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Dua for the kind words towards Asar Anpu, myself and Sba Dja.
Indeed, without the teachings the nature of life and existence would be hard to discern. Therefore, a great debt of gratitude is owed to our spiritual ancestors, the priests and priestesses of ancient times and to The Divine that illumined their minds.

In your statement you included an important point: “Is purification a prerequisite to understanding the teachings? Yes indeed they are as answered by Seba Maa and Seba Dja. Ariu which plays a huge part in purification as Seba Dja has stated may be accumulated over several lifetimes and one may be working on one of a few particular parts to the integral shedy in this lifetime. I thought that was truly profound.”

Indeed, while it is possible that one may work on particular or specific aspects of shedy, during a lifetime, the integral approach allows the broadest possible personality integration to occur and therefore it is possible that a sufficient level of practice can be engaged that will lead to crucial aspects of the most intractable and affecting aryu to be handled whereby enlightenment may be effected in one lifetime even while some inconsequential aryu may remain in the personality. In other words, the prospect of attaining enlightenment in one lifetime is a viable possibility and should be kept in mind, not as a hope in a theoretical possibility but rather as a factual aspirational goal of life.