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Maat Middleton

Video Assignment – Lesson 2wt Exchanges Participant Rebecca Morgan #9223
My Answer from #9389 / Sebai Maa

I can relate to what Rebecca wrote about meditation. She covered what I have experienced and left out of my post, one is that the mediation system documented by Setibua, the heart of Maat philosophy lying in the discovering of a cosmic balance between oneself and the universe. “How one engages in a meditative practice through the Tef Neter system and insight on how wisdom is manifested.

I also agree with her finding on what wisdom truly is and what the heart of Maat philosophy means. Following the Maat 42 precepts and mediation allows my heart to become lighter within the process daily, allowing me to be able to reflect upon what’s happening to my ego, ariu and more, which leads me to a greater balance and wisdom over myself and life, at the same time I strive to be more devoted to the teachings and Maat precepts daily.

I also experience and acknowledge wisdom being the feelings I get of what’s righteous and unrighteous as I continue in studying, reflecting, meditating, listening to the teachings and living by their guidance, and reenacting with the Shetaut Neter in my daily life, which creates focus with an expanded perspective that allows me deeper understanding of my previously misunderstood aspects within my personality to become revealed. Following the 42 precepts of Maat forge “Hetep” or secular and non-secular peace in life which is the foundation for successful advancing spiritual practice.

These are levels of intellectual learning that leads to intuitional understanding that sometimes I can’t put into words but do understand intuitionally, because the process of sufficient insights clears the unconscious mind from its obstructing quandaries and desires, paving the way for what has been learned to be “SAA” (understood and felt).