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The epic story of Asar, Aset and Heru. The story speak of Asar, being killed by his brother Set, Set,who represent the uncontrol ego in this sense the worldly desires. Asar die by the hands of the ego Set. His body was cast down the river Nile and become embedded in the earth and from it grow a tree. His body was found by Aset, who brought it back to Egypt. She rivived the body of Asar united with him and Heru was born. Set found them and with rage dismembered the body of Asar, Aset again search for the pieces of the body and with some help re-membered the pieces and Asar regained life and become the King of the realm of the dead. Heru was also killed by a scorpion that was sent by Set. Heru was resurrected through the cries of Aset the boat of Ra, stood stil and Djehuti came to her asistant. And there is also the woman who slamed the door in the face of Aset after she caqme from prision. Her son died by being sting by one of the scorpions of Aset, and Aset bring him back to life.Asar was dead berried and resurrected Also Heru. Asar death is the aspirant death to the world, the body grow into a tree is the decaying in other words the giving up of the worldlyness, the tree with the sweet aroma is the resurrection into spiritual consciousness. Therefore, Aset is the power of resurrection.