Lesson 5, p 254-278

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      The early _Greeks_ also spoke of the origins of their gods and goddesses.
      P 254-278,
      3-List the important points you got out of the reading.
      • Much work has been done by archaeologists that reveals the Minoans as the mythical “Atlantians.”
      • Artifacts confirming trade and contact with the ancient Egyptians have been discovered on Crete up to the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, which also confirms the date of 1400 BCE.
      • Although the ancient Egyptians influenced Greek culture, it was not the only impression. It was also influenced by others such as Libya and the Pelasgians.
      • The development of Egypt precedes that of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia.
      4-Which items if any are you in need of revising as to the history you previously learned. (Optional: how do you think this will affect how you relate to others who have not had this education or who come to you with alternative histories or understandings of the implications of the history as presented in this class which have proofs and references for what is in the textbook?)
      There is no revision of history that I have previously learned. I didn’t know or did not remember the association of Atlantis with Minoans and will share this information when the topic is discussed. There are a lot of unsubstantiated myths (or stories) / theories concerning Atlantis. One story, “Lemuria is supposed to have been a continent that was once where the Pacific Ocean is now located…Lemuria is supposed to be the most ancient of nations and the original birthplace of humanity. When this continent sank due to cataclysmic Earth changes, a remnant of humanity was saved and founded what is known as Atlantis….Ancient Kemetic civilization is supposed to be the offspring of Atlantis” page 254, Rock of Ages by Ras Ben.

      5-What is the most remarkable thing you learned in this lesson and how do you think if will affect: A-Your development as a human being and member of society; and B-How will it affect the way you relate to yourself and a spiritual aspirant.
      The most remarkable thing in this chapter was the discussion around Atlantis and Minoans. The story is good for speculation and fantasy. However, an interesting point for me is how the Greek culture picked up a lot of the Egyptian philosophy and religion, they did not pick up everything entirely. Since they traveled to other lands and picked up other ideas from the different cultures. It is interesting (I hope my answer is not vague) because I find myself incorporating things from other cultures and do not necessarily exclusively envelop myself in the Ancient Kemetic culture. Although I strive and believe that my “core values” are of the Neterian beliefs such as Maat, Devotion to the Divine – I know that some of my other ideas are very much western or of other ideologies. And since the Greek culture did not last as long as the Kemetic culture with their patchwork of different ideas, I need to be careful that my patch work of different ideas and practice do not impact my ability to grow spiritually and obtain my enlightenment in this life time.

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