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Intro to SN short part 2b.mp4
List the important themes presented:

-Introduction to Shetaut Neter-Neterianism
-Where Shetaut Neter was practiced? In the land of Kamit & Kush
-Sphinx-The correct name-Herumakhet
-Painting of the Kamitans &the Nubians-Tomb Painting from Tomb of Huy
-Religion is the most important force driving culture–The legacy of the ancestors must be lived
-Timeline of Major world religions-When Neterian Religion was practiced-Earliest recorded history
-Shetaut Neter the Origins of the world Religions
-The Pursuit of Happiness/What is worth searching for in the world?
-Religion is supposed to be a means to lead one away from ignorance to enlightenment
-Definition of Shetaut Neter-The teaching about the secret, hidden: Supreme Being”, or Divine Mysteries
-The meaning of Neterianism-Medu Neter definition of Shetaut Neter
-Etymology of the term Shetaut Neter
-The philosophy of Shetaut Neter
-The purpose of Life-The Harper’s Song
-The Kamitan Philosophy of Teaching
-The Philosophy of the Afterlife-Realizing you are immortal, transcendental & encompassing
-The Great awakening-Nehast-Akhus
-Six Main Traditions of Shetaut Neter
-The Family Tree of Neterian Gods & Goddesses
-Anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic iconography in Neterian Religion

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation

What impressed me most in this presentation was learning of the purpose of Life and
learning about the importance of culture. This rings so true to me. It’s easy to now see why
the majority of African people today, are currently in the condition they’re in.
I also become saddened, thinking, only if more of us knew or even cared. I’m truly eager to learn more.
Dua for this opportunity & knowledge Sebai Maa & Seba Dja.