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Bastu Yashi

Udja, dua Bastu Baket for your reply #9558 to my post. I also found Seba Dja’s discourse on the different types of air intriguing, as this is a part of my Shedy that I have integrated personally, I now have even greater Saa of the relevance of Tem to Shu/Tefnut and Aset in reviving the aspirant (Divine Self). Also, how this may be further ritualized in walking shedy via divine awareness of the relevance of Shu and power to shift the mind accordingly.
I also appreciate Seba Dja’s further discourse in relation to the senses, noting her reference to Herfy, in regard to balancing the seitan tendencies. I also appreciated Sebai’s discourse in the Cht n Ankh, Lesson 3, page 105 last paragraph, that encourages the aspirant to develop Saa of the teachings to empower the mind to control the senses/body, rather than the senses dominating perception and feeding delusion. As you mentioned, listening, reflecting, meditating, remaining seated in Maat (An chen), with devotion are valuable tools the aspirant has to encourage and develop on the path to Nehast. Dua for your response, htp,

Shems Yashi