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About your statement: “my problem or the obstacle to my happiness & fulfillment in life is in my not being able to possess the needed energy, consistent motivations and movements towards my goals in life according to my knowledge and my desire/will to do what I would like to do at times. I am still battling with both my aryu and ego to carry out the necessary desires or duties of my higher self. I easily lose the power, energy or will to carry out my goals at times.”

Consider that while the struggle of life is a battle against one’s own egoism and the condition of life that it has led to, it is also important to keep in mind that the battle is a life battle and not a battle of the day only or of the month or the year. Therefore an artful application of the teachings is necessary to avoid overstress and falling into the grips of ego thwarting the positive movement. In this context there needs to be pacing and relentless action towards the positive that opposes the negative desires, feelings and habits. There may not be victory in every battle but there can be victory in the war when it is realized that the victory is already there in the soul so what is necessary is not to vanquish every egoistic inspired feeling or thought but rather to find a way to hold on to the peace and inner expansion of the Higher Self.

This is there regardless of energy levels, illness or health, gender culture, etc. So work towards understanding, cultivating peacefulness through practice of witnessing life when the personality falls short of the goals and objectives one has set for it; and with relentless perseverance there will be maa-kheru (Spiritual victory) assured.