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Very good

A little expansion on what you said here

” The path of nature is the union of
the individual human consciousness with the universal consciousness that can
occur without a special instruction from religious or a spiritual preceptor,
which is known as the school of hard knocks, involving repeated incarnations,
pain and suffering to teach you.”

Indeed, while it is theoretically possible to move through varied
reincarnated experiences leading to enlightenment without a specific preceptor
it is also to be understood that that movement is neither independent nor
unrelated to gaining insights into the nature of self through teachings. This
means that even if a person does not have a specific preceptor they are
affected by others who do and even on a society level they are affected indirectly
say if they have friends who are in a Initiatic process of part of a community
that is based on Initiatic teachings or even followers of a religion that is
based on true wisdom.

So no one is an island and the teachings can come directly or indirectly but it must come through other direct or indirect human and natural relations that all help to reveal the fleeting and illusory nature of life and the transcendental nature of the Spirit within, even if that might take a shorter time through direct preceptorship of multiple lifetimes through the school of hard knocks..