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Maat Middleton

EM Level 1 Lesson 5wt Interaction Video
Intro to SN by Dja – Conference 2008 Part 2
Anthony Bahlibi #4256 Post.

I agree that the legacy of the ancestors is Glorious and must be practiced and not just revered. The key to success and discovering our transcendental nature and divine self is to practice Shedy as a discipline and learn the Shetaut Neter wisdom teachings and live like our ancestors (the Neteru’s) did.

We have to cultivate good associations and I agree with Anthony that these actions are key ingredients for enrichment of the aspirant’s life and learning process.

As aspirant’s we must have a burning desire to become disciplined to overcome the fetters of Set, obstructions and the subtle misunderstanding and wrong thinking within us in order to face ourselves and aspire to attaining Nehast!

As Sebai Maa explained that there are different types of student who learn in different ways because of the different composition of their ariu, therefore there are different meditation systems evolved to account for these differences.

I am still seeking to find out which meditation system resonate with my personality. I am drawn to 3 of them and I have to decide which one it will be.