Lesson 1: Sherri Adkins

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      Lesson 1 made clear what civilization is and what it means to be civilized. Civilization is not airplanes, cell phones, high technology, modernization. Civilization begins with Human behavior, first. A civilized society involves people who behave civilly towards their fellow Human Beings. Unfortunately most societies, governments, and their people are uncivil; they are not able to interact well, thus we have crime, we have wars.

      Civilization begins with individuals in a society. Those who have ever pondered “Why is the world in the condition that it is in? Has the world always been this way? Can the world be a better place? If one has ever asked themselves these questions, as I have, they probably have done some self evaluation as well, and were able to find flaws within their own personality. When individuals are able to see their own flaws, they might ask themselves, “can I be a better person?” and from that point on, they may endeavor to become a better person. Many turn to religion, but unfortunately religion can cause more confusion because the fundamental understanding of what religion is and how it can help people to navigate this life is often not known.

      The ultimate goal for each individual seeking peace and happiness should be to attain the highest level of enlightenment in this life, and this can be obtained through the practice of true religion, which involve spiritual disciplines that help those control their thinking and actions, these disciplines will lead one along the road to true peace and happiness; a peace not of this world.

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