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Aset and Ra, (and the Mind)
The story speaks of Aset as a woman who came to time and space acquired all the knowledge of the society and the world around her. With all of her knowledge she was unsatisfied; she become dispassionate with the society. The society and its citizens could not satisfy her so she move closer to the gods. She realized it is the only place she can be satisfied with her life. She wanted to know the name of the sun God Ra. She wanted to become like Him. Being trained in the mystical teachings she decided to use the mind of wisdom. In order words she led herself with a one pointed of mind in order to accomplish her goal of knowing Ra’s, name. So she created a snake and put it in the path of Ra where he travels regularly. Why a snake?
The snake here would represent the concentrated mind. The mind that is not lead by reflex action or one of agitation. When the mind is in the state of agitation it becomes reactionary; it cannot concentrate on anything it remains a mind of automation. Aset demonstrates the power over the mind. She uses the mind to accomplish her desired goal which was to know the name of Ra. She used the mind of concentration by observing Ra’s movements and planning how to go about what she wanted. Aset wanted to know the name of Ra and she realized it could not be done just by looking at Ra, or just saying to Ra I want to know your name. As a matter of fact she asked Ra to tell her his name and he tells her all about the external creation. He told her all about what he has done but not his name. Aset listens attentively before responding. Her mind did not waver. She kept on listening, concentrating and meditating on what Ra was saying before she responded. Because her mind did not waiver or become agitated with Ra and his refusal to tell her his name, she was able to move beyond the intellectual discourse of Ra. Aset was able to penetrate deep into the heart of Ra, and discover her desired goal which was to know the name of Ra.
The story, hold for us the usage of the mind and its accomplishment.
“The noblest employment of the mind is the study of it’s Creator.” E.P. Aset employed her mind to know Ra. Just by seeing a thing does not mean that you know it or what it is. But when you know the name (essence) of the thing then you can say you know it. So to mention the word God in our daily vocabulary does not mean that we know God because the word God is only a description of the incomprehensible. Therefore, to know it you have to study it. Studying requires listening, reflecting and meditating as Aset did. Aset was not being argumentative but listening to Ra with patience. She was able to become like Ra.