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Responding to the post of Lindsey Hunnicatt 6071 Lesson 11 and Sebai Dja response

In response to describing the major paths to yoga practice Sebai Dja comments that the yoga of wisdom leads to “One point reflection on the self which leads to one pointed meditation on the self which leads to the attainment of intuitional realization of self and the attainment of Nehast”

I agree that it is important to highlight the point that wisdom is a state of contracted consciousness that is self-reflective and meditative which then produces intuitional realization leading to Nehast. Given my intellectual inclinations, I always try to remember that wisdom is not about so much about the intellect as it is about knowledge of self and the divine attained through intuition and experience.

With regard to the yoga of devotional love Sebai Dja elaborates on the point that the aspirant also strives to see and serve the divine in all. I agree that one should aspire towards expressing a love that is universal this being based on recognizing the divine in others and realizing that by loving them we are also loving the divine

With Regard to the yoga of right action Seba Dja comments that the aspirant strives to be the non-doer by feeling that it is the divine working through her/him doing all actions. To become a vessel for the divine requires self-surrender—dissolving our egos and establishing as state of purity so that we are lead by the will of the higher self. I constantly strive to be aware of when I am being lead by my AB vs. being lead by my Akhu or higher self,

With regard to yoga of meditation Seba Dja comments that this develops will power and when advanced leads to experience of one’s true essence. I am not sure that I am clear on the connection between will and the experience of one’s true essence. Is it that when the will is sublimated and purified that one is then able to uncover their true nature? Is this because of the desire one then has to move towards the divine as vs. wanting to move towards the material world?