Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 4 Discussion Forum

Bastu Yashi

Udja and dua for post 8998, Shems Olapeju. I found your reflection on Ra being all – thereby, all interactions in time and space being, “a ritual playing out a myth,” insightful. You followed this by stating that the interplay of knowledge/truth of created world and experience, as what my person perceived to be a formula to attain, “a level of wisdom,” (Asetian path).
This may be ritualized into daily interactions in time and space, to remain as you stated, “seated in truth,” (Maat). It may be employed as a quick, “reality reorientation,” when one is distracted with the myriad of interactions in time and space, especially when caring for the physically/mentally imbalanced.
The interplay of knowledge (studying and reflecting on the teachings), integral Shedy (meditation, enlivening the teachings in the moments), with Khak ab and Anteg begag, may lead and encouraged one to remain seated in wisdom (enlivening Asetian principle/force/nature), in this lifetime. Again, dua for this beautiful, formula which may be highly useful, “in the moments,” htp.

Shems Yashi