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Maat Middleton

Level 1 Lesson 2wt Video Assignment
Intro to SN short part 2b.mp4

Important themes and what impressed me most in this presentation.
1. The discipline of the gods and goddesses postures is consider like a journey to establish the self into the higher self.
2. There has to be an integral yoga practice going on with the wisdom teachings that consist of devotion, meditation, selfless service in order to effect and reestablish the will, emotions, reasons and actions within the self.
3. Knowledge plus experience equals wisdom, wisdom teachings allows you to develop the understanding and clarity of mind that create the necessary changes in order to practice Maat within the self. As a combination to the trails and errors one has already experienced in life.
4. Chant is the beginning of meditation.
5. Sebai Maa talked and taught about the different worships of Ancient Egypt and meditations that was first practice by the Ancient Egyptian Sages in Africa before any other place in the world.
6. Sebai Maa taught about how Asar Sokar dies and becomes resurrected and goes into the Netherworld.
7. Sebai Maa spoke about how unrighteous actions brings suffering and reincarnation. He spoke on Maat and being righteous to discover a cosmic balance is a choice and how virtues turns a person life around.
8. One of the most important things to learn from your spiritual preceptor is how to troubleshoot your interest, to have interest in how to reason and feel about things. Once you have accepted a spiritual preceptor you need to trust and believe in what they teach you, understanding how to think.
9. The system of the postures are broken down into five faze.
10. There has to be an integral practice so that each aspect of your personality can be developed with the practices, listening, reflection and meditation to become one with the teachings.

What impressed me most in this presentation is being able to listen to the teachings and appreciate them and at the same time participating in the practices while studying the teachings on the step by step process in following the teachings of Shedy with the guidance there within the wisdom teachings and practices, I am able to realize how the truth within me is being restored. To understand that the Ancient Egyptian Sage teachings where the first upon earth and how nothing ahs changed in the practices or how they are able to work is wonderful and fulfilling to my heart, mind and body awareness. My understanding of the history as I am being taught allows me to understand how the New Era and Modern Day Culture has cause humans being to be lead astray and to live a very degraded way of life. I know because my wisdom nd experience allows me to see and understand these things clearly. So being lead back onto my righteous nature and being yoke back onto the spiritual consciousness that awakens truth is my blessings in this life in which I am able to accept more now than I have been before I begin to strive to further my devotion to practicing Shedy under the Sema Institute learning and educational programs by Sebai Maa and Seba Dja. Om Htp, Htp, Htp, Htp to them for their return to help us awaken to enlightenment.