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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Video Assignment
Lesson 4
Purpose of our sacred space:
This video provided vital insight to something that was new to that was given to Hetheru brought her awareness back to her. Even the emphasis on her story brought life to the teachings for me. When you lose consciousness of yourself, you are susceptible to any and everything degrading. However, being intoxicated with worldly desires, and pleasures gives us the experience of being in time and space. IT is our responsibility, as the manifestation/offspring of the Spirit to overcome these lower forces of nature. Lower not meaning in a negative manner but more so referring to contributing to the grossness/heaviness of ones experience. But with Mandrake, in toxification of the Baus, one is in full awareness of oneself (knowing that there is truly no ā€œIā€ which can imply individuality but a sense of oneness, all things in creation being a manifestation of the Spirit in a physical/dense/gross environment/atmosphere. This potion (teaching) helps to bring a deeper revelation as to knowing that nothing is bad or good it just an experience that has an effect, the effect being one to elevate or degrade ones being. Taking the judgment out of it, help me to be more compassionate towards myself and it pushes me to make the better choice.