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Maat Middleton

EM Level 1 Lesson 5wt Video Assignment
Intro to SN by Dja – Conference 2008 Part 2

Important themes presented:
To be successful the ancestors must be lived, some other keys to success are having patience, perseverance with continued self-effort. It’s important to have good associations as you can become enriched by them.

There must be a burning desire in your discipline practices because your fetters take time to get rid of and they are consistent in returning to overpower you, so you have to remain detached and continue to support your efforts to continue in the practice.

Nehast: The final objective

As my devotion to the divine increase there is a increasing turning away from worldly egoistic ideals and desires. My understanding and teachings is the final objective of the mysteries which is to be able to say “Nuk Pu Nuk Asar Neter” I am that I am (Asar the Divinity).

Sebi Maa & Seba Dja are working to have the Neterian Conference more than once a year, Dua, Ankh, Udja, Seneb to them and their projects.

What impressed me most in this presentation is the process of how the practicing of Shedy and the learning of the Shetaut Neter wisdom teachings has such a divine effect on the aspirant personality. The three fold daily worship – Ra-Neb with its listening, reflecting, meditating and the four main disciplines: devotion, meditation, selfless service, wisdom and the four personality integration of the emotions, intellect, action and will power works so well together as a whole to balance the aspirants in their process towards healing themselves and with their cultivation in the discovery of Shetaut Neter awakens the transcendental reality of the self. It’s so beautiful and I find it amazing how these practices and study can lead the aspirant from a worldly life with many fetters into a spiritual more enlighten life of righteous behaviors and living Maat. It seems like magic even though it takes time and for some a long time with hard consistent work on a daily basis. Without the guidance of a spiritual preceptor who knows the way this wouldn’t be possible. I am impressed with the ancient African Sage teachings of my ancestors.
Dua, HTP