Kemet 101: Lesson 2

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      Elizabeth Perez

      With this discussion, I truly believe that the traditional ways had much to teach us. How the society was formed by the elders to make sure everyone received what was fair. This had to do with finances, economical factors, educations, relationships, the culture, beliefs. etc.

      In this century governments have turned away from the concept of helping everyone that forms society. Due to greed, corruption and the poverty that has been created because of this.

      There needs to be no corruption in the golden world that we create, I believe that exposing corruption and teaching people of the new possibilities that are available to us is imperative and also teaching the ancient wisdom that existed before that was for the betterment of all humanity. People were treated with fairness, and yes there were morals because people new there were consequences and had a goal to strive for when they were taught in school. Sure it probably wasn’t a perfect society but over 5000 years ago there were many great teachings for higher achievement for everyone, in a spiritual sense. The goal was to reach attainment and connection with our higher self. So it seems there were many avenues that were accepted and taught. With spirituality I find the teaching for priests and priestesses fascinating for inner transformation.

      I do believe the education has to teach children guidance to direct, the right path, such as towards the profession that children, or young teenagers choose, not what is dictated in school, most of the subjects do not teach about life, how to survive, how to respect oneself, ancient wisdom, our bodies, our intellect and our fellow beings, family and friends.

      This needs to change, even though there have been small changes, a greater change is definitely needed.

      There is so much that needs to be demolished such as the corruption that rules each country, it is blamed on capitalism, but who rules it? It is the Government that needs to change. It is the government and above, who rule these structures of greed and profit that only serves the corrupt.

      Waking up to this reality is what is needed. Most people are blinded by this fact that exists right before us and it is indoctrinated into our school system.

      Beginning with small changes, such as new belief system, as what is being taught here and well the yoga revolution, it is the start to a new beginning, where corruption can be abolished and a new structure can be formed that is full of values, faith, morals. respect, honour, love to each other. Supporting each other, educating, helping and providing education, food, dwelling for everyone.

      This can be achieved through teaching.

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