Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 4 Discussion Forum

Bastu Yashi

Udja and dua Sebai Maa for your reply #9554 to my post. I appreciate your insights, they have facilitated even more reflection on the delusions associated with ariu and how to ultimately overcome, “the rabbit hole,” delusion.
Also, the illusory conceptualization of the Divine, is truly psychospiritual. To respond, ny, all illusion may be seen as mockery, and reflections thereof. Ultimately, one mocks and deludes the lower self by remaining, in the “rabbit hole,” or “100%,” one is actually condescending the self. As Shems Heryt encouraged, Anteg begag, Khak ab, An chen, in addition to and divine Saa is necessary to stop the confusion and insanity. Dua for these insightful reflections, htp,