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Bastu Yashi

Udja, below is my Lesson 4 Reflection:

One must remain vigilant to not fall into egoism (ignorance of true self), as ignorance facilitates associated ariu and repeated lifetimes. If one desires a peaceful existence, one is responsible for maintaining a focus on cultivating truth holistically (mind, body, spirit  Amun-Ra-Ptah). This requires the khak ab Aset cultivated and was victorious over ignorance to allow her to embody the name of Ra.
Also, to enliven the concept of no thing ness, the senses are an illusion, so touch is not touch, sound is not sound, but illusions which facilitate delusions; to end the psychosis, khak ab is also necessary.
Yet and still, the heart weighs heavy due to being deluded to believe that the ariu is the true self. Aset (divine wisdom) grasped this and was compelled to seek and embody higher knowledge, to embody the essence thereof. This was motivated by her repulsion with time and space identification, fueling her compulsion to embody truth, leading her to have a one-pointed focus on attainment thereof. This is despite her being challenged and even mocked, even by the illusion of the Divine. This is the level of focus and one pointed diligence (despite difficulties, mockery, distractions), which one cultivates, Khak ab. The 5% aspect of being is to be cultivated, via, “saddling the mind,” to dwell in the 5%, to grow and ultimately not be moved by the 90%. This formula leads one to embody truth  to remain focused and dedicated to attainment of nehast in this lifetime.

Dua for reading,

Shems Yashi