod creator who emerged from the primordial ocean who has another aspect that Aset WILL uncover.
      It is understandable that a human/lady Aset would, in learning about detachment and dispassion, seek to find the truth of creation “out there” and some point. However, through deeper study of the teachings and deeper concentration and meditation, it is understood that by the point Aset knows there is no “out there” and that the source of and essence of creation is to be known in the stillness, right here.
      Aset fashioned herself into the taffy shepsy and turned it on by purifying her unconscious mind not by a specific breathing and meditation. By purifying her thoughts, emotions, actions and will she was able to go deeper and deeper into meditative states to witness the emergence of her own creations from the unconscious mind. She collected the subtle drippings from these emergence as they move through her mind into manifestations, purifying them, not giving opportunity for them to manifest as they once did.
      The ability to witness thoughts as they emerge from the unconscious mind amazed me. The conscious mind is likened to the tip of an iceberg that is above the water while the subconscious mind is likened to the part of the iceberg below the water which is unseen and make up most of the ice. The unconscious mind makes the ice. To go to such depths requires a stillness and focus in all aspects of shedy. Once her/the taffy shepsy is completed and still long enough, it bit creation before it completed any further manifestations.

      In verse 35-53 we now are told what happens to creation.

      Vs 35- 37 Creation begins to chatter and tremble. Its entire existence becomes overwhelmed by the one pointedness of the fire in the mind and concentrated life force energy. Before chattering completely creation paused long enough, like a narrator in a play, to question/declare what is taking place and what it (creation) really is.

      Vs 38-40 All that creator has created in creation as itself is now chattering and “going away”. Creation calls on it’s illusion but the illusions can not remain intact because the one pointed focus is locked in and overwhelming it.

      Vs 41-44 It was interesting to hear that this creator aspect of Neter neterty does not know what the taffy shepsy is or how it was created. There is something that is created that the creator did not create. Is it that the taffy shepsy is not created through a creation process but through a dissolution process. This further confirmed for me that creation can only create more illusions no matter how scientifically advanced. Only dissolving creation can reveal what is really real, the other aspect of Neter Neterty.

      I reflected on whether there is more than one Ra since all humans are manifesting their own illusions called creation. It seem possible that everyone has their own Ra who is the center of their own illusory existence. That would mean to me that ALL is still equal to ONE.
      Does creation not know its own true essence? Does the cosmic forces of creation not know its own essence? The magnificence of Intuition, one of the characteristics that distinguish the human personality from all other created beings, is evident here.

      Vs- 45-48 Creation reveals it is only an emission of Neter, the son of a king, a prince, not the supreme being. However in verse 47 we learn that being a son of the supreme being, the essence of Neter IS its name and by knowing the name of the creator one would know the essence from which it emerged. Everything that is fashioned in creation are continuations of its own body composed of this subtle essence. There is an aspect of the creator that manifests as created things, the a reflection/shadow of the original, and an aspect that does not manifest as created things, the soul and glorious light.

      VS 50-53 Hidden within creation and as creation is the divine name spoken by its mother and father that is its very being. Hekenu sings and knows this truth. This name that holds creation together allows creation to have completion/existence like a thread that hold a fabric together and allows it to be fabric and to become garments and have use according to one’s desires.
      The name allows Ra’s journey to be completed each “day” in our illusion. The nameless name completes Ra beyond time and space. If one discovers this name/word of power the completion of creation would be in jeopardy/over/seen for what it is. The taffy shepsy poisoned creation to reveal what it is not. What it truly IS now needs to be EXPERIENCED fully beyond the senses and mind.

      Everypoint in creation is Ra and contain its hidden essence. Any one point can be focused on to reveal the hidden divine name. Lady Aset didn’t use one particular meditation of breathing technique to chatter creation she cleansed her personality, developed one pointed focus and stillness.

      Any one point can be focused on if one can focus long enough, often enough with their divine essence.


      • #18592

        Here is additional feedback and an important talk for all students.
        Video title:

          “TTOASET MONTHLY DISCUSSION MEETING FOR APRIL 2019 Mythic versus Mystic speech and living”

        Going forward you will see see and hear about advanced topics and concepts. When you go to more advanced lessons you will hear this lecture again and at that time with an advanced capacity. This is how the program is designed. Therefore, continue with your studies.


    • #17604

      TOA Lesson 7

      WHich hieroglyphic term(s) covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

      The term(s) that captivated me most are variations of Khepera. It was used in the following verses:

      vs 39- khepertu (creations)- ….the expressions Ra created that begins to leave him, he can not keep his creations intact.
      Vs 41 Khepera- Set ( some creature/ created thing)
      Vs 46 Kheperu- created as in an outflow created through Divinity. Ra is an emission of Neter created through Divinity.
      Vs 49- Khepera-a- (my reflections that manifest as gods and goddesses)
      Vs 52- Kheperu- Kheperu- (created power)- completion/completing the acquisition of power needed to get RA to divulge his name.

