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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Reading Assignment pgs. 22-34
Level 1
Lesson 3
1. Who is Shetai?
Shetai refers to The Hidden God, the incomprehensible God, the Mysterious One, Secret One. These meanings helped me to understand that God is not something or someone can fight themselves to understand. He/She/It is that essence that one cannot comprehend its origin. Almost like when you get all the way up to seeing and feeling what it means to be undifferentiated and creation emitting from that to make what we know in our universe and other universes today. That which is being emitted, where is it coming from. Based on my understanding, this is Shetai.

2. Shedy is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution which was used in Ancient Egypt. By engaging in Shedy, our ancestors could develop a oneness with God that aided them to conquer fetters and acquire peace.

3. The term Sema Taui or Smai Heru Set are Ancient Egyptian words which are translated s Egyptian Yoga.

4. Aspirants must have the primary initiative in advancing spiritually.
What is the path of nature and considering that, how should an aspirant think about their spiritual path?
The path of nature refers to repeated reincarnations. We understand being reincarnated means my essence has not fully gained complete understanding of it self and being reincarnated provides the opportunity to my soul to develop this understanding and become in awareness of the Divine and life being unified with The Divine in thinking feelings and doing. Yes it is encouraging to know that the union is inevitable, but who wants to suffer for millions of years. Hence, now that I have found the path given to us to understand, I will stay committed and devoted to seeking Nehast. I view my path as the authentic formula to end reincarnation for my Soul.

5. What pushes the aspirant to become “super normal?”
Yoga. This is because the practice of yoga equips one with the ability to conquer all emotions. The Yoga Disciplines were taught to Heru by Asset. It provides the wisdom needed to conquer desires and emotions. This wisdom connects the aspirant to themselves (The Divine), also feeling a sense of fulfillment and wholeness is accomplished. Moreover, obtaining abiding happiness and peace due to knowing the true essence of oneself. I understand this as such, when you know you are an energy that creates, you can understand that you are beyond your experience. Hence, being able to understand them and overcome emotions elicited by them and create new and more soul satisfying experiences through Shedy helps an aspirant to become super normal.

6. From the perspective of yoga philosophy, much of the accepted “normal” behavior is really insane behaviors which has been accepted as “normal.”