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Udja, below (and enclosed) is my initial posting for Lesson 4, dua, htp,

Shems Yashi

List important points covered in the lecture:
Hieroglyphic: cursive, is for formal papyri (Ani, Nu, coffin text); visual experience of wisdom teachings; look, reflect, meditate; Hieroglyphics may be viewed as 3D, (audio, 30% retention + visual  80%). Glyphs: Look at word repetitions, context, to ascertain meaning thereof  most correct, enlightening fashion.
Deeper insight of the philosophy; holistically combines the mythic and myth; physics are occurring, a powerful tool for understanding and spiritual practice.
Scripture is Hieratic, transcribed into glyph (much nicer visually, philosophically). Myth: focus on interaction of characters, wisdom and philosophy. Glyphs: focus on metaphysical, esoteric, visual aspects of glyphs that affect the mind;
For those who are immature spiritually, caught in ego personality, body, emotions, etc., tendency to connect to physical world; also, mental emanations of others (animals, objects); all is energy.
Line 1: scripture is about the divinity who possesses dual consciousness, who is creator of itself and creator of heaven and earth, and the life force that enlivens creation, the life-giving fire that enlivens all.
Neterty (dual aspects): possesses 1. Eye of Heru (right brain, abstract, consciousness of t/s, visualized); wisdom 2. Eye of Ra Moon and sun (time/space/transcendental insight, relative/absolute) coagulated power, life force, solar radiation, heat; nondual, PMH chapters.
When balanced, one becomes more non-dual in nature.
NETER, NETERTY: A special divinity of dual consciousness.
Line 2: Neter created self. (transcendental essence thereof self-created); also created Ta (heaven), Pet (earth), Ankh (breath of life) and Khet (life fire).
Note 15 and 16: Akhu: relates to spirit fire; Seruy: breath of life; 2 nostrils and symbol of fire/Nafu n ankh: air/wind of life, the air that Aset blew on the body of Asar revive him.
2 types of air being spoken about: 1. The air you breathe in nostrils (life of fire). 2. The air that is blown in the wind; same but with different dynamics. Breath of life: lifeforce, life fire enlivening all.
Mau n ankh: life force, related to consciousness, allows mind to actually function, a subtle entity allowing the mind to function and allowing the mind to direct attention to senses/register when senses send info/energy driving the impressions. Same life fire in all living things. Sekhem is more like raw power.
Verse 3: Neteru remteju autu menmenu djedftu: Creator of god/desses and all creatures, cattle, farm and reptiles of earth. Dual divinity created heaven/earth, all life. Scripture recognizes 2 forms of intelligent beings (classes of).
1. Neteru: higher and also time/space beings, not substratum beings. As generated beings, has a beginning/end; that which emanates it, is transcendental.
Verse 4: Created life fire, heaven and earth. Also, the Apedu.
4.2: Birds, fish; royal lord is ruler/king over people and over the god/desses. In Asarian resurrection, original histories talk about how Ra emerged from Nun and presided as king over the world (his creation), physically sitting on the throne. He is lord over people and Neteru. People forgot about that, in, they were punished (Het Heru, Djehuty).
When one forgets something, ignorance is an explanation, not an excuse  consequences of action/inaction. i.e., not enlivening self. All are living their ariu, sometimes ignorance facilitates self-inquiry in later lifetimes. For those called to discover joy/peace of nehast, fate differs.
People is listed prior to Neteru (different from previous line) the being is in a condition of oneness; it experiences periods of 1 year that are to the physical plane 120 years.
This divinity exists outside of the time and space plane (and within); metaphysically, the idea of astral plane is being described. This where one experiences mind, the mind experiencing time.
This divinity is experiencing time relatively (to t/s) i.e., when one dreams, time moves faster. Physical plane experience is same as dream world. This is because the experience is not physical, but mental regardless of plane.
When you touch something, you are actually not touching. Energies are being registered in the nervous system, soul is perceiving/recognizing events of the senses. Problem: one has become engrossed in senses to the point that one forgets who one is  egoism.
Understanding, followed by action to abate the psychosis is the goal of the scripture. Also, to experience and enliven abiding, transcendental truth.
The divinity has many names  Asha ren
So: Divinity exists in the form of oneness, experiences time relatively, and has many names.
A. (Also, not known even to Neteru  Demonstration of subtlety of Divinity.)
Verse 7: Aset is coming into the episode as a person who has knowledge; classified as lower mysteries. Saa: knowledge (higher mysteries), versus college education which are lower mysteries. Temple is corporeal also.
Verse 8: With all that understanding about worldly affairs, her heart was disappointed, even sick (disgusted) in heard about the millions of manifestations called
Strive to prevent fatness in Apis  Aset listened to these teachings and cultivated them (She has attained knowledge, bringing her to this place). Something her heart rejected (Apis  an antagonist of wisdom).
Footnote 19: other usage of term is: despicable, accursed, foe, enemy; a form of Apep
Revulsion: Humans have knowledge/wisdom, but in t/s, this weighs heavily on physical aspect  ego prominence  desires precluding, atrophy the intellect  downfall. The same thing that makes human beings so functional also works against them to hold them in an illusory state.
Egoism: weight thereof action based on, “feeling,” and not knowing. That’s why the earth is being destroyed by humanity (greed, ignorance, incapacity to act on universal truth, instead personal illusory truth). Humans have the possibility of degradation as well as exaltation in t/s.
Aset was thinking about all of this; concepts are not abiding, but relative, illusory. They are for practical, not reality use  mood lability, instability of living conditions/jobs/relations, etc.
As Aset reflects on this she becomes sick in heart.
The ariu drives existence of one’s experience of reality. To purify the Ab, one must act with Maat (truth of living, action, thought) vs ignoring truth (eat meat  “I have to die sometime!”), etc.
That which is experienced in the conscious mind is on the surface; one swims on the surface of existence. The death of existence is like an iceberg, on the top on sees one hundredth of it. Below the surface is all this stuff that leads to feelings, desires, clouded intellect.
2016 conference: Feeling ariu: A piece of life fire that the Divinity (Ra) created; that feeling memory goes into the Ab and is weighted against feather of Maat. If more ariu (reason being one feels that the ariu is real, also that it belongs to one) this will lead to holding onto it and being weighted down.
95% of actions are unconscious; 5% are consciousness; The personality is cloaked with 95% of desires  impetus of egoistic ariu; it pulls, fools’ self. If one wants to change life for the better, it leads one to something automatic and deluded.
Verse 9: The entire cause of the teaching  Aset is tired of being sick and tired of human living  dispassion and disappointment, disillusioned, sick of it from a healthy perspective (seeing killing and insanity of living). Aset came to these conclusions at the epitome of ancient Kemet. Focus on changing karmic basis must be serious, strong, relentless, Khak ab.

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