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      Elizabeth Perez

      For me the introduction to Kemet, has been very interesting to learn the Kemet civilization is the oldest in the world, not surprising, since so much history has been hidden purposely from us and turned into fake information that suits few.
      I am fascinated to learn some more because i would like to incorporate this into my teachings and teach the depth of knowledge that is provided here. Traditional ways have been lost and not taught. The disconnection from the soul is the misunderstanding that many carry with them, the population is blinded by this truth that exists deep within us all.
      From what i understand is that the Kemet, belief is to bring back the sacredness essence that we are and that lives deep within us. Finding that connection again through the Goddess. Learning to resist temptations, impulses, irrational behaviour that our ego creates. This course will teach how to incorporate techniques that were used in ancient times, the wisdom that is needed to follow in creating wholeness within. Diet is also crucial to bring balance to our body, eating a vegan diet, which I already do. Movement to release stagnation, creating good thoughts through devotion, will help reach an enlightened state of being, Bringing the sacredness back into our lives, since the mind, body and soul are disconnected, these teaching are the understanding of how our animalistic desires, behaviours have created a society that is controlled by these wants and unsatisfying needs that have degraded our bodies, minds and the disconnection with our true nature which is with our spirit. The Goddess brings back this union, this contemplation within us, to bring us back to our divine self, and to live life fully, with divine presence and connection.

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