      Following the use of the term gave the indication that everything within our existence is our creation like the contents of our dreams. VS 49 calls creations Ra’s reflections. They are emanations from ourselves. It takes a great deal of physical, mental and sekhem energy to create and maintain our creations. But, they work on our behalf, to offer the experiences we desire. When these creations begin to dissolve through the cycles of life and death, they have an impact on our existence depending on our level of attachment and our understanding of their existence. It can sometimes feel as if we are losing apart of ourselves, and we are. But, it is apart of our material/matter self not our higher, true self. When we identify with our true self and saa, understand, the nature of our creations and how they emanate from us, the letting go and uha process is able to be done with greater ease.

      The term is captivating to me because it lessens the hold of created things that seem to have individuality and associated with emotional experiences and memory. It also helps to remind that not only is it all illusiory but all are one/ form one source,my own essence and therefore never lost nor missing.


      • #18657


        Good reflections.

        The idea of a creation in modern culture and non-mystic
        understanding is of creation as being something real, something that has been
        brought into existence as a real object. In Neterian Mysteries of the TTOAset
        the creations are to be understood as projections, somewhat like a movie light
        that projects an image on to a screen and it so happens that the screen is an
        aspect of the same consciousness that created the images in the first place.
        Also, furthermore, the same screen is also the conscious awareness with which
        individual souls become aware of the objects. So the conscious awareness is the
        screen upon which the idea of images, the creations, the Kheperu are projected.
        Therefore, Creation is not an abiding reality but rather a witnessing of projections
        by conscious awareness itself.

        As you said: “It can sometimes feel as if we are losing apart of ourselves, and we are.”
        For those who are identified with the illusory creation, as those creations go
        away those who are identified with the illusion will feel as if losing
        themselves and that can be fearful and even painful for them.

        For those who become aware of the illusoriness and shift
        their identification from delusion, the creations, to the consciousness that is
        aware of it, then for them there is no loss as there has been an awakening from
        the delusion that people experience but the delusion is not rightfully
        recognized as what it ever always was, expressions of one’s own consciousness.
        And at that, expressions of this time and place among virtually infinite
        possibilities that have ever come in the past and would in the future. Yet, the
        virtually infinite possibilities are nothing competed to the actually eternal
        consciousness that is the Ra who is you.


        Very well


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      AvatarBastu Yashi

      List the important points covered in the lecture.

      Aset fashioned herself into the shape of a serpent. She turned on the serpent power in her personality, by purifying her unconscious mind, through Khak ab. She then engaged in a singular type of Antet begag – relentless movement in one direction towards the Ua. Sebai Maa notes that this is the mystic meaning of the taffy shepsy.

      The taffy shepsy has 3.5 turns, representing a spiral disillusion movement, which dissolves the personality. When Aset’s taffy shepsy struck Ra, his personality began trembling in all body parts due to the poison, his heart was racing.

      Ra called out to the Neteru, whom he had created – he brought them into himself. Sebai notes that creation is the divine extending itself, these are medtu (neteru). Ra is unable to sustain creation at this point, so he recalls creation back into himself. The taffy shepsy discipline goal is to poison Ra so that creation (illusion) may no longer be sustained. This demonstrates the power of the taffy shepsy of Aset to poison the image of Ra.

      Ra was perplexed, having no idea of how this happened, or even what happened. Aset’s one pointed wisdom and vision of Khak ab, with Antet begag and An chen led to the unveiling of the illusory nature of creation.

      Sebai relates that this independent process of the human having power over the neteru (cosmic forces) is great and even the high god can do nothing to stop it with the Khak ab and An chen (in addition sedjem/listening/reflecting/meditating on the teachings). This is the development of the self to the higher knowledge/nature, to the point at which one may command them. Sebai reiterated that in Kemetic philosophy and spirituality, one is not a slave/possessed/disempowered one may master their reality, and nature itself.

      Ra continues to lament, stating he is a prince who is son of a prince, an emission created through the Divine, he states this has never happened before. Also, Ra states he is great due to being the son of a great one – the essence of his Father’s name. Sebai relates that if one is able to know the true name of Ra, one is able to ascertain the essential nature of that which has brought Ra into existence. The true name of Ra contains the essence of the divinity which has been placed into Ra – its glorious, transcendental, Neter An ren, which is nondescript, without form, so Ra cannot say/utter it.

      This means there is something higher than the illusion of Ra, who has emitted the neteru (creation). The neter glyph is noted to be used in an expression of genderless divinity – androgynous. Sebai notes that the poison is that which deludes the mind of the aspirant.

      One who engages in Khak ab, Antet begag and then An chen (next step of Antet begag) – relentlessly – is bound to succeed in clarifying all the obstacles blocking one’s spiritual awareness. This process simultaneously activates one’s serpent power.

      Ra notes that he has countless names and forms, these are Neteru, creation. He declares this to Temu, Heru Hekenu, the ender of things and truth singer/caller of divine glories, which Ra states was declared by his father – alluding to the fact that Ra is ruled by a greater force.

      Sebai Maa notes that Tem has several definitions including to be complete/whole/built. Tem also alludes to that which is not allowed/permitted, such as the acquisition of the name of Ra (and thereby ultimate dominion over Ra). Sebai notes that this is the reason that Ra’s name has been hidden – to know it is to become one with it – to embody the power of it . The unworthy are not allowed to access to this.

