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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Audio: Dr. Muata Ashby, interview about his work and philosophy by the RemixRadio
Level 1
Lesson 3

During my listening to this audio there were several explanations and teachings that stood out.
The first being the reply to what is creation? “According to ancient myth, it is the coming from nothingness into being by an intelligence for life (being I AM).” This explanation is very profound and yet simple. When I reflected on this, I saw the truth behind the connection/oneness between the Divine and myself. Being that I am a form of creation, I noticed that I have an intelligence I use to maneuver through life to be (creator), and daily from that same intelligence I create through my thoughts, feelings, and actions. This make it very easy to see the truth/essence behind the teaching that is the foundation of Ancient Kemetic Philosophy, we are one with our creator, hence the purpose of life is to “experience being” in the most righteous and divine fashion. The formula to do so is given through Ma’at Philosophy. This will allow one to end having to experience being until they just know that they just are a witnessing consciousness that never sleeps and is the essence of all. Hence no need for attachment to things outside of oneself and you treat everything as you are treating yourself (The Diving in me interacting with the Divine in them – same Divine Being/Soul/Essence, because who you are underneath it all is who everything outside of you is underneath. Hence, making us all one.

Also, I appreciate not having a devil in these teachings. I find that, having a concept of Satan/Devil takes the responsibility to transcend a state of being away from an aspirant. When a person blames others for negative actions or experiences, it does not allow that person to grow because there is nothing for them to change because the undesired situation did not occur because of them but because of Satan. When I obtained the true understanding of Set, knowing that he represents an aspect of my personality, it immediately forced me to begin looking within to assess my ego, and emotional state of mind. Only by turning inwardly have I been able to work towards changing my experiences to be more uplifting and peaceful.