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Bastu Baket

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Udja Shems Yashi,

A very inclusive post. Some highlights I appreciated: In line 2 you mention the different types of air being spoken about. I found this especially correlative to last night’s 02-16-19 program by which Seba Dja re-did her 2018 NC presentation. She gave us insights into the North wind which we know Goddess Aset used to revive Asar and is acknowledged in our daily morning worship when we say our Prayer of Aset. Also how all air is infused with the God Shu and inherently with Goddess Tefnut.

Another point you brought out was referenced in your statement: “When you touch something you are actually not touching. Energies are being registered in the nervous system, soul is perceiving/recognizing events of the senses. Problem: one has become engrossed in senses to the point that one forgets who one is. (egoism). This was another area brought out by Seba Dja during her presentation with the image of Herufy (Heru with two heads.) What is encouraging is that we know we have the capacity to correct this situation as you also stated through the practice of Integral Shedy, listening, reflecting, meditating, being seated in Maat, and through devotion.

Dua for sharing your reflections.

Bastu Baket