      In Verse 50, Ra mentions, “words spoken by his father,” alluding to Ra’s personality being hidden in his khat. Again, its noted that this is not to be divulged lest someone gain power. This reinforces the relevance of Aset seeking the true name of Ra – it is legitimized that this brings down the illusoriness of creation.

      In Verse 53, Ra notes that knowing his name and also controlling divine hekau may facilitate the personality to control even him. Sebai notes that the crux of the teaching is notably hekai – special hekau employed effectively – facilitating powers in time and space. This is the wisdom Aset seeks and simultaneously demonstrates that Ra is a demigod, or a, “front man.” Sebai distinguishes that laypersons may see Ra as a supreme being, but initiates see Ra as projected from the ultimate essence. This is beyond form/time/space/creation, all is created by and composed of Ra {‘s essence}.

      Aset’s work in building her taffy shepsy discipline facilitated this. Sebai Maa reiterates that this process entails much initiatic reflection, resonation and agreement. Additionally, intensive Khak ab of the unconscious personality/reality. This will ultimately allow the initiate to see creation (Ra) in a different light, to enable one to collect and harness life force, to overcome illusory identification and delusions of creation. Dua, htp,

      Shems Yashi

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      AvatarBastu Yashi

      Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

      Neter is a hieroglyphic symbol of a flag, meaning god/goddess -but most importantly, genderless divinity. This means androgynous, without form, nondescript. Ra mentions that he comes from this in the scripture. This is an integral, prolific aspect of this lesson and teaching – it solidifies that there is something higher than Ra, which he has descended from – that which is nondescript. This is pertinent to reflect, and meditate upon to start to fathom, and eventually own that all comes from Nun – that which is without form, and which all will return thereto.

      As an initiate, I am integrating Maati practices to assist in the process of poisoning the illusion of Ra (creation), to Asetian dissolution of time and space identification. The Neter heiroglyphic is a subtle reminder of the illusory nature of creation and the related Khak ab required to overcome this. Dua, htp,

      Shems Yashi

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      AvatarBastu Yashi


      As self brings self into existence based on ariu, self seeks fulfillment via related desires/thoughts/feelings. Self allows self to become enamored with human existence (fleeting). This facilitates further susceptibility to sense perceptions and desires. Sebai relates that the main purpose of the human body is to perceive with mind/senses. Impressions become mainstay due to being enmeshed (preferences for comfort versus discomfort). This back and forth, rat on a wheel mentality leads to fluctuations in vibration – waves in Nunu. Consciousness then becomes differentiated, opaque, blocking vision/ awareness one’s higher nature.

      I would like to continue to develop the ability to discern sense perceptions from truth (divine awareness and identification), and also cultivate dispassion accordingly. This will assist me in cultivating positive ariu to decrease time and space enmeshment to identify, cultivate and develop higher awareness. Dua, htp,

      Shems Yashi

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      AvatarBastu Yashi

      Peer response:

      Udja, and dua Bastu Akhu for your Lesson 7 reflections in postings #7619 and 7644. I also have been attracted and inspired by the Asetian wisdom transmitted via the myth and also began to develop greater awareness of the integral nature of Khak ab. I enjoyed your allusion to clouds, and watching them float, rather than being reactive. I similarly integrate the concept of being the Nun, rather than getting caught up in the, “waves,” reorienting self to truth in the moment. I also have noticed less distraction/agitation with a related increase in energy to engage in spiritual practice in this area. Also, your statement in regard to the importance of Antet begag and An chen, to remain oriented and focused on removing the illusion of Ra is also highly relevant.

      Your quote in post # 7644 was also inspiring. I have noticed a developing feeling of, “seeking after, remaining near and dwelling with the goddess.” This developing, integral practice has become increasingly comforting in times of adversity. I recently visited the TTOA and noticed increased intensity of reflection in this regard. I noticed that instead of increased sensory stimulation while visiting, I felt comforted and oneness. I felt a blanket of energetic calm, assisting me to further integrate that I am indeed the TTOA. Dua, again for your reflection, htp,

      Shems Yashi

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      AvatarBastu Baket

      Reply to Sebai Maa’s Video Post #19026 Lesson 7

      Udja Sebai Maa,

      Dua for posting the video of the this personality’s exaltation of PMH Ch. 7/151 Section 3 otherwise known as the Speech of Goddess Aset that is included in our Thursday Evening Temple of Aset Devotional by the Bastu Aset. It was a spur of the moment occurrence as Adam was able to get us clearance to do it at the Temple of Aset at the Giza Plateau.

      As I listened to this video feedback I resonated with and wanted to share some pics of some of the points you brought out. I will attach them to this post. I appreciated the other legendary version you shared during a reply to Sunnu Nefer Ka Ra’s post about Aset’s emotionality of her compassion to Set and Heru’s reaction. In this other version you mentioned Heru did not cut off Aset’s head but did remove her crown. You showed a line art drawing of her in her cow head form watering wheat. I will attach an actual photo of this from the Temple of Aset in Philae.

      Sebai Maa also mentioned how the crowns were used by Priests/Priestesses in the rituals and I also have a pic of that from the Temple of Hetheru in Dendera that I will include. It is from the wall of the steps leading up.

