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RaKhem KhepeRa

Level 1 Book Reading Assignment and Discussion pgs. 10-20

Question : What is the relationship between the Egyptians and Ethiopians? Egyptians and Egypt itself is the offspring of Elder Ethiopia and they ar very much related Ian the essence of the word. In family and culture the two share similar backgrounds and did not distinguish between the two as being of a different race or having race at all. The relationship is equivalent to that of “Europeans”,who now live in America and call themselves Americans.

Question : What is Yoga Philosophy? Yoga Philosophy is the study of the spiritual path to union. Yoga, meaning to yolk or to loom back, in this context the yolking would be directed at the divine self. To know the self, and remember the path that was taken to it by working through ariu (karmic impressions left on the heart)is to tread the yogic path of spirituality. Sema Tawi or Egyptian Yoga is the eldest of our historically recorded philosophies and religious literature. “Yoga is a new way to approach life, disciplines of psychology and religion, Yoga is also the way to spiritual development leading to enlightenment”.

Question : What is the Initiatic Way of Education ? The initiates in the Great Temple of Aset go through a 3 fold process when approaching the teachings of the Goddess of Wisdom. That 3 fold process includes listening to the teachings, reflecting on the teachings and meditating on its wisdom in a proper environment and with the proper guidance.

Question: What is initiation? Initiation is and should be looked at as more of a journey of embarking on a journey to a spiritual way of living which leads to spiritual enlightenment.

Question: How does the Kemetic Yoga Counselor help the seeker? The spiritual preceptor who is well versed in the scriptures uses the wisdom to help the initiate on whatever level the aspirant may be on. The Sebai uses the negative experiences of the initiate to turn the anguish of his or her sufferings, pain and or disappointments into the desire to rise above them. Another way the teacher does this is By restructuring and channeling the energies of the aspirant into disciplines that sustain a viable personal spiritual program like dispassion and detachment, selflessness and righteous action.

Question: How should a beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants? The Aspirant should become aware of the three levels of aspirants: Aspirantion , striving and established. These levels include students who are being instructed and are on a probationary status that have not yet experienced inner vision. At the level of striving the student has attained a level of inner vision and a glimpse into cosmic consciousness. At the established level an aspirant who has become identified or united with God and or union with the divine self . On another note a detached aspirant should focus on the level that he or she is currently aspiring towards so as to soak up fully. The teachings at that level and to fully embody the wisdom being given before moving forward. An aspirant in an upright position should be able to help those aspiring at lower levels and seek help as well from those who are above him or herself as well .

Dua for the lesson and wisdom .
Aspirant Rakhem