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Maat Middleton

Level 1 lesson 4Wt.
Reading Assignment Page 35-50
Introduction to Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Religion a Workbook for New Aspirants

Question: Why is keeping the company of wise important? It’s one of the most important ways for promoting awareness and constant reflection. It is also an important and powerful tool for spiritual development because the company of the wise are people who are close to God and can lead an aspirant to realize truth.

How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to insure they will receive and benefit from it? They should think that good association is the correct way towards becoming enlighten and gathering the wisdom teachings with the proper understanding of the teachings, so to be able to discover truth spirituality in life and ones higher self. An aspirant has to be able to listen and learn from their mistakes. First they have to purify themselves and become a good student.

Question: What food does the preceptor provide? The preceptor provides the mental food in the form of the wisdom teachings.

Question: when can you as the aspirant choose those disciplines which suit your personality? An aspirant needs to purify themselves and make themselves a good student, once one learns the correct methods of spiritual discipline (meditation, selfless service, study of scriptures, etc.) then one can choose which suit their personality and gradually increase the intensity of the practice along with their daily duties of life, this incremental practice of the teachings gradually integrate through one own self-effort which determines one level of success that will be had.

Week 3 Topic #1 who is a teacher? (a) A true teacher is one who lives the teachings. Such a one can breathe life into the scriptures and myths to make them understood in the language of today. This is the fire of knowledge which burns away ignorance and illusions which are the cause of human suffering and misery.

Question: Who is Sebai? A spiritual teacher who may or may not necessarily nor exclusively be known as “gurus” although they perform the same function.

Question: Where is the largest priesthood? The largest Priesthood belonged to the Temples of the Gods Amun, Asar, Ra and Heru, and Goddesses Net, Aset and Het Heru.

Topic #2 the role of a teacher? The teacher makes him or herself a conduit and instrument for the divine through which the Divine may enlighten others when they are ready.

Dua, M Htp.