      I feel that seeing the actual pics of these brings another dimension to the teachings, just as Sebai Maa has shared in many of his postings.

      I agree with him and Bastu Heryt about the importance of the reviewing the feedback which reveals deeper nuances to the lessons. So many times we may feel, “I’ve got that.” Only to reveal another layer that was unseen and brought more clarity.

      Dua again Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and all initiates of the Temple of Aset Course, Dua Aset!
      Bastu Baket

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      AvatarArit Neter S

      Important Points covered in this lecture
      1. Important Points on Piercing the Illusion:

The Purpose of the Human Body is to be able to pierce the Illusion 
with the Mind and Senses. However, we allow ourselves to become enamored 
with the details of human existence.

      Agreeing, likes cause pleasure; conflict, dislikes cause pain. 
Running away from things that cause discomfort, and towards things that bring comfort, hiding the illusion of the pain involved in its creation. Like moths to a flame, 
running towards imminent destruction. Going back and forth, between likes and dislikes, causes fluctuation, agitation, or vibration in the mind. Which cause waves in the primeval ocean of undifferentiated consciousness. We allow this to take form, and become differentiated. The forms become opaque and block the vision between conscious reality and higher nature. 

      With a one pointed mind directed towards the goal, peer into the Nature of Ra. Which is not just the Sun as it travels across the Sky. But the Essence Behind Creation, Of Creation. Ra created all things out of himself. If you are able to concentrate on the Nature of anything with this understanding, with one pointedness of mind, then Ra/Illusion will be pierced and the world of time and space will cease to matter or to exist. The illusion and every aspect of creation will be revealed. This is the goal and the discipline. In this Temple of Aset class, we study everything that is to be known in order to make that effective.

      Vs 38-40: The trouble Ra is going through, he cannot keep his own expression, the expression that he has made. He must call them back to himself. The taffy Shepsy has poisoned the Illusion, cannot be maintained. See the Essence of Duality, the Piercing of the Veil. Reveals the weakness of Ra. Like drawing back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. And, it was a the discernment of Toto (Anpu) that revealed the illusion.


Vs 41: “Some Creature Cut me or bit me, has made me painfully sick” Ra has some knowledge, but cannot actually say what has happened. He doesn’t even know who or what bit him. And he is supposedly the Creator!

      Vs 42-43: He has no idea, it was not a creature that he made himself. He does not know how it happened. He did not see it with his own eyes. We are being told that Taffy Shepsy: is one pointed vision, is a one pointed thought process that goes from the general to the specific, one direction only; concentrating and focusing. This process is unknown to the illusion. Ra is the expression of the illusion. Ra has no power against it. It is not made by his hand, nor made from or with him.

      Those aspirants who engage in this practice become independent. This practice gives human beings power over the illusion. Have the power to be successful and not even God can stop you from success. You have the power over the gods and goddesses. Higher nature is above gods and goddesses, so you have power over them. You are not a slave, not possessed, not a miserable personality.


When you develop yourself, you are a Master of your life, over the forces of life, over the cosmic forces of nature, over the Neters. You are more than a Neter. Not enslaved to them! However, everything works best when working WITH them, in ALIGNMENT to the Goodness of our existence. Life, afterlife, here, there, now and then.


Mastery over Nature itself. The Illusion Can Be Poisoned. This should give the aspirant lots of hope and the capacity to feel empowered. Feel an inner joy, power and glory that is possible, that is the goal.


Human Beings are the Heir to the Throne of Enlightenment. Not by begging. It is our right, our birthright because we are emanations of that Same Divine Self.

      2. Important Points: RA
Life Force is emanating all over the world, but not everyone experiences the Sun in the same way at the same time. When Ra Tem is getting old and dripping spittle, Utter prayers to Atum at Sunset facing West, collecting the Energy. Allow the Life Force Energy to gather in you. 

      Ra was overtaken by the poison, the way the land was overtaken by the flooding of the Nile. Damming the River affected the Snows of Kilimanjaro, and soon, the Nile and the Lake will dry up too.


God, Great caused firmness to himself. He Steeled himself to firm himself up. In a moment of strength, he was able to calm his heart, stop vibrating, stop shaking long enough so he could speak.

      Vs 45 asks: how can this happen to a Prince, who is the Son of a prince? He still has no idea what happened. But we were taught that Ra is King of Creation, yet he calls himself a Prince??? Ra is Supreme being, how can he be a Prince? Usually, a Prince is the Son of a King.

      Vs 46: Ra is an emission created through the Divine Self. Gods and goddesses are emissions of Ra and Ra is an emission of some (other) Divinity. 

      Neter: the symbol itself is symbol of Genderless Divinity, without form, nondescript. Ra is saying he is a male divinity that comes from the Neter. 

      We have the power to bring down the illusion, of poisoning the illusion of creation, when we allow the mind to be poisoned by Aset, by our Divine Intuition. 

      Ra is the Son of a Great One. The Essence of My Father is My Name
Ra lets us know that he is Great Prince. If we know the True name of Ra, we will know the essence of Divinity. The Divinity placed in Ra. Neter An Ren, who we call Neberdjer. The name that even Ra cannot say.


