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This was a very comprehensive post containing the fundamental and also advancing parameters for a successful spiritual evolution. One key phrase that you mentioned was “enter spiritual enlightenment in the correct way.”

There are many ways to “enter” into spiritual enlightenment though not all are suitable for any given individual. Additionally, the “entry” can be orderly and smooth or abrupt and painful. Therefore, one task of the spiritual evolution is learning the most direct, effective and least troubling pathways that are useful to one’s particular personality.

In your answer to #2 I think you have included every fundamental aspect of practice that is to be applied for a viable spiritual practice. If you are able to maintain this level of practice it will be surely beneficial. Sometimes there is a preference or area of the shedy practices that may become more emphasized because it is most enjoyed or appreciated or seems to draw more visible results in a shorter time. This is a normal occurrence. However, the aspirant should take care not to neglect other areas of spiritual practice even if one or two might become more emphasized than others. In this way, as you mentioned earlier, the balance in spiritual practice can be maintained: “The purifying of the mind, body and will comes from a balance practice with the special efforts to practice daily disciplines with consistency, devotion and dedication.”