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Some critical and deep reflections-very good.

Firstly about: about remaining vigilant and taking

“One must remain vigilant to not fall into egoism (ignorance of true self), as ignorance facilitates associated ariu and repeated lifetimes. If one desires a peaceful existence, one is responsible for maintaining a focus on cultivating truth holistically (mind, body, spirit à Amun-Ra-Ptah)”

Well put.

Next is the aforesaid but infrequently emphasized idea of
Khak-ab expressed thoughtfully in connection with freedom from psychosis:

‘Also, to enliven the concept of no thing ness, the senses are an illusion, so touch is not touch, sound is not sound, but illusions which facilitate delusions; to end the psychosis, khak ab is also necessary.”

Another important idea is expressed in: “Yet and still, the heart weighs heavy due to being deluded to believe that the ariu is the true self.”

The idea of “ariu is the true self” seems quite stupefying and yet it is
exactly what has occurred as the aryu itself, the sum total of past thoughts
experiences and feelings and conclusions about those (which are in themselves
illusory), have assumed the position of identity, opinions, feelings, desires
and thoughts that a person learns to ascribe to themselves as their self; a
tangled and convoluted rabbit hole of delusion (and this is what the society
considers “normal”).

The other idea previously discussed but seldom reiterated is the idea of mockery: “This is despite her being challenged and even mocked, even by the illusion of the Divine.”

If the “illusion of the Divine” is termed Kheperu-forms-immages-temporary-created
by God. Can it be that Humans are being mocked by nature, animals, family
relations and friends all the time and in most or even all relations and experiences?
Can it be that humans are being mocked by God? IF so isn’t God being