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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 4wt (Video Assignment)
Intro to SN by Dja-Conference 2008 part 1

A- The most important themes presented are as follows:
A Sacred place created by the self.

Where is Kemet, which is the sacred space because we are actually living the sacred teaching in the sacred space? We need a sacred space because when humans get too involved in the world they forget their true nature.

Men and Woman are immortal Gods and Goddesses.

Menu Setjert, Blood, beer, spirit, mandrake relate to the GLM myth of Goddess Het Heru who came into the world and forgot her true nature. She was willing to kill her own brother due to forgetting her true nature.

Djehuty heals Het Heru with the Setjert.

Blood= intoxication with worldly desire the egoism= actions seeking happiness in time and space.

Mandrake+ God stuff, intoxication with the bau (soul) of Ra with fullness-infinity-peace that comes through self-knowledge.

Seba Dja talked about how we come to the teachings as we are and how the teachings leads you to the light, to reach such a place its teaching are needed, so that the mind can become aware of higher possibilities and turn away from umt-ab “mental dullness” due to Khemn “ignorance” and be led to “Nehast-Resurrection” Spiritual Awakening “Akhu” Enlightenment.

We are the eye of Ra, who is to be healed.

Sema: Who are we?

Sema Institute: A university, with programs, bookstore, audio tapes, video’s DVD’s membership programs.

We are not a Church, cult, New Age, Mason, etc.

We are a Kamitain- African Religion

Kamit is in Ancient Egypt.

Shetaut means – Hidden – Secret

Neter Means Divinity

Shetitu or writing related to the hidden teachings.

What is Shetaut Neter: “the teachings about the secret, hidden, divinity (supreme being) earliest documented (written) African term for “Religion”

Egyptian Mysteries: Lower mysteries intellectual knowledge, higher mysteries intuitional knowledge.

The Three Stage of Religion
Myth- Matnu- Legend- Story, myth
Ritual- Aru- Ritual
Mysticism: Shetaut Neter

Before, Timbuktu, Mali Empire, Ghana Empire, Islam, Christianity, Greek Civilization, Sumerians there was Kamit.

Reclaiming Neterian African Philosophy Culture, Spirituality and Civilization.

The Great Ra- Hrakty Sphinx

Shetaut Neter influenced the Dogon, Yoruba, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, all the major world religions.

Universal Aspect: The essence of everyone is divine African.

Western Religion has myth and ritual.
Traditional African Religion has myth and ritual.
Neterianism African Religion has myth, ritual and mysticism.

Neterianism- those who follow Shetaut Neter,

Shemsu Neter- Followers of Neter

Founder Neterianism – Lord Kephri Creator

Our Divine Lineage: Lord Kephri, Dejhuty- Auset- Het Heru- Heru

Sacred Scriptures: The most important myth- Asarian, Temple of Heru (Edfu), four great truths, Neterian Creed.

Four main disciplines: Devotion, meditation, selfless service, wisdom.

Four personality integration: Love contentment (emotions) Devotional lover, Understanding (intellect) wisdom & reason, Peace (action) Righteousness virtue, Fulfillment (will power) Meditation. You have to practice all of the above in a integrated way.

B- What impressed me most in this presentation?
I am impressed by the fact that within us is the power to create a sacred space to separate from worldly affairs and turn our attentions inward to worship the divine. I am also impressed by how all the major world religions came out of Kamit/Egypt and how Egypt was the greatest civilization ever known to mankind. How the ancient myths, ritual and mysticism is an everlasting working reality that has been kept from the minds of the masses, yet has the power to correct the mind and life of the aspirants or mankind. How powerful and effective the four personality integration process is. These truths are very well needed and due to the state of the world and its affairs only few people will awaken to live truth and control the world instead of being controlled by the world. Knowing that Religion needs all the three stages to be complete, whole and a reality leading one to God within the self and universe I understand that not to many religions have all three stages, this is how corruption began to governs the world and destruction is the position that planet and government is in today.


Temple of Shetaut Neter – Aset: The Priesthood, spiritual counseling, initiations, spiritual worship programs.