From the Power of the True Source, Ra was able to bring many creations into form. All Creation is made with Ra Stuff, by fashioning from his body, which is made of Nun. Even thoughts, composed of subtle matter are also created by Ra. Everything, other than Ra himself, is made from the body of Ra. All things are Ra, manifesting as Creation due to the ignorance of the Higher Self. Ra’s reflections manifest in the forms of gods and goddesses. 

      Temu, the ender of things. 

      Heru Hekanu, who is the Singer of Divine Glories, that was spoken to My father. 
Heru calls out to the Truth of Creation, Hekanu. 
Temu: a concluder, the closer. when something is complete.

      An Image of Heru Hekanu is on the Temple of Aset Mat.
      Sebai says that Ra’s Father shared these teachings with us for our benefit, to have these things pointed out to us.

      What is the significance of Ra’s name? “My Mother spoke my name and hid it in my constitution, in my very being itself.” 
The name must be hidden to prevent some other being from gaining power and using it to
create other illusions, aside from the one that Mother Father intended. The name was hidden to protect someone from misusing the power. 

      Tem: not allowed to be completed, not given authority to have dominion over Ra. No one unworthy of the Power would be allowed to gain the power, to gain dominion over Ra, over Creator, over Creation. Ra’s Dominion. 

      Vs 52: someone could gain power of the secret words and be able to use them over Ra, too. Hidden Hekau or Heka that can be used. Become a personality with knowledge about the effective user of the power and use this power over Ra. 

      Vs 53 Ra is not the Ultimate Power. 
Uninitiated see Ra as the Supreme
The Initiated see Ra as a Projection of the Ultimate Essence Beyond forms of time and space. Ra is concerned that the Power might be revealed and could be used as Power over him.


This reflection is what purifies ariyu and creating a Khak Ab Mind. And, will allow you to direct Self more and more, and see Ra in a different Light, and develop Vast Spiritual Strength and Conquer Physical Life. 
Develop Khak Ab aspects of the personality.

      The scripture does not use the term Neberdjer. It uses the term Neter. Pa Neter, Father Mother God. Atef Mut. 

We can consider Ra as the Effective Conduit and The Supreme Being as the Ultimate Cause. 


3. Important Points: Lady Aset
Aset: what is the best way to satisfy my needs? Reject the Path of Human Beings. What is the highest path for human beings? Start focusing the mind on the Whole Idea of Ra. 
New focus is on the Personality of Ra.
a. She Studied the Journey of Ra.
      b. She fashions the Taffy Shepsy

      c. She studies Ra, and realizes that he always emanates this Life Force Energy, even at Sunset. 

      Aset had left the serpent in the Middle of the Road. The Power of Aset is that which brings and transforms.


In the story about Aset, when she was searching for Asar and ended up taking care of the King’s baby. One day, when Aset was purifying the baby, ie placing in the fire, in efforts to bring out his immortality, the Queen Mother walked in and screamed. The Cry of the Mother symbolizes the Cry of the Ego, of Fear. 

      When having a meditation or insightful time, in a moment when you fear you are going to lose yourself, or fall into a boundless abyss. That is your ego calling you back, when you get too close to the oneness, or see the deception of the ego. When the ego fears its own destruction. It will find a way to distract you and bring you back to the lower frequencies, the world of time and space. 

      The chirping, the uttering of the words and the understanding their meaning, resounding them in your mind is the power of the wisdom teachings. The Power of Aset that transforms a mortal personality into an Immortal Being. The Fire of Wisdom, with a special Sekhem that purifies. Say the Chants, Study the texts, say again, repeat, focus on visualizations and illustrations. This is a way to Ta Mi Ra, Be Like Ra. Become One With Ra.

      This is the Story of How Lady Aset Regained the Knowledge of Self. It Lights and makes a Way for us to Do the Same.
      Dua Aset. Dua Sebai MAA. Dua Seba Dja. Hotep

      Shems Arit

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      AvatarArit Neter S

      Lesson 7 Question 2 for Video
      What teachings did I learn in this lesson that I need to reflect on more, or start to apply, or work more diligently on implementing on my personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset.

      First observation, Lady Aset did not come into any Family Drama until AFTER she had become a goddess, until AFTER she knew the Essence of Ra….

      Teachings from Lesson for further reflection (not in a particular order of sequence or importance)

1. This is actually the last verse in this lesson:

      hekau-a n hekay er-a
Learn how to use words of power and become a personality who can use their words effectively and Master the Cosmic Forces of Nature, even Ra/Creator/The Illusion.


I would like to work more diligently on implementing in life, relationships, music and work. For more effective communication of my thoughts feelings and emotions, and also to express the Cosmic Mind with less ego, more clarity and alignment for more intensive purification, more relaxation. Gaining this skill would be a very valuable tool on the road to enlightenment.

      2. Vs 50:
Temu Heru Hekenu Singer of Divine Glories is one who can use words of power effectively
lu Djed atef-a that was spoken to my father.
      Maut Ten atef ren the essence of my father is my name. 

      I will start to apply these teachings immediately because a new song is already being born and this is my favorite way to study and learn more about the teachings. Songwriting is a way to create taffy shepsy and when in alignment, the music can help myself and others eliminate attachments to the illusion.

