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Maat Middleton

Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 Lesson 3wt.
Reading Assignment pg. 23-34

Question: Who is Shetai? Shetai is the hidden God, incomprehensible God, mysterious one, secret one. The name Amun itself signifies “the hidden one”, Shetai.

Notes: Week 2 Topic #1: Yoga in Ancient Egypt? The term Shedy is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution that was used in Ancient Egypt.

Topic #2: What is Egyptian Yoga? The term Sanskrit from ancient India means union of the higher and lower self. The term Smai Tawi is the ancient Egyptian meaning of the same term yoga.

!Question: What is the path of nature and in light of that, how should a spiritual aspirant think about their spiritual path? The path of nature is the union of the individual human consciousness with the universal consciousness that can occur without a special instruction from religious or a spiritual preceptor, which is known as the school of hard knocks, involving repeated incarnations, pain and suffering to teach you. So a spiritual aspirant should think that they themselves should take the initiative to advance spiritually by putting forth the effort in order to excel at spiritual development. They must apply the correct technique and practice daily and find a preceptor who has received the teachings from an enlighten teacher to lead them to the correct understanding of the teachings, then make conscious effort every day to unite oneself with the higher self. Thinking that the practice of yoga will lead them to self-corrections from worldly life and confusion as in raising from the muddy waters like unto the Lotus plant or Nefertem into enlightenment.

Notes: Topic #4: The Qualities of an Aspirant? Aspirant must have the primary interest in advancing spiritually.

Question: What pushes the aspirant to become “super normal”? The practicing of yoga.

Notes: Topic #5: Qualification of an Aspirant? One who is ready to learn / practice must have a positive frame of mind?
Dua, m Htp.