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Maat Middleton

My comment on Mauray (Brotha Anpu) Tolbert post and Sebai Maa reply.
I had been so busy doing the reading, video and audio part of the assignments that I wasn’t practicing the Chants until the other day which became my first day of doing the chant meditation for 15 min. I understand that it’s a part of the practice and very important for the development of our ability to reestablish our higher nature and true self. I was doing a meditation practice from another class I am taking under the teachings of Sebai Maa Shetaut Neter, so I wasn’t paying attention to the short meditation process with exercising the chants and now I am. Thankful to my spirit leading me to discovering it’s while I was working on the site. So I do agree that dedication and consistency is proper for furthering the process of our awakening, cleansing, healing, purity and stability as we practice Shedy and reflect upon Shetaut to cause and reestablish ourselves with truth and our true selves. . Htp