      This verse is important to me because it is about a Singer of Divine Glories, which is one of this aspirant’s aspirations. 

These teachings remind me to seek the essence of the person or the experience, or of what was said, instead of just getting caught up in the worldly expressions.

      3. Reject Path of Human Beings. This includes turning away from worldliness. This includes ego-based desires, habits, attitudes, feelings, activities, expectations, longings for relationships, resolution, reconciliation, sentimentality, etc. Turning away from daily review of losses, violations, past mistakes and sufferings caused by ego.

      We are advised to start focusing on Ra, on the whole idea of Ra, the Personality of Ra, the Essence of Ra. Turn away from Worldliness, Choose the Divine, choose the Eternal, “walk on the oath of Djehuty”. Remember the essence behind Creation, of Creation.


Turning away from Worldiness means that worldly, delusional people will turn away from you. I need to work more diligently on Khak Ab-ing toxic family relations. losses, heartbreaks, longing for reconciliation, etc.

      4. “The Cry of the Mother is the Cry of the Ego”, (this is referring to the Queen Mother screaming when she saw Aset putting her baby into the Fire of Immortality). The cry of the fear of separation. But basically, this is what is going on when the sadness comes up when it is time to let go of attachment: the Ego is trying to get you to stay in the relationship or situation even though it is not in alignment with Nehast.

      When it does not bring Joy or Bliss, only frustration, sadness and grief. This is a test of one’s willingness to turn away, or choice to allow ego/attachment to rule and lead to further entanglements.

      5. The Power of Aset is the Power of the Wisdom Teaching to transform a mortal personality into an immortal being. The Fire of Wisdom combined with Sekhem PURIFIES.

      6. When being flooded by emotions, like when the Nile Floods the Land, 

      Flooded by Emotions

in a moment of strength, STEEL UP, Firm Self Up. 

      steel up!

      Remain calm enough to speak. Definitely going to start applying this technique.

      7. Once Ra has been poisoned, he is unable to maintain the illusion. More motivation to continue finding ways to poison the illusion of creation, especially using words of power to overpower Ra.

      8. When engaging in one-pointed vision, keep in mind that this is a flow in only one direction, from general to specific.

      With this technique, one has the power to pierce the illusion, not even God can stop you from success. You gain power over the gods and goddesses. Not a Slave to them, but Master of them. Master of Self. The Illusion can be poisoned by Truth. And, the illusion does not “like” Truth.

      9. Vs 44: The Power of Killing the Illusion. Ego translates this as loss, sadness, abandonment, and false sense of separation. When it is actually purifying, liberating, empowering, enlightening. It strikes like lightning!


This is being applied when/where there is great sadness during moments of Khak Ab, will try to remember this very quickly, to eliminate swelling and suffering. There is oftentimes pain during the act of letting go of attachment. I need to reflect on this more, because even though I read “Power”, typed “Power”, wrote it out in my notes, I interpret this in my limited mind as the Pain of Killing the Illusion. This requires more reflection and meditation.

      Dua. Hotep.
      Shems Arit.


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        This video contains feedback on this post. Inc. special topic handling life before and after enlightenment -taking note of special takeaways of the teachings–purify and thin out mind/aryu. Having precision when expressing the teachings-maturing mind moves away from worldly entanglements



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      AvatarArit Neter S

      Reading Discussion for Lesson 7
Which hieroglyphic terms covered in this lesson were most captivating to you and

      tjetet hapi
      Tjetet Hapi:
      Like the Nile River overwhelms the Land. 
So many glyphs to describe the land and a feeling.
      It feels this way when emotions or ego in motion takes over.

      neteraah smentu
      Neteraah Smentu n-f ab-f
The Great God STEELED himself caused firmness. To himself and calmed his heart.
This is captivating because I can visualize the steel girders of a high rise building. Offering structure, and protection. When it feels like I am being taken over by emotions and ego.

      rech set ab a
      rech-set Ab-a
Know it deep down in my heart.
I love this expression, because it also has Set. It means to me that deep down in the heart, we are beyond Set. Deep down in the heart, we can trust Aset.

      maut n atef ren

      Maut N Atef Ren
      The Essence of My Father is My Name.
      This expression is captivating to me because

      atefu mut-a

      Atefu mut-a, ren-a amun-set m khat-Ra
It was spoken by father and my mother, my name and it was hidden in my constitution, my very being itself.

Reaffirming that when we knew the name of Ra, we know the essence of his father, Neberdjer. It causes me to think about how children are named today, all about ego, not about expressing the Divine. Names can be so powerful, and yet, most are needed in ignorance.

      hekau-a n hekay er-a
hekau-a n hekay er-a
Aspirants (should, must) seek to Learn how to use words of power and become a personality who can use their words effectively and Master the Cosmic Forces of Nature, even Ra/Creator/The Illusion.

      mu kheperu
      Mu kheperu m Neter Anuk Ur.
      With this statement, Ra declares that he is an emission created through the Divine Self. That the gods and goddesses are emissions from some other divinity. Ra is a Great God, male divinity that comes from a genderless divinity. Thereby proving that Ra/Creation is an Illusion, because it has gender. 

