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A point about Neter Neterty. You stated: “NETER, NETERTY: A special divinity of dual consciousness.”

In a strict context, NETER, NETERTY does not refer to a special divinity of dual consciousness. Rather, it refers to a divinity that has two modes of manifestation. In this case a time and space manifestation and another, hidden and transcendental one without form or name.

Note: try to write sentences with complete thought instead of notes-more narrative

A return to an interesting point: “95% of actions are unconscious; 5% are consciousness; The personality is cloaked with 95% of desires à impetus of egoistic ariu; it pulls, fools’ self. If one wants to change life for the better, it leads one to something automatic and deluded.”

2018 Neterian conference: actually most people have 100% deluded thoughts because 95% is based on unconscious based thoughts arising from aryu. The 5% of supposedly “conscious” thoughts are based on the conscious awareness of ego which is itself derived from the sum total of the same unconscious aryu.

What a predicament?

Not for those who follow the path laid out by the goddess!




Here is video of the discussion session covering this post