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Lesson 6 TOA Formulas in the TOA
As a followup to the last meeting discussion on formulas:

The formula for obtaining khak-ab is spending time with the teachings, LAdy Aset studied the lower mysteries including religion. Religion in Ancient Kemet, theurgy has its own formula which Lady Aset would have been taught in the temples which includes wisdom teachings.

The formula for studying the wisdom teachings is: Listening+ Reflecting+ Meditating.
Each time this formula is followed the understanding of life grows leading to more and more understanding and more and more khak-ab.

With developed khak-ab (disgust, repudiation heart) Lady Aset became determined (aspiration) to know who Ra really is.

Khak-ab+Saa+ Antet Begag+ An Chen + Taffy Shepsy= piercing the illusion/Ra
(repudiated heart) + (understanding)+ (relentlessness)+ (not stopping)+ (one pointed focus /kneading spirit and matter)