      Dua. Shems Arit

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        AvatarArit Neter S

        correction to response #19540

        Maut n atef ren
        is captivating to me because it says to me that we are all the Essence of Ra, each one is a tiny ray of Ra, and at onetime, this essence was always expressed through our names. not so much these days. now many of the names express the ego, instead of the essence of creation.

        Atef a, not Atefu….
        supposed to be “named in ignorance”, not “needed in ignorance”


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      AvatarArit Neter S

      August 26 video feedback (notes from Sebai Maa and Seba Dja, plus a few of my own)

      Amenemopet: foundational, day-to-day efforts, compared to pruning the tree; practical, but without troubles or being bothered.

      Ra and Aset: pull up the roots; Khak Ab. Central theme:dealing with egoism

      Comment on Knowing the Name
      If a person has language and the capacity for knowing the names of things, the problem lies in the belief system that goes along with the name.
      If it is an intellectual person speaking, with great knowledge and little wisdom, the knowledge is believed.

      “Science becomes a religion to those that believe in knowledge without knowing themselves or God. Ordinary people believe that they know things because they can name them. This is further delusion. For example, a Sage can have great wisdom, however cannot lecture at a scientific conference. One can lecture In all areas of knowing about the illusion. Can have all the knowledge you want about the illusion, but this does not help you define the true source of being beyond time and space. Sebai Maa.

      People believe that having knowledge is the same as having wisdom.


      Scientists have faith in science yet repudiate religion.

      The practical knowledge should lead to Transcendental Wisdom.
      Seek knowledge that leads to Khak Ab (to help you to let go of world and illusion) and the Transcendental Self. Knowledge that allows you to finally give up on your thinking mind that uses concepts based on identity as an individual. In order to have these concepts you must have a justifiable position: parsing creation, looking at it in pieces, then start comparing the fragments. This is judgement and delusion which leads to duality and away from oneness.

      The primary mind needs to be understood and also, there must be a way to relax it so as to be able to perceive something other than the parsing, other than the judgement, the comparing. This would be awareness without parsing. Seeing the Oneness. This is Amun, the witnessing consciousness, which occurs before the observation process itself. So we are moving back and back into the Transcendental Space.

      Three levels of Consciousness:
      Witnessing Consciousness, consciousness with awareness. AMUN
      Consciousness with the Parsing: ASET & DJEHUTY LEVEL OF MIND
      The parsing of the Mind that perceives the Duality, ANPU INSTINCTUAL LEVEL OF MIND, DISCERNMENT.

      “Superficial Knowing vs. Essential Knowing”
      Seba Dja

      Mystical Understanding of Knowing the Name of Something: 
When You Know Neberdjer, You Know Everything. 
(This insight gave birth to a Nefer Hekau wonderful chant/song!)

      Ruff Scratch Track with Band


      Knowing Ra’s name means that you know Neberdjer. Knowing the name of a cup provides only superficial knowledge. Nothing about its materials, where it was made, when was it made, who made it, etc.

      Edit for answer about verse #11: Reflections of Aset

      She considered Akhu Shepsy, but actually rejected this, (and in a later verse) chose to Ta Mi Ra Be Like Ra. She didn’t want to be “just” a Goddess, she wanted to be like Ra.

      *******aside. New QUESTION: Do the Chakras correspond to the Aspects of the Personality? Do the Aspects of the Personality correspond to the Planets?

      Akhu Shepsy is not a bad choice, it is OK, just n to the highest possible choice. Just don’t choose to be a human.

      Sage, Akhu Shepsy, all names designated in order to be fully one with the Absolute; must leave these behind. Really best to go for the highest, like Ra, better yet, Be Like Neberdjer.

      The Way of a Natural Mystic.
      QED: restructuring your life, your ways, your body in such a way that will support your enlightenment. Sharing your mind so that you are not bumping heads against the world. With an intellect. That is able to understand and withstand distractions of worldliness. A lifestyle where one’s soul is not caught umping delusions.

      The Soul will yearn for true marriage, true counterpart and that is only Your Self. The Soul will want to know its Akhu Nature. This is called taffy Shepsy.

      Response to the question: “Do we always use a scroll when talking about Neberdjer?”

      No, Not always in the Spiritual Text. The word Neberdjer Itself is what it means, so you do not have to have a scroll.

      About the Scroll: if you are reading it, it is not necessarily verbalized. But when reading out loud, we sometimes do verbalize and mention it, to highlight something that is understood. Medjat to know to apply the Mystic Sense to it.

      Lesson 6 answer to verse 26 needs editing.

      Sun Gazing-not looking at Sun at times when can cause damage. Best to view after Sun has passed the horizon. As long as you are facing in the direction of the Sun. Even inside buildings. Safe to collect rays then because Ra is weakest.

      Ma Pu-u: What thattttt What’s going onnnn?
      When you transcend creation itself, no matter what is going on, higher Self is n to moving, will exist forever. Mystic Perspective. No matter what is going on, remain an nemunemu unmoved and exist forever. 

      Ma Pu-u tat

      Ma Pu-u An NemuNemu: No matter what’s going on, remain in the stillness
      Shems Arit.

