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Nefer Ka Ra

Lesson 1 Discussion Forum Assignment
1. Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection myth.
a. On the continent we now call Africa, a colony of people from the south, near the source of the Nile River were led towards the North into what we now call Egypt, but in Ancient times was called Kemet – the black land, the land of the blacks. This colony was led by Asar and his sister-wife Aset. Asar established order in the colony and constructed the religion, temples, and various rituals all founded on the principles of Maat – truth, righteous, order, balance, justice, and reciprocity.

Asar’s partner, Aset, was masterful in agriculture, plants, herbs and medicinal medicines, and coupled with Asar’s establishment of the religion, the colony was transformed into a powerful and spiritual civilization and empire.

Asar then traveled through all the lands, near and far, Nubia, Mesopotamia, and even as far as the far East, conquering these lands not by sword but by reason, thereby spreading the ways of life to be followed and helping them to establish civilization.

While Asar was away spreading the philosophy and religion and bring order to the uncivilized world, his brother who goes by the name of Set, attempted to usurp Asar’s throne as the king, but Asar’s loving companion and partner Aset remained vigilant and Set was not allowed access to the seat of power over Kemet.

Asar soon returned, and there was merriment and excitement in the land, as Asar was successful in spreading order and civilization across the entire world. During the homecoming festivities Asar became drunken and slept with Set’s partner, Nebehet, which enraged Set, who then devised a plan to kill Asar.

Set constructed a coffin, and had his brother Asar to “try it on”, and once Asar was in the coffin, set slammed and locked it shut, and threw it into the Nile River. When Aset realized Asar was gone, she searched for him relentlessly until she had found him at the palace of a Syrian Prince who had taken the tomb and created a pillar within his palace which had a beautiful fragrance. With the assistance of Anpu and Sobek Asar was returned to Kemet where he could again rule.

This infuriated Set even more and so he then cut Asar’s body into several pieces and strew them in many lands surrounding Kemet. Again, Aset and her untiring love and compassion began searching for the torn pieces of Asar, and with the help of Selket and others she found all of the pieces of Asar except his phallus which was eaten by a fish.

Aset then hid his body in a papyrus swamp, and she re-membered her beloved Asar, where she turned herself into a kite, flapping her wings to bring the life force into Asar’s body once more, and then made love to Asar, and from this union, their child Heru was born. The resurrected Asar then ascended into the Neterworld wherein he resides and rules for eternity and awaits the fate of all Souls.

Aset, after giving birth to Heru, took the child to the papyrus swamp where she and Heru could be hidden from the jealousy of Set, in which Set knew that the child of Asar would rightfully be the heir to the throne, and only if he could kill him would he then be ruler of Kemet.

Set then sent one of his scorpions into the swamp where Aset and Heru were hiding and the scorpion stung Heru, causing the bemoaning and lamenting of his mother Aset. Aset who knew words of power, tried to heal Heru with these words, but to no avail. Aset cried and cried, but then was advised to call out to her father Ra who traveled in the Boat of Millions of years traversing the heavens. Upon hearing her cries, the boat of millions of years stopped, and down came Djehuty, who counseled and consoled Aset, that Heru had only gone to visit his father in the Netherworld, and that he would return.

Heru did return from the Netherworld, where he was queried by his father Asar to ascertain his readiness for the battle that he would have with his uncle Set. Heru answered all the questions to Asar’s inquiry and was determined to be fit for battle.

The battle between Heru and Set was very long and protracted, neither one gaining the upper hand, it was a war of attrition; that is until Heru counseled with his mother Aset, where Heru inquired about the nature of the soul. Aset wisely instructed Heru, “Son, sex is a thing of bodies, not of souls..” With this knowledge Heru was able to gain an upper hand in the battle, and was beginning to beat Set back, but Set was relentless and kept coming back.

Heru’s mother Aset attempted to assist her son further by cunningly tying-up Set, but because of her compassionate nature she untied Set and let him go which enraged Heru who then cut his on mother’s head off.

While Heru was sleeping one day, Set sneaked up to him and gouged out one of his eyes. Aset, who with her words of power was able to bring herself back to life, instructed Heru to counsel with Djehuty, in which Djehuty restored Heru’s eye, and along with Djehuty wise instructions, Heru was finally able to defeat Set and ascended to his rightful heir as the ruler of Kemet, avenging his father’s death.

Set was then sent into the desert in lower Kemet, where he served under the reign of Heru – the unifier and ruler of the entire land, lower and upper Kemet.
2. What are the main takeaways from the Asarian Resurrection myth, the important teachings to remember? The main take ways and important teachings to remember are that our wisdom and intuitional faculty (Aset) should be developed to such a degree that we are able to be ever mindful and aware of the thoughts and acts of the ego aspects of our personality (Set), and not allowing them to rule over the personality, and to not forget the essence of who we are (Asar). Inevitably, by the nature of coming into time and space there will be times where the ego (Set) seems to be ruling over the personality, but we must know he isn’t the rightful ruler and then through righteous actions, wise counsel, and the relentless pursuit and aspiration of truth (Heru) we must bring the personality into harmony and at the time of the death of the physical body merge into divine essence of all(Asar)
3. Based on the video lecture, and your current understanding at this time,
A. What have you discovered so far about what is the importance about the role of Aset that epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection? Aset is the nexus for healing and victory throughout the myth; without her vigilance the rest of the world would not have been able to live in a civilized manner which Asar was able to successfully do, and without her compassion for the dismembered soul there would be no chance for the eventual birth of spiritual aspiration and the ultimate resurrection of the soul or enlightenment(Nehast)
B. What do you make of her character, her personality? Aset is the embodiment of compassion and wisdom, the mother of all mothers, the healer, the protector, and the very seat of spiritual victory.
Sunuu Nefer Ka Ra