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Bastu Yashi

Udja, Bastu Heryt for your reply #9541. I appreciate your elaborating on the Ka
Elaborate on “the idea of the astral plane”. All planes are, “ideas,” from the viewpoint that all creation is just an idea in the mind of the creator (Divine Self).
I also appreciate your statement regarding intellect not being sufficient to attain nehast. The goal is to embody the teachings, as did Aset as she experienced the name of Ra. As such, its pertinent to the process of nehast to embody the teachings. You mentioned a formula to do so including cosmic intellect, with actions and intuitional wisdom, founded in Maat. This, as you mentioned is a simple but not necessarily easy method. I also value the Matnu as truly a divine gem in this process, facilitating intense reflection, meditation with eventual re-embodiment of the divine self.
The ultimate is to become one with this wisdom in this lifetime. The formula to do so is simple, Anteg begag, Khak ab, and most importantly An chen (as you reiterated). Although simple, it is not easy, but I am inspired by TTOA teachings and having authentic preceptors to assist in the journey. Dua for your thought-provoking response, htp,

Shems Yashi