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RaKhem KhepeRa

Udja , commenting on post #8030 between Michael Graham and Sebai Maa.
I found it an interesting topic that resonates with my self as well. I have noted similarities or consistencies as well from one religion to the next and have always wondered why these “coincidences” have never been brought up in the the deacons and preachers sermons in churches that I grew up in. Or in the world view why these connections have not been brought up as extraordinary to the grand scheme of historical context.
Michael is curoius about why there are contradictions such as the pharaohs being evil in one teaching and at the same time having the same practices. Sebai Maa states that these faith based religions must denigrate what came before in order to elevate themselves and to help the process of the adoption of that spiritual practice. I found that too very remarkable to say the least. Nefer question and nefer reply.
Aspirant Rakhem