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      HTP, peace and blessings as per video this is my submission for Lesson 2.
      A. As discussed in class Kemetian culture is ancient Egyptian culture based on the principle of MAAT. Kemetian culture is structured on a principle of righteousness.
      The Periods that existed were from the Predynastic times(10,000), Old Kingdom (5000), Middle Kingdom(3000), New (1900) and Late (1000). These divisions proliferated the many events that caused the demise of the existence of Kemetian Culture. The many events that took place resulted in the degregregation and ultimate end of This golden age. An old proverb That Dr. Muata Ashby spoke about was:”If one fights in the arena forgetful of the past success will elude him who ignores what he should know”. This proverb laid the basis for the roots of what happened to Kemetian Culture. Because in the Late Period around 350 ACE when Christianity took over the Roman empire the structure that instituted Kemetian culture was destroyed. Christianity banished all pagan religious cultures and also destroyed the backbone that laid the foundation of Kemet, the Temples. In these institutions , the temples, Kemetian culture and life strived it provide for the ancient Egyptian their way of life including Agriculture, Education Sociopolitical and ethical Structure and also religion. These foundations destroyed laid the brunt foe Kemetians who according to the proverb began as generations passed to be denied their traditions bringing forth degregation to what once was a powerful society. The Forgetfulness, the main part of the proverb stated above is what brought this chaos to this society.
      The basic human needs Food(sustenance), shelter(Home), and Boat (opportunity) were now relegated by an unknown tradition.
      Kemetian culture was based on the balance of man and woman. Woman held numerous important positions in society. Traditionally, at age 5-10 the basis of education focused on maths economics, logistics, writing which contributed to the Agricutlural structure. Age 10-20 students took an apprenticeship, at age 20 if wanting to be priest took first level for consecutive 10 year periods until high priest or priestess was achieved.

      What influences a system of degregation is greed, unrighteousness, selfishness. these poised in the structure of society leads to slavery as we see in American or European societies. Kemetian structure was based on righteous rule. MAAT principles , I fed the hungry, I gave to the thirsty etc.

      B.The most important thing I took from the lecture is why do we know we are in an Injust system and participate in the injustices done to us. Why do we allow this? Also. our purpose, what is it? Are we living an illusion thinking that all we strive for on this earth is worthy when at the end death takes no luggage. Also why do we as black Africans live according to beliefs that only disassociate us from the truth. For instance the buffonry of Hollywood characters. Why do we descecrate ourselves for popularity and a fleeting existence of falsity and lies demeaning our heritage for pop culture and the lesser good.

      C. I want to ask Dr. Ashby how do he view the younger generation in the world today as they tend to dissociate themselves with their heritage? How can the lives in the ghettos be re trained to a more self-achieving perspective? How can the culture we live in today bring a reality to the youth that they have been lied to through rap music and television? How can you get a young child who have been influenced by such things and see no other to realize the truth? Are they waking up or are they still being mislead by society? I look at the youths today and see that few have waken up but the multitude are seeking the world of Uncle Tom?

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