      Meditation at sunset:
      Not that it is strongest at morning, but the energy is increasing, whereas at the evening, the energy is waning. We have more control over the energy we take in. 8:30- 9am is the cutoff time; Evening time we can go much longer after sunset.

      In this modern era, the method of keeping time is complicated. In ancient Kemet was more simple. They probably did not work through the heat. Main work was during the sowing
      And harvest season. Realize that the energies emanating from the Sun are a spectrum- grosser energies, heat, light, subtle energetic aspects also beyond visible spectrum. Some of them are emanations that come through subtle enough to go thru solid objects. Just turn towards the West, do your visualization and energetic work; manipulating subtle, sacred Sekhem energies of the Body. Don’t even need to be outside. Cosmic Emanations from other stars are also passing thru the body right now. Collect and Build into the Construct of Directional Conscious Awareness.


      September Video

      Mesu Hesyu: Children Vibrating. Fearful children/ fear of death, fear of loss, fear of embarrassment due ton loss. Instead, choose to vibrate at the right frequency, a higher frequency, Remain Steadfast on the Path.

      Feedback on Summary of Impressions…..
      When you know what needs to be done and you don’t do it, what’s holding you back? ARYU!
      What is the problem? The Issue is found in going against what is Illusion.
      >>>>>>>When you go along with the Illusion, it is easier to find success…

      Akhu Lucid; Sesh Agitated; ______ Dull
      Purification of Mind: Uashu. Righteous Action (not for a reward)
      Allow Inner Divine Gifts to express Diviner Word and Divine feelings.
      Experience pure lucidity without disturbance, experience the nature of a Deeper Self.

      Being aware of Divine Mundane World: Neter Netert. Reduce Complications of Life.
      Willingness to mercilessly poison Ra. The metaphor of Creation. 
Creation sucks up your time and energy instead of allowing you to attain abiding happiness. Higher Self can take away all problems and distractions.

      I AM WHO I AM. Ariyu.
      Strongly established in this path of wisdom Mind, Intellect, Intuition.
      Khak Ab: listen, reflect, meditative practice.
      Untangle the thoughts seemingly keeping everything together in an illusion. Untie the delusion from Creation .

      Higher Order of Being:
      The deeper emotional aspect is not addressed by wisdom or the intellect.
      Must maintain integral practice. The physical state is also connected to feelings. Feeling vibrations from other people helps to integrate feelings with thoughts. Open self up when feeling disconnected and suppressed. Suppressed feelings cause numbness. Open them in teachings, wisdom and devotion. Knum Nefer Group programs with devotional aspect. Open up feelings and offer them to the Divine. Ask for assistance in processing and releasing.
      The Divine Agency sees and knows what the issues are. Open up to the issues, draw strength and assistance from internal divine agency. (Do not waste time seeking assistance from worldly corrupt agencies)

      Have a Willingness to open up to the situation, practice done over time.
      Trust in the Teachings, Trust in Teacher, Trust in One Self. Remember your worthiness, face fears, and raise self-esteem. Work towards developing spiritual strength and valor. Forgiveness of One’s Self and others. Acknowledge the tragedy of the situation, understanding the idea of the illusoriness, that no hurt has happened because everything is divine.

      Taffy Shepsy. The Noble serpent is there all the time. Cannot have a proper time and space experience without taffy shepsy. Consciously focusing attention on destroying illusion. Purpose of taffy sharply is to destroy illusion.

      Nehast is ALWAYS there. Mental waters are muddy, allow the purification to occur.

      From the 2018 Conference
      Kenti Amenti: foremost of the West; that is Asar the Soul

      Ego is an aspect of identity that relates to other functions of the mind.
      Absolute: ultimate conscious awareness
      Everything else is an object brought into existence.

      Going back to the Source-to the West
      Taffy Shepsy{ dissolution of ignorance, illusion, emotions, suppressed feelings…
      But the Illusion continues, yet no longer has an effect on the personality.

      Thoughts and feelings coagulate like waves in the ocean. Repeat thoughts, they manifest. Think about feelings, they manifest.

      Shems Ola Lesson 10

      Djehuty the Cosmic Mind is the Heart of Creation.

      The Precursor of Consciousness has brought Self into existence through the Cosmic Mind. Mental Astral Projection of the Divine.

      The only actual Reality is Being. One’s state of being should be one’s state of mind.

      Facing feelings. Not manic rehashings. Hellish mental condition.

      Stillness: keep moving to run from it. Find stillness to transcend it. So that issues can be recognized, confronted and resolved.Unresolved feelings and issues will keep one from enlightenment.

      Emotionality: need to feel in control, fear of unknown, anxiety, personality is very sensitive.

      Setian level of awareness is ego awareness. Mindfulness: when feelings arise, grab PMH, proverbs, etc. 

Enlightenment is an awareness, a precursor to the mind. “I am having a thought” Ego- an object created by the mind. Illumining the mind: allowing the mind to operate Neter, Neterty.
An NemuNemu can not happen when the mind is disturbed by time and space. Purify feelings before meditation, cleanse the personality.

      Dua. Thankful for these Teachings and for the Presentation of these Teachings. Hotep
      Shems Arit Neter S Mery Maati

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